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An (As Normal As Possible) Day In The Life

Over the last few weeks several of my friends have done a “Day in the Life” post about their lives. You always wonder what happens behind closed doors and getting a sneak peak into the homes of some of the moms I admire is refreshing and uplifting.  It’s been so fun to read about how crazy other people’s lives are, and it honestly makes me feel better about mine! I love knowing that my toddler isn’t the only one that throws tantrums by flinging his milk across the room or that I’m normal to use the TV as a baby-sitter when needed. (I told you I wasn’t the only one, so don’t judge!)

Just for fun, I thought I’d give you a peak into my life as a SAHM. I thought it was going to be a fairly normal day, but it’s funny how no day ever really ends up normal! 
7:00am– Like an alarm clock, the Little Man wakes up & is ready to come into our room to veg. Due to a tantrum the night before, he refused to eat a full dinner, so he woke up starving. We grabbed him a glass of milk and a small bowl of Frosted Flakes while he sat on our bed watching Baby Einstein.

8:15am– He heads into his room to turn on Elmo and play while I get ready for the day. I get dressed, grab a bowl of cereal for myself, and sit down to check my DMB email while I have some free time to myself. 

8:45am– Since he really hadn’t eaten the night before, he was ready for breakfast #2. I popped in some mini pancakes and broke up a granola bar for him to sufficiently fill him up. 
9:00am– Now that we’re both ready to get started with our day, we head outside to play only to discovered it’s foggy and misty. We only hang out outside for a few minutes before we head back in and play in his room. We go from cars to coloring to blocks. 

10:00am– After cleaning up the floor, we sat on his “big boy” bed for awhile reading books that he can “read;” mostly pointing to pictures and naming the objects he sees. 

10:20am– I finally manage to sneak away to use the bathroom and when I come back the nicely cleaned bedroom looks something like this. . . 
So, this time I leave it knowing there’s no point in cleaning it up so early in the morning. 

10:35am– We have a surprise visit from the MoPS film crew. We let them into our kitchen to videotape what’s in my pantry, talk about what I’m making for dinner, and show them some of my favorite kitchen secrets. (I say it was a surprise, but I actually knew they were coming. I was just supposed to act surprised!)

10:45am– Time for a snack and diaper change. All morning while we were playing I’d been contemplating a project I saw on Pinterest, and since it was still early in the morning, I decided to head to Home Depot and give it a try. 

11:30am– We got back a little later than I expected, so as soon as I unloaded the car it was time prepare lunch. The Little Man was already pretty hungry, so I whipped up some Easy Mac & Cheese. While he worked on this, I steamed some carrots & peas so he could have a slightly balanced lunch. I somehow managed to heat up my TV dinner while he was eating, so for once we actually ate together. (Normally I find it easier to just wait until his nap time.)

12:00pm– We wrapped up lunch, and since he was in a pretty good mood still, we work on our little project for awhile before it was time for a nap. 

12:45pm– Nap time for him & I throw myself onto the couch to catch up on emails and Private Practice

1:45pm– I finish up our wood-working project and clean up the house a little before I notice him starting to stir in the monitor.  
2:15pm– The Little Man finally wakes up from his nap. We sit down to play with the latches before heading outside. 

2:30pm– The fog has lifted and it’s actually a beautiful day, so we spend awhile outside running in circles and playing on the slide. 

3:00pm– I realize I’d better start heading to the store if I want to make it before traffic begins to build on Coit. We pack and load up into the car and head out. 

3:15pm– I try to get a little business done since I’m out and about. I swing by a local restaurant to talk to the manager about sponsoring our next DMB contributor meeting, but have no luck. I talk with an assistant manager before being given the phone number to the GM. (Note to self: Remember to call during nap time tomorrow!) I load the Little Man back into the car, and we head to Tom Thumb. 

4:00pm– We arrive back at home and this time Yo Gabba Gabba is turned on while I unload the car, fix up a small snack for myself, and once again check emails quickly. After Gabba ends, we once again head back into his bedroom to play for awhile. This time it’s wrestling and flying helicopters. I also manage to clean up the room for the second time without him destroying it. 

5:15pm– Remembering the dog mess he’d stepped in earlier in the day and looking at the Mac & Cheese still visible on his clothes, I decide it’s bath time. In a few minutes, the bubbles are poured and the bath is drawn.

5:20pm– He’s decided he doesn’t want a bath, but a shower. A quick change-up and he spends another 15 minutes playing in the shower. Then, it’s time for a diaper and PJ’s. 

5:45pm– I look at the clock and realize I need to start prepping for dinner, so I pull out a small snack for him and turn on Sesame Street.
6:00pm– Bored already by Sesame Street, he’s in the kitchen looking for something to play with. I give him my empty Penne box. He finds some balloon weights from his 1st birthday, and begins to run around in circles. 

6:15pm– I look in the pantry to for some chicken broth only to find we’re all out. I know Tim’s running late, but I’m hoping maybe he’s left and can swing by the store on his way home. I wait about 5 minutes, and when I don’t get a call, I realize he’s probably still stuck in a meeting.

I quickly turn off the burner, grab the diaper bag, and load the Little Man up into the car and we’re off to Albertson’s. 

7:00pm– Dinner’s about 30 minutes later than I’d expected, and with Tim running late, I set the table for two and we begin eating one of my favorite pasta dishes from The America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook. 

7:15pm– Tim walks through the door to join us for the last half of dinner. We talk about our day, and fortunately, the Little Man’s in a much better mood than he was the night before so he entertains us through the rest of the meal. 

7:30pm– I clean off the table, and let the boys go play. I join them a few minutes later to find another wrestling match going on in his room. Tim then gets guided out to the front yard while I grab a spot on the couch. 

7:55pm– It’s finally storytime and bedtime for the Little Man (almost always done by Tim), and I once again check emails and browse Facebook. 

The rest of the evening is spent watching Modern Family before Tim heads to bed, and I finish up this blog post. 

10:15pm– I almost always try and be in bed by 10:30pm because I know (like an alarm clock), I’ll be up by 7am to do it all again in the morning! (Not to mention the lack of sleep from the 4 times I’ll be up to use the bathroom.)

* * * * * 

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20 Weeks: The Bump


Not only am I getting bigger, but look at our flower garden! 

This is probably the best we’ve ever done at not killing our plants. 

I’m so proud! 

I’m now definitely feeling pregnant!

I hadn’t really paid attention to how large I was getting until I took the Little Man for a walk yesterday. We just walked around the block while I pulled him in his wagon, and my back was killing me. You would have thought I had strapped a 20 pound brick to my belly, but according to my scale, I’ve only gained 8! 

At 20 weeks today, I’ve officially reached the halfway point. The baby should be about the length of a banana and about 10 1/2 ounces. Most people say that the second pregnancy seems to go by much faster than the first, but it seems to be going slower for me. I feel like I’ve been pregnant for forever, and based on my belly size I would have thought I was at least 25 weeks. (Here’s a picture of me at 26-27 weeks.) I mean, we still haven’t found out the gender of our baby yet!

But it’s coming! This Thursday, we have our sono appointment where we get to see the little munchkin again. We’ve been praying for all good news and nothing but a positive and healthy report. And of course, finding out what we’re having. If you believe the Chinese Gender Calendar, we’re having a girl. If you believe the old wives’ tale of heartbeat rate, originally we were having a girl, but now we’re having a boy. 

Tim thinks Girl. 
I think Boy. 

What do you think?
Let’s see who’s right! 

Thirty by 30: No 8

When I was making my Thirty by 30 list, I wanted to come up with some tasks that I knew I could easily complete if I just made the time and I also wanted to add some “to do’s” that would require some extra effort. My No. 8 definitely took some effort, but I’m so happy it’s crossed off! 

 A year ago, I kept telling Tim that I wanted to go to New York City on my 30th birthday. I wasn’t sure how it was going to happen, but I wanted to make sure it did. At the time, we hadn’t been on vacation since Hawai’i almost 2 years prior, and I thought NYC would be a great way to get away and celebrate! 

Sometime around January, I then decided that I wanted to attend the BlogHer ’12 convention and it just so happen to be in New York and within a few weeks of my and Tim’s 8 year anniversary. So. . .change of plans, instead of bugging him to go to NYC on my birthday, I now wanted to go for our anniversary, and now, I actually had an excuse as to why we HAD to go! 

Flash forward 7 months later, and we found ourselves repacking our bags after only being home a week from Maui and jetsetting off to New York. It was a whirlwind “vacation” and ended up being nothing like I expected, but I am still so glad we went. 

First night in town and we were already craving John’s.
Good thing it’s the “city that never sleeps” because we didn’t arrive at the restaurant until almost 10pm. 
I’ll save my BlogHer experience for another post, and I’ll skip to the parts that mostly involved the city.

In between running around attending the conference, Tim and I tried to make time for some fun. We also padded an extra few days before and after BlogHer to get some time to do what we wanted to do. 

Oddly enough, there wasn’t much we hadn’t done, so we decided it would be new experience to be super cheesy tourists. And that’s what we did! 

One night we took a Harbor Cruise around Manhattan. We started down at the Chelsea piers and sailed to the Statue of Liberty on a 105′ schooner.  To be honest, this sounded like a terrible idea to me: sitting on a boat for 2 hours just gazing into each others eyes and the skyline? Corny! 

But it actually ended up being better than that. There actually was a lot to see, and between talking to the crew and Tim, the trip went by really fast. 

The most moving moment for me was when we sailed past 1 World Trade Center. The last time we’d visited was New Years 2007, and they were still clearing away a lot of the rubble and getting the foundation in place. It was amazing to see the building almost complete again. 

1 World Trade Center
Empire State Building lit up for the Olympics.
The weather in New York was also VERY fickle. Before we left, I’d read that the high for the weekend was going to be in the mid-80’s, and it’d be mostly raining. The whole weekend, we were sweating and miserable because we’d apparently been misinformed. It was in the 90’s and humid beyond belief! Then as we were getting ready to leave, it seemed like a huge storm was rolling in. How do you plan when every time you turn around the weather’s changing?! 

To play it safe, we decided to do some indoor tours, and headed to Rockefeller Center. We actually did the NBC Studio Tour, but unfortunately, do to copyright infringement we weren’t allowed to take pictures. But we did see behind the scenes of Rock Center, Dr. Oz, and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. I was really hoping to see the set of Saturday Night Live; however, since it’s the summer, they were using the SNL studio for Olympics media and it “wouldn’t have been recognizable.”

Afterwards, we headed up almost 70 floors to the Top of the Rock. 

If you’re ever in New York…I know the Empire State Building is the “thing to do,” but consider Top of the Rock instead! Having done both, I can say Top of the Rock was the better deal! We had ZERO lines to wait in, and were able to go straight to the top. Once we walked off the elevator, we had the option of staying at the observation deck on the 68th floor which was fully enclosed (which had it actually rained would have been a lifesaver.), or head up to the 69th floor which was open with a glass partition, or to the very top 70th floor which was literally the top of the building and completely open except for a waist high railing. 

Top of the Rock and NBC Studio Tours was probably the best part of the trip! We just had a great time wandering around the city, and taking advantage of the air conditioning. 

I also continued the tradition of taking my unborn child to New York. It just so happened that August 2010 was the last time I’d visited the City and it was while I was pregnant with my first. 

Maybe we’ll make it a tradition with the 3rd too! 

15 Weeks: The Bump

I had every intention of taking a bump pic every 4 weeks, but since we were out of town last weekend, we’re going to make it every 5. 

Yesterday I turned 15 weeks, and well…I don’t feel much different as far as size. Tim says I look bigger. What do you think? 

Currently, I’m experiencing: 

  • mild and infrequent nausea
  • an increase in energy
  • slight to moderate food aversions (I can eat chicken again, but chicken smothered in sauce sounds way better than just a grilled chicken breast!)
  • lower abs are starting to feel tight from beginning to be stretched
  • headaches are frequent and annoying
According to BabyCenter, my little apple is about 2 1/2 oz. and 4 inches long. His or her lungs are beginning to develop and breath amniotic fluid in and out. He or she should also be able to move all of his/her joints or limbs!

Unfortunately, due to my doctor and I traveling, we’ve had to push back my next appointment until August 13. Which means we probably won’t be able to find out the baby’s gender until the middle of September. I think a lot of people are slightly disappointed, but since the whole point of the ultrasound is to make sure the baby’s healthy. . .not just the sex. . . I completely understand! I want to know the kidneys, heart, brain, and limbs are developing the way they should be more than whether or not we’re having a boy or girl. 

Tim tells me to think more positively. If you go into it assuming everything is fine, then you get more excited about the gender and don’t think about the negative. I’m too paranoid of a pregnant person for that. With each ultrasound I hold my breath until the tech says everything looks good. Just me?? 😉 

One Trimester Down!

Saturday was the official end to my first trimester!

I’m currently a 13 weeks and 2 days. My baby’s heart rate at our last appointment on Monday was 153 bpm. The doctor kept joking that it wouldd be a girl. Our baby should be almost 3 inches long (the size of a medium shrimp) and about an ounce.

I wish I could say the first trimester flew by quickly, but it seemed to take forever. Nausea began in my 6th week of pregnancy, and it’s made an interesting last 7 weeks. I’m relieved to say that it’s all been downhill since about week 9 or 10. My nausea was limited to just morning and nights instead of all day. And now, it’s even less frequent than that. 

I’m still not able to eat like I wish, and I’m constantly hungry which makes eating not very fun. I’m so ready to have my normal appetite back! (Especially with our trip to New York City and Restaurant Week coming up soon!)

I also had a fun phone call right before the start of this trimester from my doctor. I’ve been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. This doesn’t really surprise me since I was borderline about 5 years ago. She explained that it sometimes pops up in pregnancy and could go away once the baby’s born, but I’ll need to take medication every day opposite my prenatals. This is just my luck since I HATE taking pills on a regular basis. My brain is such mush. I know I’m going to forget to take it at some point. But at least the doctor caught it! Those who have hypothyroidism and go untreated have a risk 4 times greater to having a child with lower IQ and learning difficulties. If that’s not motivation to remember to take my pill, I don’t know what is!

On a separate note, can I just say how ready I am for this weather??

We’ll be leaving in a few days with the entire Hurst family and heading to Maui, Hawai’i for one last big family vacation before it gets too difficult to do. With 3 babies being born within a few months of each other, it’ll probably be awhile before we can all take off as a family together (with the exception of Dopps Camp of course!)

I know I’ve mentioned to several of you how nervous I am about this trip, but for those of you who aren’t aware…I’m nervous! VERY nervous! We’ll be taking our first long-distance airplane trip with our 16 month old, and I’m predicting the worst. Thinking about time zone changes, lack of sleep, lack of entertainment, and long hours on a small airplane, I am beginning to panic. 

I feel like I’ve done everything I can to prepare for every catastrophe, but I just know no matter how much I prepare, if he doesn’t want to watch his DVD or play with the million toys I’m bringing, and all he wants to do is “walk!” then I’m in trouble. We have a 3 hour flying time for the first flight, and a 5 hour flying time with the second. Our only prayer is that he sleeps most of the second flight since it’ll be during his nap time. 

Then, once we arrive, how do we handle the time difference? We’ll be leaving Dallas at 7:30am and arriving in Maui at 12:40pm; which is almost his bedtime in since it’s a 6 hour time difference. 

On the way back, I don’t know if it’s better or worse: We leave Maui at 12:20pm and arrive back in Dallas at 5:00 AM the next day.


If you have any advice for me, or ways to make me feel better about the flights and/or time changes, I’d love to hear them! 

Getting Bigger!

As the seasons change, so does my belly. It’s hard to believe how big I’m getting. . .and how big I feel! Only 2 more days until I start my 3rd trimester, and only 12 weeks to go until Baby. :)

27 weeks (a day early)

Eek! My floating baby on the right keeps reminding me that there’s only 13 weeks to go! We’re so not ready.

Actually, I am ready for little Mark to be here; however, looking at our chaos of a house, we’re definitely not ready. The baby room is only half completed. We have crown molding, chair railing, and paint up; however there’s still tools and saw dust all over the floor. There’s no furniture, but we do have bedding! My baby showers are slowly creeping up on me this January and (very early) February. We’ve had no time to Christmas shop or, let alone, register.

The next two months are going to be incredibly busy with the holidays, Mavericks games, childbirth classes, and travel for both me and Tim. As we packed tonight for Colorado tomorrow, I became frustrated with all the little things to do for carry-on. Putting all my make-up and various creams in travel-sized baggies. Can’t forget the wedding gift, but can’t have it wrapped or bring scissors to wrap it upon arrival! Ugh. Then it occured to me, this might be the least frustrated I’ll feel about traveling for awhile. I can’t even image all the work and prep that goes into traveling with a baby!

Anyway, I know I haven’t taken any pregnancy pics in awhile, but I plan on taking some while in Breckinridge and Denver this weekend. I’m also hoping Tim and I can finally get our Christmas picture taken. It will be the last one of just the two of us!

What Mark’s up to at week 27:
– almost 2 pounds and about 14.5″ long
– moving and kicking almost everyday
– heartrate is in the 140’s (according to my visit this week)

How I’m feeling:
– relieved! Gestational Diabetes test came back clean.
– tired. Sleeping has become a thing of the past due to restroom breaks, ligament pain, and leg cramps.

You don’t look Pregnant. . .

is what my massage therapist said to me this morning while I was at the chiropractor’s. We were discussing my hair, and she’d asked if I had any kids that were blessed with my soft hair. When I told her this would be my first one, she stood back and said, “Are you pregnant?” Uh . .YES!

Oddly enough, this has been my biggest pet peeve during my second trimester. I have a little over 3 months to go, and I definitely feel pregnant; very pregnant. Yet, many people I talk to (including my husband) said if they didn’t know better, they’d think I was just overweight.

For some reason when I hear “you don’t look pregnant,” I associate it with not being pregnant. I get concerned that I should be showing more than I am; which then, of course, leads to thoughts of “what if there’s something wrong.”

I will admit that I haven’t gained as much as I thought I would. I’ve gained about 6 pounds from my original weight. And it did take some time to gain back the 6-8 pounds I’d lost during the first 16 weeks. My doctor hasn’t mentioned that I need to put on any weight, so she must think I’m staying healthy. I’m definitely not starving myself; especially since the Blue Bell Peppermint Ice Cream just came out again.

I’d just once love to hear, “Wow! Pregnancy looks good on you!” or “Look how big you’re getting.” It would make me feel more normal.

Now watch everyone I know come up and say this :)

Please Tell Me This Is Normal

I’m experiencing my first real pregnancy pains, and boy is it painful!

For the last 2 1/2 to 3 hours, I’ve been unable to stand up. I seem to be okay when I sit down; although there’s some mild discomfort. When I stand it feels like I’ve got a hole being ripped through me.

It started as just some mild cramping each time I stood up today, but the more I’ve tried to remain seated, with each stand it gets worse and worse; to the point that I almost couldn’t get out of my car.

So, there’s no other symptoms, and again, I feel okay when I’m sitting or laying down.

I’m been searching the Internet for about 15 minutes trying to figure out at what point you’re supposed to call a doctor. I’m convinced it’s normal ligament pain. . .but what if it’s not? Does this “round ligament pain” get pretty bad?

Any advice?

And Baby Makes Four

I wrote about this book awhile ago when we first became pregnant, but I wanted to share this book with you.
 And Baby Makes Four: A Trimester-by-Trimester Guide to a Baby-Friendly Dog

One of our biggest concerns when we got pregnant was how our dogs would react to a baby. I’m the first one to admit that our dogs are SPOILED. They truly think they’re our babies, and know they run the house. Anytime we’ve had guests over with little kids, the dogs get freaked out and bark like crazy. This can cause fights between the two dogs as Cooper will get too anxious and cause Bailey to try and dominate him. They’re more unsure of little people than actually agressive. Cooper in particular won’t get close enough to a child or baby to figure out what it is. He’ll just bark. And Bailey has no boundaries- she’s convinced they’re fun new toys. We’re 100% confident they’d never knowingly do anything to harm an infant, but never having kids around we weren’t sure how to train them. After all, you can’t rent a baby for a few weeks.

This is where we found this book to be very helpful! We’ve been following along with the steps during each trimester, and have found a huge relief in working with the dogs. Here’s a sample of what we’ve done:

First Trimester:
– Work on Training: Cooper & Bailey have learned to be on a schedule and not become alarmed if we wake up at different hours during the night.
– Who’s the Boss: Tim with me sometimes behind. :)

Second Trimester:
– Baby toys vs. Dog toys: They’ve done so well with this! With a simple “no,” they have avoided all baby toys we’ve purchased and know that playing with their toys will result in a reward. The real key here is to not buy toys that are similar to dog toys. This means we’ll have to avoid “squeeky” toys, but it’s a sacrifice we think is worth it. 
– Adjusting to Crying: This is one we’re going to have to work hard on. We’re purchasing a CD of baby noises that will be played during the day. The idea is that they’ll get accustomed to the noises of a baby until the noise doesn’t cause them anxiety anymore. This is one step we’re about to start working on, so I’ll let you know how it goes! 

For anyone who has a pet, this is a very simple but effective book that I highly recommend!