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Celebrating 10 Months!

We’re almost there!

Can you believe Baby Z is now 10 months old (plus a week!)?


This past month has been a game changer for him! And what I mean by that is he’s completely gone from infant to little person.

Right now, he weighs in at 20 pounds, 29″ long, and his head in the 99th percentile. 

Over the last 4 weeks we’ve watched him develop such a fun personality! He’s starting to communicate and socialize through lots of different sounds, facial expressions, pointing, gesturing, and even some early signing. (Right now everything is “milk” although we’re starting to get “more”.) 

He is a rockstar at crawling and can get pretty much anywhere he wants to go. If you see him bolting across the floor it’s probably because he’s either 1) spied the dog door open or 2) noticed a bathroom door open. His favorite places to be are either outside (which he’ll get to any means necessary) or playing in the bathroom toilet.

Why can’t kids ever play where you actually want them to play? 


He and his brother are definitely beginning to understand the term “brotherly love.” M can be very hot and cold around him depending upon what Baby Z is doing, but for the most part, they get along great! Z just needs to learn the difference between he and his brothers toys and life would be great…according to his brother!  But seriously, they play so well together sometimes it can be a little scary for a mom as the Little Man doesn’t realize his own strength. To him, as long as Baby Z is laughing, it’s all good!


As I’ve mentioned, he’s definitely hit some major developmental milestones this month, including the ability to wave with 1 hand and he can now stand on his own (if motivated and distracted away from his feet!) This afternoon, I watched him stand and stare at his Grammy for a good solid 10 seconds before realizing he could sit down.

His eyes are still a gorgeous blue, and we’re holding our breath they’ll stay this way!

His teething is in full force. The poor guy has been constantly congested for over a month now and has been drooling to no end. Fortunately, last week he gained 2 new teeth in 2 days which  brings our grand total to 6! That night he slept better than he has since he was 6 months old! Like I said, poor guy!



Don’t get me wrong, he’s definitely had his fussy moments this month…week…day…hour! But, he brings such joy to our day every time we see that toothy smile! I can’t wait to see what the next few months hold as he celebrates his first Thanksgiving, Christmas, and soon, birthday!

Which brings me to…why didn’t anyone warn me how difficult it would be to have to plan a birthday party two weeks after the New Year? Definitely regretting that decision now!