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38 Weeks, But 9 Days To Go!

It’s coming to an end! 

We have our C-Section scheduled for a week from Monday on January 14th which means there’s only 9 days left (unless this baby decides to come sooner!)

I’ve been seeing my doctor each week for the last 2 weeks, and both times no progress has been made, so the odds of him coming sooner is probably very low. 

His head is in the down position, and although he’s technically dropped lower, his head is still sitting pretty high. No dilation, no softening. . .he’s happy and content just like his brother was. 

There have been no signs of labor at home either. Over the last few nights I’ve experienced what WebMD calls an irritable uterus that wakes me up out of my sleep; however, water and a little walking helps the pain go away. Some back pain has also started, but based on his position and size it’s expected! 

I’m honestly starting to wonder if my body knows how to be really awesome at getting pregnant, but has no idea what to do with the baby when he’s done cooking! 

We’ll go in on Thursday for one last exam and a final sonogram. I’m measuring a little small for his last recorded size, so just to make sure there’s not a low fluid level, we’ll take a peek 1 more time at this little guy before his birth! 

I have a feeling this is going to be the SLOWEST week I’ve ever had. I’ve been making booking myself up to try and help the time fly. 

Sunday I’m attending a meeting with the Children’s Ministry Leadership Team to help kick off the 2013 year, then we’ll be headed to our Lifegroup that evening. 

Monday marks D-Day for the Little Man’s cast, and I’ll probably take him out to celebrate afterwards (and avoid separation anxiety as we’re a little nervous he’s grown to love it!)

Tuesday I made one last hair appointment since it’ll be some time before I can easily get out for a cut & color again. 

Thursday is our final doctor appointment and my January Book Club meeting. 

Friday I’m starting back at MOPS for the Spring, and it will likely be my last meeting for a month or so. 

We’re in the process of trying to decide how we’ll spend our last weekend as a family of 3. Since we go in bright and early Monday morning for the delivery, I’ve decided the Little Man will be spending the night with my parents on Sunday evening. 

I’m not sure how I’m feeling about this. . . 

Although I know it makes the most sense, part of me doesn’t want to let him go since it’ll be the last time he’ll be my “only little boy.” I also won’t be able to be with him for long periods of time until we’ve come home, and it makes it that much harder to not already start missing him! 

I have a feeling next weekend is going to be a very emotional weekend for me! 

Any advice for me my last week as a mom of 1? 

35 Weeks: The Bump’s Coming To An End

At 30 weeks, we shared that we were finally comfortable with how this pregnancy would end, and I don’t think I revealed to you our choice. After serious prayers and discussions with our doctor, we decided to go with a c-section delivery to prevent any long term health complications.

This past week, we were able to see the baby again for the first time since 20 weeks. We wanted one last peek to see his size before the waiting began, and more than ever, I’m sure we made the right decision. He’s currently at or around 6 pounds, and with 4 weeks to go until our scheduled date, his weight could range anywhere from 7 1/2 to 9 pounds. 
If this baby comes early, we won’t have to worry about his size, but I think we made the right choice as far as choosing to deliver early. I feel confident that if we’d waited until his due date on January 19 (or later), we’d be facing the same complications as before. A BIG Baby!

What the baby’s doing at 35 weeks
  • He’s now about 6 lbs according to our sonogram taken on Thursday, and growing at the average rate of about 1/2 a pound a week. 
  • The kicks and punches continue late into the night, although he’s quickly running out of room.
  • He’s also now head down, and my doctor believes he’s dropped! 
In our sonogram, although it wasn’t a fancy 3-D one, we were able to catch a glimpse of his facial features, and in my opinion, he looks like the Little Man! His eyes were so similar and his mouth had some of the same features. He was even hiding from the camera like the Little Man did at 20 weeks with his close up. 

First it was the umbilical cord in front of his face. Then he moved his hand to cover half of his feet. Finally, he brought his foot up to rest on his face. 

The sono made it very real. 

How I’m feeling at 35 weeks:
  • Very Tired! With the pains and struggles of having a toddler with a broken leg, and the recent physical struggles, it’s getting more and more difficult to begin.   
  • The ligament pain has gone away, but I’ve had brief periods of restless leg syndrome. 
  • The leg cramping STILL hasn’t returned; thank goodness!  
  • The back pain started this weekend. The wrong chair or position is extremely uncomfortable, and can cause my back to start hurting within seconds. 
  • Every physical task is difficult. Walking around doing some Christmas shopping this morning practically destroyed my feet, and within 30 minutes, I was having to sit down and rest. 
  • Bending over is almost impossible. 
  • I’m constantly starving! I’m eating almost 2 breakfasts, a lunch, then a snack, and breakfast. And most of the time, there’s dessert. 
  • My maternity clothes no longer fitting correctly because my belly has gotten so large. :)
My bags are packed, and we’re prepared for this baby to come whenever he’s ready! I’m so excited and ready to meet this little munchkin and celebrate 2013 with our newest family member! 
Come on January 14!! 

26 Weeks: The Bump

This week officially marks the beginning of the end. I know that technically a lot of websites don’t count the beginning of the third trimester until week 27, but since I know I won’t reach week 41, this is it for me! 

I have a little more than 13 more weeks to go, and I’m getting really excited! 

This pregnancy already feels so different in a lot of ways. With my first, I felt as if the first 25 weeks went by really fast, and then, it took forever to reach our due date once Christmas past. 

Now, I feel like the first 20 weeks went by so slowly, and the due date is approaching quickly! I still sometimes have to remind myself it’s October and not September. Before I know it we’ll be celebrating Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. And once we hit New Years, it’s only a matter of days before Littler Man arrives! I keep laughing with Tim’s work schedule for December and January. Out of the 10 weeks in these months, he’ll only be at work for 6! Too bad the baby couldn’t have timed it a little better to come around Christmas or New Years, then he wouldn’t have to worry about going back to work for a week or so before taking Paternity Leave. 

What the baby’s doing at 26 weeks

  • He’s now about 1 2/3 lbs, and averaging about 14″ (according to BabyCenter.com).
  • Kicking and Summersauts are happening frequently; mostly as I lay down at night but through out the day too. At our last check up, he even kicked the heartbeat monitor as she went to put it on my belly. 

How I’m feeling at 26 weeks:

  • Tired! I’m having trouble falling asleep at night. I wake up at least 2-3 times a night to go to the bathroom and then struggle falling back asleep. And of course, I’m back up between 6-7am with my other little one.  
  • Indigestion is a common problem. I’m often very uncomfortable after I eat; no matter what I eat.  
  • Ligament pain has begun, but it’s not near as frequent or as painful as the first pregnancy. 
  • I feel really blessed that my leg cramping hasn’t returned (yet). 
  • Overwhelmed. Knowing now how difficult it is to manage a household with a newborn, I’m desperately trying to get onto some kind of schedule or organization routine that I can establish before the baby. Unlike with the first, life can’t stop this time! We also have to figure out timing on how to transition the Little Man into his Big Boy Room before the baby comes. 
There’s just too much to do! 

20 Weeks: The Bump


Not only am I getting bigger, but look at our flower garden! 

This is probably the best we’ve ever done at not killing our plants. 

I’m so proud! 

I’m now definitely feeling pregnant!

I hadn’t really paid attention to how large I was getting until I took the Little Man for a walk yesterday. We just walked around the block while I pulled him in his wagon, and my back was killing me. You would have thought I had strapped a 20 pound brick to my belly, but according to my scale, I’ve only gained 8! 

At 20 weeks today, I’ve officially reached the halfway point. The baby should be about the length of a banana and about 10 1/2 ounces. Most people say that the second pregnancy seems to go by much faster than the first, but it seems to be going slower for me. I feel like I’ve been pregnant for forever, and based on my belly size I would have thought I was at least 25 weeks. (Here’s a picture of me at 26-27 weeks.) I mean, we still haven’t found out the gender of our baby yet!

But it’s coming! This Thursday, we have our sono appointment where we get to see the little munchkin again. We’ve been praying for all good news and nothing but a positive and healthy report. And of course, finding out what we’re having. If you believe the Chinese Gender Calendar, we’re having a girl. If you believe the old wives’ tale of heartbeat rate, originally we were having a girl, but now we’re having a boy. 

Tim thinks Girl. 
I think Boy. 

What do you think?
Let’s see who’s right! 

One Trimester Down!

Saturday was the official end to my first trimester!

I’m currently a 13 weeks and 2 days. My baby’s heart rate at our last appointment on Monday was 153 bpm. The doctor kept joking that it wouldd be a girl. Our baby should be almost 3 inches long (the size of a medium shrimp) and about an ounce.

I wish I could say the first trimester flew by quickly, but it seemed to take forever. Nausea began in my 6th week of pregnancy, and it’s made an interesting last 7 weeks. I’m relieved to say that it’s all been downhill since about week 9 or 10. My nausea was limited to just morning and nights instead of all day. And now, it’s even less frequent than that. 

I’m still not able to eat like I wish, and I’m constantly hungry which makes eating not very fun. I’m so ready to have my normal appetite back! (Especially with our trip to New York City and Restaurant Week coming up soon!)

I also had a fun phone call right before the start of this trimester from my doctor. I’ve been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. This doesn’t really surprise me since I was borderline about 5 years ago. She explained that it sometimes pops up in pregnancy and could go away once the baby’s born, but I’ll need to take medication every day opposite my prenatals. This is just my luck since I HATE taking pills on a regular basis. My brain is such mush. I know I’m going to forget to take it at some point. But at least the doctor caught it! Those who have hypothyroidism and go untreated have a risk 4 times greater to having a child with lower IQ and learning difficulties. If that’s not motivation to remember to take my pill, I don’t know what is!

On a separate note, can I just say how ready I am for this weather??

We’ll be leaving in a few days with the entire Hurst family and heading to Maui, Hawai’i for one last big family vacation before it gets too difficult to do. With 3 babies being born within a few months of each other, it’ll probably be awhile before we can all take off as a family together (with the exception of Dopps Camp of course!)

I know I’ve mentioned to several of you how nervous I am about this trip, but for those of you who aren’t aware…I’m nervous! VERY nervous! We’ll be taking our first long-distance airplane trip with our 16 month old, and I’m predicting the worst. Thinking about time zone changes, lack of sleep, lack of entertainment, and long hours on a small airplane, I am beginning to panic. 

I feel like I’ve done everything I can to prepare for every catastrophe, but I just know no matter how much I prepare, if he doesn’t want to watch his DVD or play with the million toys I’m bringing, and all he wants to do is “walk!” then I’m in trouble. We have a 3 hour flying time for the first flight, and a 5 hour flying time with the second. Our only prayer is that he sleeps most of the second flight since it’ll be during his nap time. 

Then, once we arrive, how do we handle the time difference? We’ll be leaving Dallas at 7:30am and arriving in Maui at 12:40pm; which is almost his bedtime in since it’s a 6 hour time difference. 

On the way back, I don’t know if it’s better or worse: We leave Maui at 12:20pm and arrive back in Dallas at 5:00 AM the next day.


If you have any advice for me, or ways to make me feel better about the flights and/or time changes, I’d love to hear them! 

A Blogger Jinx

A little over a week ago, I updated everyone on how I was feeling with this pregnancy. I was actually a little excited when the “blogger jinx” happened almost immediately. You know…when you blog about something only to be proven wrong, and then you just feel silly for blogging about it. 

Almost as soon as I posted how terrible I was feeling, the next day it was like the clouds opened up and everything became bearable again. I assumed it was one of the number of different strategies I tried; changing when I took my prenatal vitamins, constantly eating crackers to fill my stomach, and resting at every opportunity. But of course, just as quickly as relief came, it went. 

Since Saturday evening, I’ve been feeling awful. Zofran is no longer working. I’m now down to eating a combination of PB & J’s, soup, toast, and (oddly) plain hamburgers. I’ve found I can also tolerate chocolate Frosty’s, so there is a little joy in my life. 

I’m hoping this nausea might be an “ebb and flow”; one week on, one week off. I think I can handle knowing there’s relief in sight. It’s the fear that the nausea will continue throughout the next 7 weeks that scares me. With my first pregnancy, my nausea really didn’t go away until week 16. I’m not sure I can handle that with a 15 month old running around. 

Week 8: Moments of Weakness

It’s Sunday night, and I feel raw and vulnerable after a long, exhausting weekend. I can promise I won’t always use my blog as a forum to whine and complain, but right now that’s just where I am. 

Over the last few weeks, my nausea has been getting progressively worse and it all seemed to have come to a climax this weekend. . .and it broke me. I’m literally running on empty as all I’ve been able to consume is PB&J’s, Lipton soup, crackers, Vitamin Water, Popsicles, and toast. I’m constantly hungry and nauseous at the same time. The only time I seem to get a moment of stomach relief is when I’m sleeping. 

After an emotional breakdown on Saturday afternoon, my sweet husband took the Little Man to my parents for a few hours to go swimming while I slept. And slept I did! Unfortunately, unlike normal colds I didn’t feel better when I woke up. I had about 10 minutes of feeling normal before the nausea hit again and I wanted to go back to sleep. 

In a desperate attempt to change my situation, I ran to Whole Foods and purchased some Ginger Chews. I’m not sure what happened, but while I was chewing I noticed my mouth was starting to burn. After about a minute, my gag reflexes kicked in and I was forced to spit it out. When I got home, I examined the bag and discovered cinnamon oil was the second ingredient.  Since then my throat feels like it’s been scrapped with sand paper and it’s been almost impossible to swallow. 

I also did something else that my OB/GYN suggested was important to do, but in an attempt to salvage any dignity I have, I’ll spare you the details. But let me just say, it only added to the discomfort. 

And this is how my day continued today. The viscous cycle never ends. 

I’m beyond afraid of what my week will look like. My poor husband will be working on finishing up a huge project in Irving and will have his annual review/promotion boards on Friday. Of all the weeks that I wish I could beg him to call in sick, it’s impossible. So, I’ll be spending 12 hours a day with a 15 month old. I have zero energy and no motivation or appetite. My poor son will probably be neglected for the second week in a row, and for that I feel nothing but guilt. When my husband and son need me the most, I’m stuck on the couch serving nachos or sandwiches for dinner. 

I’ve never realized how much I’d appreciate the openness of my blog until recently. As I’ve been struggling with questions and doubts about how I felt during my first pregnancy, it’s been interesting to go back and read through my experiences the first time around. This week I’m trying to read between the lines from Week 8. Clearly I wasn’t feeling good then, but was it as bad as I feel now? It seems like it’s MUCH worse. At the same time, having the blog can also be slightly depressing, as I know exactly when the nausea began to subside the first time. . . and I have a long, long way to go. 

Let the Aversions Begin

As the days have gone on, the food aversions and nausea have begun. It’s odd how one day you can be eating a chicken soft taco or a fresh mixed green salad with no problems, then the next day those same foods repulse you. 

Zofran helps with the nausea, but it doesn’t help with the aversions. I hate feeling like everything around me is disgusting. My poor husband has been working until 6:30 or 7:00 lately while he finishes a project, and when he gets home I want him to be able to enjoy a home cooked meal. How do I prepare a meal when every idea I have makes me want to. . . blah. 

This evening I was looking for ideas when I came across this blog article from LiveStrong.com. The author has several tips for how to prepare food when you’re in the middle of morning sickness woes. 

Step 1
Take a nap before cooking. Feeling tired and fatigued while pregnant worsens your nausea symptoms, so a 30-minute nap can give you some much needed energy before preparing a meal.

Step 2
Snack on crackers throughout the day and while you’re preparing food. Crackers can help settle an upset stomach, and they keep you from feeling hungry while you’re cooking. Hunger often makes nausea more noticeable during pregnancy.

Step 3
Avoid foods that trigger your nausea. Your heightened sense of smell during pregnancy makes some of your favorite pre-pregnancy foods seem repulsive. The cause of your super smell is unknown, but it’s possible that increased estrogen production is to blame. Fish, fried foods, smoke from cooking, spices and raw meats are only a few possible triggers. 

Step 4
Suck on lemons or lemon-drop candies while cooking to reduce morning sickness. Sniffing a lemon may also reduce nausea while cooking, so keep a lemon cut up in a small dish near your cooking space. Cooking with ginger and drinking ginger ale while preparing meals also has an anti-nausea effect.

Step 5
Prepare bland foods, such as mashed potatoes, bagels, yogurt, chicken soup, plain baked potato, rice, pasta, oatmeal and toast. If you can only tolerate breakfast foods, eat those foods for all your meals in combination with your prenatal vitamins. You can eat a whole-grain bagel with peanut butter, a banana and a cup of yogurt for every meal for the next 15 weeks if that’s what you’re comfortable eating.

Step 6
Control your environment. Open windows and turn on fans to reduce smoke in the room and make the air less stuffy. Avoid using the oven during the summer if you don’t have air conditioning since a warm room increases your nausea.

Step 7
Take vitamin B-6 supplements. Always get your doctor’s approval before taking any supplements while pregnant. Vitamin B-6 is known to ease nausea for some women and is taken in doses of 10 to 25 milligrams, three times per day. Your prenatal vitamin counts as one dose.

I haven’t tried any of these yet, but I’m definitely going to start! I’m really hoping they’ll help!

How did you manage to cook in the midst of your morning sickness? 

Giving Mother’s Day a New Meaning

If you’re wondering why you’re just now seeing this post, it’s because I’ve kept my secret! If you’ll remember, the reason I started this blog was to journal my story to my future children. I have one of the biggest stories to tell, and I didn’t want to leave it out simply because we weren’t ready. 

So, until now this post has been saved in my archives and we’re obviously ready to share 
because you’re reading it. 

May 15, 2012

Tim and I are expecting Little Man #2! 
(Okay, so I’m only 4 weeks, but I already know it’s a boy. That’s just the way the Hurst family works!)

Last Saturday night, after a busy day driving home from my grandmother’s funeral, I realized I was late and didn’t have any symptoms that I’d be starting soon, so I decided to get the anxiety over with and just take a test. Deja Vu. . .and just like with the first time, the little test showed 2 little blue lines! 

Happy Mother’s Day to me!

Tim and I had already had conversations about being smarter the next time we found out and not letting the excitement overwhelm us. With our first, we didn’t know the risks of chemical pregnancies and miscarriages, and thought a positive test meant just that. We were going to have a baby! As the weeks went on and I went forward with doctor’s appointments, there were several scary times before we were able to see a heartbeat. All we kept thinking is that we’d revealed to both of our parents they were about to have their first grandchild, only to possibly miscarry.

Obviously, everything turned out fine! We had a healthy pregnancy, and were so thankful everything worked out the way it was supposed to. But, now that we know what we know, we’re going to take it one step at a time with #2. 

That means, I’ve been keeping this secret for 6 days now. . . and my first doctor’s appointment isn’t until Thursday, June 7th. I’m dying…

Since the doctor wasn’t able to see us until almost my 8th week, we’re not sure how long we’re going to hold onto this little secret, but we definitely want to feel more secure in the pregnancy before spilling the beans. We’ve also had some close family members reveal they’re expecting, and we don’t want to take away from their first-time joys. We’ve had our time, and it’s time for them to have theirs. 

I feel like I’m having to avoid people because all I want to do is shout our news to them! In my head, I keep hearing is this little voice saying over and over “I have a secret you’re going to love!” I actually have had to become a little hermit with some of my friends as I’ve been invited to several Happy Hours and Cocktail Parties. For my personality, turning down a glass of wine would be a huge red flag, so I’ve just been avoiding going. 



Who Is This Person?

This weekend has been an eye-opening experience for me. I think I have either been ignoring the obvious or some major pregnancy issues have (literally) popped up within this last week. It very well could be that I’ve just been too busy to notice the changes going on, but some are pretty hard to not notice. For example, my belly is now fully preventing me from doing any normal, personal activities such as tying my own shoes, putting my pants on without taking a breather, and actually sitting up straight on the bed or in a chair.

To add to this, I looked down this evening and noticed my ankles were gone; in their place are cankles. My feet and legs are starting to swell to the point that I don’t recognize my own lower half. My usual cotton socks are even leaving marks on my legs.

I’ve also had some time to prepare, but my biggest fear is now happening. . .my belly button is almost flush with my stomach. I need to realize that it’s only a matter of days before my perfect belly button is now an outie.

And of course, there’s all of the internal body changes that are causing embarrassment for me in public that I need not discuss. :)

I’m still grateful for the few things that don’t seem to be an issue. The only swelling seems to be in my legs. My rings still fit on my hands, and many people have told me you can’t see the pregnancy on my face. I’m also happy to still not have any signs of the linea nigra – the dark line that runs vertical up many women’s bellies.

Overall, I’m still enjoying the experience of being pregnant, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I am starting to miss my old self. I really hope it comes back soon!