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Hawai’i: Road to Hana

Okay people…I’m going to keep it real for you in this post. 

This was probably my least favorite part of our trip. 

I know. I know.

I hate saying this because I will admit it was absolutely beautiful and had this vacation involved adults only, it would have changed my entire perspective. 


The Road to Hana is challenging all by itself, 
and when you add a 16 month old and pregnant lady to the mix, 
you’re asking for trouble. 

A little background: The Road to Hana is a 68 mile drive along the coast of Maui’s North Shore and connects the towns of Kahului to Hana. According to wikipedia, “although Hāna is only about 52 miles from Kahului, it takes about 2.5 hours to drive when no stops are made as the highway is very winding and narrow and passes over 59 bridges, 46 of which are only one lane wide. There are approximately 620 curves along Route 360 from just east of Kahului to Hāna.”

We began our journey around 8:30am, and had to drive about 45 minutes from Lahaina to Kahului to start the Road to Hana. Once Hana Highway started your suggested speed drops down to 15 mph and the winding starts. 

Remember that fact about the number of curves? It was on mile 3.5 of Hana Highway that Tim had to pull over and let me throw up on the side of the road. And that was after taking a Dramamine! 

Along the way, we saw many sights like the one below. For those of you who haven’t been to Maui, it’s not exactly what you might imagine. Most of the island isn’t lush, green rainforests with perfect white sand beaches. It’s actually very rocky and what sandy beaches you do find are somewhat murky. The Road to Hana is where you’ll find your picaresque images of Hawai’i; which is why so many choose to make the trip despite the car sickness. 

If you ever attempt the Road to Hana, I highly suggest you bring a guide book with you! As wikipedia mentioned, it’s a 2 1/2 hour drive to go the 68 miles WITHOUT stopping. If you choose to stop, which you will, you’ll want to know exactly where to stop for the best sights. Otherwise you could literally spend days pulling over and walking. 

Our first stop was to see a large waterfall. There were many that you could see from along the road, but this was the largest one and it required getting out of the car. 

Many stops require a hike through narrow paths. 

By noon, we’d made it about 20 miles, and the Little Man was starting to get upset. He almost never has a problem falling asleep in the carseat until you want him to fall asleep in the carseat. Then it’s not going to happen. 
This was probably the last happy shot we got of him in the car the rest of the day.  

Our second stop was around 11:30am at an Arboretum in the middle of the forest. I say “Arboretum,” but it was more a trail with signs along the way naming the different types of flora and fauna. 
It was here that we saw the Rainbow Trees. I’ve honestly never heard of them before, but it’s probably not something common to Texas. It’s a Eucalyptus who’s bark thickens and thins to create this rainbow pattern of blues, greens, purples, and orangish tones. 

Near 2pm, we found ourselves at the Black Sand Beach. Unlike the one we experienced on The Big Island, this one was more of a tourist spot. It was in the middle of a state park, and there wasn’t much to it. 

One thing that was really interesting about it was that it wasn’t sand at all. As you walk into the water, the ground changes from large black river rocks to black pebbles to black stones no larger than about 2 millimeters. It made for a completely different texture as you walked through it. 

The Little Man could have cared less what he walking on. All he cared about was that he was back in the water! 

By the time the rest of the group was ready to move on, it was obvious to Tim and I that it was time for us to go our separate ways and head on back. Our backseat passenger still hadn’t napped, and with it taking us almost 5 hours to reach the halfway point, we knew it was going to take at least 2 hours to get home; which put us pulling in around 6pm. 

So, the rest of the group continued on to see the actual town of Hana, the Red Sand Beach, and 7 Sacred Pools, while we started our journey home. 

We made it back in just over 2 1/2 hours; only having to stop twice to allow my stomach to settle. Fortunately, we had a more pleasant drive as the Little Man couldn’t handle anymore and finally crashed and slept the entire way home. 

This gave Tim and I time alone for the first time on our vacation to talk and laugh and just be together. 

At one of our stops near Paia, we caught a glipse of the North Shore’s famous winds. I got out of the car to take some pictures of some windsurfers and sail surfers only to have my camera almost blown out of my hands. Had we been in Texas we would have been seeking shelter, but in Maui it’s the norm! 

Have you taken the Road to Hana? 
What were your impressions?

One Trimester Down!

Saturday was the official end to my first trimester!

I’m currently a 13 weeks and 2 days. My baby’s heart rate at our last appointment on Monday was 153 bpm. The doctor kept joking that it wouldd be a girl. Our baby should be almost 3 inches long (the size of a medium shrimp) and about an ounce.

I wish I could say the first trimester flew by quickly, but it seemed to take forever. Nausea began in my 6th week of pregnancy, and it’s made an interesting last 7 weeks. I’m relieved to say that it’s all been downhill since about week 9 or 10. My nausea was limited to just morning and nights instead of all day. And now, it’s even less frequent than that. 

I’m still not able to eat like I wish, and I’m constantly hungry which makes eating not very fun. I’m so ready to have my normal appetite back! (Especially with our trip to New York City and Restaurant Week coming up soon!)

I also had a fun phone call right before the start of this trimester from my doctor. I’ve been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. This doesn’t really surprise me since I was borderline about 5 years ago. She explained that it sometimes pops up in pregnancy and could go away once the baby’s born, but I’ll need to take medication every day opposite my prenatals. This is just my luck since I HATE taking pills on a regular basis. My brain is such mush. I know I’m going to forget to take it at some point. But at least the doctor caught it! Those who have hypothyroidism and go untreated have a risk 4 times greater to having a child with lower IQ and learning difficulties. If that’s not motivation to remember to take my pill, I don’t know what is!

On a separate note, can I just say how ready I am for this weather??

We’ll be leaving in a few days with the entire Hurst family and heading to Maui, Hawai’i for one last big family vacation before it gets too difficult to do. With 3 babies being born within a few months of each other, it’ll probably be awhile before we can all take off as a family together (with the exception of Dopps Camp of course!)

I know I’ve mentioned to several of you how nervous I am about this trip, but for those of you who aren’t aware…I’m nervous! VERY nervous! We’ll be taking our first long-distance airplane trip with our 16 month old, and I’m predicting the worst. Thinking about time zone changes, lack of sleep, lack of entertainment, and long hours on a small airplane, I am beginning to panic. 

I feel like I’ve done everything I can to prepare for every catastrophe, but I just know no matter how much I prepare, if he doesn’t want to watch his DVD or play with the million toys I’m bringing, and all he wants to do is “walk!” then I’m in trouble. We have a 3 hour flying time for the first flight, and a 5 hour flying time with the second. Our only prayer is that he sleeps most of the second flight since it’ll be during his nap time. 

Then, once we arrive, how do we handle the time difference? We’ll be leaving Dallas at 7:30am and arriving in Maui at 12:40pm; which is almost his bedtime in since it’s a 6 hour time difference. 

On the way back, I don’t know if it’s better or worse: We leave Maui at 12:20pm and arrive back in Dallas at 5:00 AM the next day.


If you have any advice for me, or ways to make me feel better about the flights and/or time changes, I’d love to hear them! 

A Manly Meal = A Night Off For Mom

Friday night was a big night! 

To my surprise, I felt up to eating….chicken. 

That’s right, people! I’m back!

Okay, so maybe not fully back. I definitely am still having food aversions, and if you asked me to eat a grilled chicken breast with a salad, I might turn you down. But smother it in refried beans and cheese, and I’ll say, “Yes, please!”

In honor of this momentous pregnancy occasion I thought I’d share a little secret with you from one mom to another. When you don’t feel up to cooking, grill and if your husband is anything like mine, he’ll take over dinner. 

There’s one meal I can pretty much convince my husband to grill anytime I ask, and that’s Alton Brown’s fajita recipe. It’s delicious, restaurant quality, and slightly manly. Of course, Alton Brown is as manly as it comes when it comes to cooking. If you’re not familiar with Alton, take an hour and watch his show on the Food Network. He makes cooking a science; literally, and appeals to a male audience when he talks about the “hardware” in the kitchen.

So, if you’re looking for a great summer meal to grill this Fourth of July, try this fajita recipe. I promise you won’t regret it! 

Marinade Ingredients:
  • 1/2 cup olive oil
  • 1/3 cup soy sauce
  • 4 scallions, washed and cut in 1/2
  • 2 large cloves garlic
  • 1/4 cup lime juice
  • 1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin
  • 3 tablespoons dark brown sugar or Mexican brown sugar
  • Original recipe calls for: 2 pounds inside skirt steak, cut into 3 equal pieces 
  • We use: 2 pounds boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1) Heat charcoal, preferably natural chunk, until grey ash appears.
(or start your gas grill!) 
2) In a blender, put in oil, soy sauce, scallions, garlic, lime juice, red pepper, cumin, and sugar, and puree in a food processor. 

3) In a large heavy duty Ziplock bag, put pieces of skirt steak (or chicken) and pour in marinade.

4) Seal bag, removing as much air as possible. 

5) Allow steak to marinate for 1 hour in refrigerator.

6) Remove steak from bag and pat dry with paper towels. 
7) Lay steaks directly onto hot coals for 1 minute per side. If using chicken, allow for 4-5 minutes on each side depending on thickness.

8) When finished cooking, place meat in double thickness of aluminum foil, wrap, and allow to sit for 15 minutes.
9) Remove meat from foil, reserving foil and juices. 
10) Slice thinly across the grain of the meat. 
11) Return to foil pouch and toss with juice. 
Serve with grilled peppers and onions, if desired.

Let me know how you like it!

My Version of Thank You Notes

With the exception of a slight headache, I woke up this morning feeling pretty good. I’ve got 2 1/2 weeks until the end of my first trimester, and I’m hopeful that the worst of the nausea is over! What I’ve come to realize is that it’s all about control. If I can be in control of my eating throughout the day, for the most part, I can keep the nausea at bay. I still have some bad days, but for the most part it’s not where it was 4 weeks ago. 

As I was reflecting on how much better things have been I started to wish I could thank some key players who played a role in helping me overcome the last trimester; which of course made me Google Thank You Notes by Jimmy Fallon just to get a good laugh. . .
Now I’m not a comedian, so my thank you notes aren’t funny, but I do have a few thank you’s I’d write if it were appropriate to write thank you notes to objects.

What were your favorite foods to help you through the nausea?

A Blogger Jinx

A little over a week ago, I updated everyone on how I was feeling with this pregnancy. I was actually a little excited when the “blogger jinx” happened almost immediately. You know…when you blog about something only to be proven wrong, and then you just feel silly for blogging about it. 

Almost as soon as I posted how terrible I was feeling, the next day it was like the clouds opened up and everything became bearable again. I assumed it was one of the number of different strategies I tried; changing when I took my prenatal vitamins, constantly eating crackers to fill my stomach, and resting at every opportunity. But of course, just as quickly as relief came, it went. 

Since Saturday evening, I’ve been feeling awful. Zofran is no longer working. I’m now down to eating a combination of PB & J’s, soup, toast, and (oddly) plain hamburgers. I’ve found I can also tolerate chocolate Frosty’s, so there is a little joy in my life. 

I’m hoping this nausea might be an “ebb and flow”; one week on, one week off. I think I can handle knowing there’s relief in sight. It’s the fear that the nausea will continue throughout the next 7 weeks that scares me. With my first pregnancy, my nausea really didn’t go away until week 16. I’m not sure I can handle that with a 15 month old running around. 

Week 8: Moments of Weakness

It’s Sunday night, and I feel raw and vulnerable after a long, exhausting weekend. I can promise I won’t always use my blog as a forum to whine and complain, but right now that’s just where I am. 

Over the last few weeks, my nausea has been getting progressively worse and it all seemed to have come to a climax this weekend. . .and it broke me. I’m literally running on empty as all I’ve been able to consume is PB&J’s, Lipton soup, crackers, Vitamin Water, Popsicles, and toast. I’m constantly hungry and nauseous at the same time. The only time I seem to get a moment of stomach relief is when I’m sleeping. 

After an emotional breakdown on Saturday afternoon, my sweet husband took the Little Man to my parents for a few hours to go swimming while I slept. And slept I did! Unfortunately, unlike normal colds I didn’t feel better when I woke up. I had about 10 minutes of feeling normal before the nausea hit again and I wanted to go back to sleep. 

In a desperate attempt to change my situation, I ran to Whole Foods and purchased some Ginger Chews. I’m not sure what happened, but while I was chewing I noticed my mouth was starting to burn. After about a minute, my gag reflexes kicked in and I was forced to spit it out. When I got home, I examined the bag and discovered cinnamon oil was the second ingredient.  Since then my throat feels like it’s been scrapped with sand paper and it’s been almost impossible to swallow. 

I also did something else that my OB/GYN suggested was important to do, but in an attempt to salvage any dignity I have, I’ll spare you the details. But let me just say, it only added to the discomfort. 

And this is how my day continued today. The viscous cycle never ends. 

I’m beyond afraid of what my week will look like. My poor husband will be working on finishing up a huge project in Irving and will have his annual review/promotion boards on Friday. Of all the weeks that I wish I could beg him to call in sick, it’s impossible. So, I’ll be spending 12 hours a day with a 15 month old. I have zero energy and no motivation or appetite. My poor son will probably be neglected for the second week in a row, and for that I feel nothing but guilt. When my husband and son need me the most, I’m stuck on the couch serving nachos or sandwiches for dinner. 

I’ve never realized how much I’d appreciate the openness of my blog until recently. As I’ve been struggling with questions and doubts about how I felt during my first pregnancy, it’s been interesting to go back and read through my experiences the first time around. This week I’m trying to read between the lines from Week 8. Clearly I wasn’t feeling good then, but was it as bad as I feel now? It seems like it’s MUCH worse. At the same time, having the blog can also be slightly depressing, as I know exactly when the nausea began to subside the first time. . . and I have a long, long way to go. 

Let the Aversions Begin

As the days have gone on, the food aversions and nausea have begun. It’s odd how one day you can be eating a chicken soft taco or a fresh mixed green salad with no problems, then the next day those same foods repulse you. 

Zofran helps with the nausea, but it doesn’t help with the aversions. I hate feeling like everything around me is disgusting. My poor husband has been working until 6:30 or 7:00 lately while he finishes a project, and when he gets home I want him to be able to enjoy a home cooked meal. How do I prepare a meal when every idea I have makes me want to. . . blah. 

This evening I was looking for ideas when I came across this blog article from LiveStrong.com. The author has several tips for how to prepare food when you’re in the middle of morning sickness woes. 

Step 1
Take a nap before cooking. Feeling tired and fatigued while pregnant worsens your nausea symptoms, so a 30-minute nap can give you some much needed energy before preparing a meal.

Step 2
Snack on crackers throughout the day and while you’re preparing food. Crackers can help settle an upset stomach, and they keep you from feeling hungry while you’re cooking. Hunger often makes nausea more noticeable during pregnancy.

Step 3
Avoid foods that trigger your nausea. Your heightened sense of smell during pregnancy makes some of your favorite pre-pregnancy foods seem repulsive. The cause of your super smell is unknown, but it’s possible that increased estrogen production is to blame. Fish, fried foods, smoke from cooking, spices and raw meats are only a few possible triggers. 

Step 4
Suck on lemons or lemon-drop candies while cooking to reduce morning sickness. Sniffing a lemon may also reduce nausea while cooking, so keep a lemon cut up in a small dish near your cooking space. Cooking with ginger and drinking ginger ale while preparing meals also has an anti-nausea effect.

Step 5
Prepare bland foods, such as mashed potatoes, bagels, yogurt, chicken soup, plain baked potato, rice, pasta, oatmeal and toast. If you can only tolerate breakfast foods, eat those foods for all your meals in combination with your prenatal vitamins. You can eat a whole-grain bagel with peanut butter, a banana and a cup of yogurt for every meal for the next 15 weeks if that’s what you’re comfortable eating.

Step 6
Control your environment. Open windows and turn on fans to reduce smoke in the room and make the air less stuffy. Avoid using the oven during the summer if you don’t have air conditioning since a warm room increases your nausea.

Step 7
Take vitamin B-6 supplements. Always get your doctor’s approval before taking any supplements while pregnant. Vitamin B-6 is known to ease nausea for some women and is taken in doses of 10 to 25 milligrams, three times per day. Your prenatal vitamin counts as one dose.

I haven’t tried any of these yet, but I’m definitely going to start! I’m really hoping they’ll help!

How did you manage to cook in the midst of your morning sickness? 

The Power of Ginger

I’ve been watching a friend go through the joys of the first trimester of pregnancy. All those wonderful experiences like worrying, anxiety, nausea, and sickness. Don’t you miss that? 

Although it seems like yesterday when I discovered I was pregnant, all of the memories that came along with the first trimester have slowly faded. It wasn’t until she’d brought up ginger that I even remembered the herb was supposed to help with nausea. I guess I’m not experienced enough with the whole pregnancy-thing to remember those types of details. After our conversation, I decided to do a little research on Ginger just out of curiosity. I was pretty surprised what I found! 

Most moms are familiar with the different types of Ginger pops (Queasy Pops, Preggie Pops, and Gin Gins.) Yes, those are real products! But I wondered if there wasn’t a better way to get a dose of ginger without sucking on it. So last night, I turned to the internet and found some awesome recipes I’m going to recommend to my pregnant friend.

Now I haven’t tried any of these yet, but with recipes from sites like Better Homes & Gardens and Martha Stewart.com, I’m sure they must be good! 
Ginger-Lime Soda / Ginger Cookies / Ginger Peach Galettes / Carrot Ginger Soup
Do you have any great ginger recipes to share? 
What ways did you battle the nausea

This But Not That?

Yesterday I experienced being sick for the first time in a LONG time. And it wasn’t just morning sickness or a slight cold; it was full on 24 hour “flu”. I was sort of relieved Tim wasn’t here to catch whatever it was I had, but at the same time I sort of wish he had been. Surprisingly, between hugging the toilet and sleeping, I had to do a lot of research. I never realized all of the medications I wasn’t allowed to take.

From what I learned yesterday (according to the Internet), I can have:
– Tylenol
– Tylenol PM
– Dayquil
– Tums

I cannot take:
– Nyquil (contains alcohol and dextromethorphan)
– Pepto Bismol (contains asprin)

Are these accurate, or is this an over-reaction? Are there any other cold/flu meds I should know about? It’s probably good to know going forward so I’m not searching the Internet everytime I begin to feel bad! Things you learn!

P.S. Stay tuned for The Big Reveal! :) You have less than 30 days to cast your vote!

Week 15: God’s Gift To Us

Week 14 ended on a terrible note, but began with amazing news!

I don’t know what I did to myself this past week, but by Wednesday, my body hated me! As many of you know, I’m still having issues with nausea and major food aversions. I’m down to taking my Zofran about once a day. I’ve found as long as I have Jell-o or pudding near by I can keep the nausea down a little by dinnertime. Well, Wednesday was a contradiction.I don’t know if it was the leftover food I ate for lunch or the severe neck and back tension (or maybe a combination of both), but by the end of the day Wednedsday, I felt TERRIBLE! So bad that I had to pull over somewhere on 75 near Royal and get sick on the side of the road. I went straight home, got in the shower, and just bawled my eyes out. I had reached my limit of this pregnancy.

I really wasn’t expecting the week to end any better, although I was trying to be more positive. Tim and I decided to call the doctor Friday morning before he heads out of town again. I received my news while he was out of town, and it wasn’t very fun to come home to an empty house after hearing bad news. I think God was wanting to be nice to us because no more than 30 minutes after I called, the doctor called back. She was happy to tell us that Tim’s results were in, and he came back negative, and we don’t have to worry about any of our children having CF.

We didn’t realize how much of a weight this had been on us over the past 4 weeks! Tim even had a “spring in his step.” :) At this point, we both feel like we can overcome anything and are just ready to love on this child. 

Week 15:
Baby’s weight – About 2.5 oz.
About the size of an apple!