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The Bloopers

Yesterday I showed you a few of the best pictures from our portrait session, but as I mentioned it wasn’t an easy task keeping a fussy baby happy. 

Here are a few of my favorites from behind the scenes. 

Mom, this is boring!
Haven’t you learned everything goes in my mouth?
Even the chair! 

Who needs a camera? Clearly I want to play with the ducks instead!

Okay, I’ve had enough. 
Mom, hold me! 

Wordless Wednesday

I haven’t participated in this blog series before, but this picture just summed up my day 
and I thought it would be appropriate!

Magic Sleepsuit Works Magic!

Several times on my blog I’ve come to you for help regarding Mark’s sleeping. We’ve been struggling for months now to get him into good sleeping habits, and it seems to always be something different that causes a problem. There were issues with breaking the multiple midnight feedings.

Then our troubles really started when he struggled with being swaddled. His problem was that he loved to be swaddled, but he was getting extremely uncomfortable due to his size. He continued to flail his arms and legs which would startle him awake, and there wasn’t a SwaddleMe or swaddle blanket he couldn’t get out of. He was just too strong. After multiple attempts, I was about to give up and just resort to him waking up multiple times a night when I found this: 
I’d spent weeks researching online possible solutions for our problem, and several times I came across parents suggesting the Magic Sleepsuit. When I first checked out the website, I blew it off. The sleepsuit itself looks a little hilarious. 

But once again, I kept coming across it in various help forums and legitimate baby websites. So, I went back to the site and began to do a little more investigating. 

What sold me on the product is that it is 100% guaranteed. If you don’t feel like it’s working, you can return it for a full refund; which was fabulous since I wasn’t thrilled on the price ($39.95). It was either going to be one of those products that you’d be glad you spent the money or one where you felt it was such a waste. Since we had 30 days to test it, I felt like I’d know within a few weeks which of the two it was. If it didn’t work, no harm no foul! 

Well, my 30 day trial period just expired and I wouldn’t send it back for the world! I was extremely skeptical, but within the first few days, Mark was sleeping through the night. He’d calmly wake up once after 6-7 hours for a feeding, and would go right back to sleep until morning. He immediately began to nap better with each one lasting 1-2 hours. It really was amazing. The sleep suit also helped him as we began to use the Ferber method at bedtime and during naps. 

My other big concern when I first received it in the mail was how thick the material was. We just had one of the hottest summers in history, and I was expected to put my baby boy in this? I just knew he’d overheat! With the exception of naptime, I chose to let him sleep in just a diaper underneath the sleepsuit. Surprisingly, he was comfortably warm. Never once did he wake up sweating! 

Anyway, I wanted to share this with you because I’m sure there are other new moms who were like me; just at the end of their ropes and not sleeping. If you’re having the same issues, I really would recommend this product! It’s a great transition tool from swaddle to SleepSacks

*I was not paid or compensated for this product review. I’m simply a mom who did her research and wanted to share this product with you!

I’d love to know: 
Had you heard of the Magic Sleepsuit?
Did it work for you?

Oops! . . . 5 Months

Yes, my little man turned 5 months over a week ago, and Yes, I’m the terrible mom that didn’t blog about it. It all happened in the midst of chaos; my brother’s first weekend home, Tim and my anniversary, and the Hursts coming back from vacation. There was a lot on my mind! BEWARE: I’m about to bore you with pictures of my baby! 

Since his 1 month birthday, I’ve been taking a monthly birthday picture in his rocker. I was a little upset that I had to take it almost 4 days late this year. He’s growing so fast, I almost felt that it wasn’t an accurate picture of him at 5 months. 

Since I was alone while taking these, he wasn’t too amused by me smiling behind the camera, so the shots didn’t look as good as I’d hoped. While I was downloading these onto my camera, I couldn’t help but look back on his first set of pictures and compare. . 

At 1 month
 At 5 months

He’s changed so much over the last month. It’s hard to believe he’s the same baby. During the last four weeks, he’s learned how to roll over at will, become an expert walker in his walker, had two teeth pop up in one weekend, and has started to eat actual baby food. 

Not to brag, but. . . 

He’s pretty cute! 

Breasts in Public

Yesterday the Today Show did a segment on Nursing in Public, and it’s really got me thinking. 

Up until Mark was born, I’d had no “role models” (if that’s the right word) for nursing. Many of my friends and family members nursed in private or had outgrown that period by the time I was aware of breastfeeding. I didn’t have the influences to know how modest one should be while breastfeeding, so it was something I had to figure out on my own. 

When Mark was first born, I was slightly uncomfortable with feeding him in the hospital. I knew the lactation nurses were going to have to help me learn how to breastfeed which would involve them seeing my top exposed, but I had no idea they would be so touchy feely. I found out quickly that they had no problem just reaching in and showing you how it’s done. I eventually blocked out these uncomfortable feelings; after all, many of the nurses had just been exposed to his birth and there was no point in being modest with them now! 

When I left the hospital, I found it was much easier to feed Mark in the comfort of my bedroom. I had to have the My Brest Friend pillow during feeding to help with latching and control. I also had to go through routines with lanolin creams and padding. It was just too difficult to be modest and feed him in front of others, so the bedroom became my feeding zone. After a few months, I realized I’d become uncomfortable again with feeding in public. Anytime we were out at a family members house, I’d retreat to a bedroom. In public places, I’d always come prepared with a bottle so I wouldn’t have to excuse myself to the car. Breastfeeding just became too difficult outside of the home. 

Over the last month or so, Mark’s begun to fit into my arms easier. I’ve retired the feeding pillow. I can now feed him easily without needing all the prep and post work that went into it before. 

Obviously some people find it completely normal and it doesn’t take me aback anymore like it used to. I find breastfeeding to be a beautiful and natural thing that every woman has a right to do in public. I’ve found it doesn’t bother me as much in front of new friends or in the privacy of other nursing mothers, but, in general, I’m still finding it uncomfortable to feed in public since I’ve now made “not feeding him” in front of others my norm. 

I’d love to know your opinion of breastfeeding in public. 
Did feeding in front of others just come naturally to you, 
or was it something you had to work at?

First Saturdays at the Nasher

One of my many jobs now that I’m “working” from home is to come up with some fun ways to entertain Mark. As I mentioned, it’s been ridiculously hot outside lately, so I’m getting bored of our usual trips to the malls or Target. I’d recently heard on JACK FM that the Nasher Sculpture Center had an exhibit going on through August 21st called Sightings. A part of the exhibit created by Martin Creed has an 8 foot room filled with over 9,000 balloons. . . and Mark LOVES balloons. 

I learned through the Nasher’s website that the first Saturday of every month is free which I found very exciting. I was even more excited when we got there to learn that the first Saturdays are dedicated to kids! 

From 10am to 2pm, Target sponsors events throughout the museum like art activities . . .
Puppet Shows and Storytelling

Scavenger Hunts.

Mark won these cool sunglasses as a prize! 

If you’re looking for something fun to do, I highly recommend heading downtown to the Nasher. It was a great way to get out of the heat for a few hours, and do something unique! 

Have you discovered any fun activities around town?
Please share! 

Mommy Advice on Sleeping

You might recall a post I wrote about a month ago when I was trying to break Mark’s habit of sleeping without a swaddle. Well, that failed miserably. He’s just not ready to not be swaddled during nap times or at night. Unfortunately, he’s so strong that he can now get out of the tightest swaddle blanket or SwaddleMe within seconds of wrapping him. Tim and I have resorted to swaddling him in a light blanket first, and then in the Swaddle Me for the Velcro support. This has solved is swaddle problems, but now he’s gotten so used to waking up in the middle of the night, he’s back to his newborn sleeping patterns. He’s often waking up at least 1-2 times per night hungry, which is killing me. 

His new schedule:
8:30pm – Bedtime
2am – Wake / Hungry
sometimes 5/6am – Wake / Hungry
7/8am – Wake / Sometimes hungry

According the the books I’ve read, and my pediatrician, I’m supposed to try gently rocking or patting him back to sleep because he should be sleeping through the night at this point. But if sleeping through the night is 6 hours… he will sometimes do that. But a few times a week, he’ll wake up after 4 or 5 hours.

I’ve tried giving him a bottle of water to help him realize he doesn’t need to eat. Tim and I will spent 20 minutes trying to console him before we finally give in and just feed him. More recently, I’m so tired in the middle of the night, I’ve resort to just feeding him anyway. I’m just concerned he’s going to develop routines that I can’t break later. 

I’ve heard from some parents that I should just feel them whenever they’re hungry no matter what time of day. For the first year, they’ll do this no matter how much you try and train them. I’ve also heard that I should break the nighttime feedings quickly after they go through a growth spurt or teething because they’ll continue this bad habit into their 1’s and 2’s if I don’t end it. 

Any advice? 

Trying New Foods

Upon the advice of our pediatrician, we began the journey of solid foods tonight. Ever since he had a growth spurt a few weeks ago, Mark hasn’t been sleeping through the night. We’ve tried letting him cry, giving him water, and, simply, hoping it will pass. Our doctor thought we might try rice cereal before bed to help get him through the night, so after a week of continuing to try other methods, we decided to go for it. 

*These are Tim’s arms. Mine aren’t that hairy. :) *

We’re fully aware this isn’t going to be an instant fix to his sleeping problems, but we thought we’d let him practice getting used to a spoon and the act of eating solids. 

I’m hoping rice cereal is all he’ll need for some time. Sitting in his Bumbo, walking in his walker, eating solids . . .he’s getting too big too fast. :) 

One of Those Days

Today has been one of those days. . . 

No Schedule.

No “Good” Naps.

No Exercise.

No Lunch for Mommy.

No Leaving the House.

No Fun.  

Oh Mark. 

Why can’t we just get along?

It’s the Weekend. 

Be Happy

You’ll understand that word one day.

Another Month Older!

Mark is 4 months today!

I was going through pictures this morning to start creating his first year photo album. I can’t believe how big he’s getting (literally)! It seems like his birth was so long ago, but yet, 4 months isn’t that long! 

At 4 months, he’s supporting himself on his legs while holding onto our fingers. He can now hold his head up at a 90 degree angle while on his tummy, but he hates it! He loves to watch Cooper and Bailey whenever they come near him. Laughing at his daddy is one of his favorite past-times. Unfortunately for me, he’s also started the teething process and he had a not-so-fun growth spurt over the last 4-5 days. 

We’re currently working on rolling over, sitting by himself, and getting him to sleep on his own,

We’ll get his official stats at his 4 month check-up on Monday, but according to my scale he’s 17.4 pounds, and almost 25 inches long.