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Homeowner’s Association Easter Egg Hunt

When we moved into our neighborhood almost 7 years ago, we had no idea it was as sought after as it is. We chose it because we loved the idea of an older neighborhood close to our jobs and in a great school district for our future kids. 

It wasn’t until we began to get involved with the families around us that we realized how difficult it is to find a decent home in our neighborhood without stalking people or being willing to pay out the nose to just get into a home. 


For reasons like this. . .
Our neighborhood is tucked quietly back in a Far North Dallas subdivision that has an awesome elementary school (practically) on every corner, and because of the amount of young families and children living here, the neighborhood associations do an amazing job of making everyone feel like they belong here. 

Last weekend, our HOA paired up with the HOA across the street and put on their annual Easter Egg Hunt.

We chose to not go last year because the Little Man still didn’t quite understand what the egg hunt was all about, but now that he’s a little older we decided to make the trek up to the school and participate. 
Although we had a mini egg hunt at Baby Boot Camp last year, this would be his first “real” one in my opinion. He hunted down the eggs himself and put them in his basket without me having to reaffirm every few minutes what we were trying to do. 

And of course, now that he’s a little older, he discovered there was a bonus for finding eggs. . .  

(I would like to know who thought mints were a good idea for ages 0-2?)

And even though it was a really, really, really chilly day, even Baby Z had a lot of fun enjoying the sunshine and laughter from other kids!   

I just love that our neighborhood puts on events like this, and I can’t wait to participate in more now that the boys are getting a little older! 

What are some of your neighborhood’s events that you love? 

Auto Reply: Merry Christmas!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! 
And clearly, my family needs to get into the Holiday Spirit! 

With Baby #2 scheduled for 3 short weeks away, I’ve decided it’s time to take a little break and spend some quality time with my husband and Little Man for Christmas. 

I’ll be back in a week to fill you in on all the chaos, but until then, I hope you’ll take the time to do the same. Life is continue on the other side of your computer screen, and I know you don’t want to miss it! 

Merry Christmas!! 

Last Minute Gifts for Mom (& In Time For Christmas!)

Still struggling with what to get the “Mom” in your life? 

With only 5 days still Christmas, you’re not to late to find some amazing gifts that will bring a smile to her face on Christmas morning. 

Here’s some of my favorite Christmas gift ideas that aren’t too late to either be shipped or purchased locally. 

And Remember: You can order gifts through Amazon.com by Friday, December 21st 6pm CST to receive your items by Christmas Eve! 

For the Cook
(Nest is located on McKinney at Knox in Uptown Dallas!) 
For the “Fashionista”
(Simply Adorable Jewelry is locally owned and operated, and carries many of the same items as Charming Charlie’s! Contact Jessica for information on how to make purchases before Christmas!)
For the Organizer

For the Blogger
For the Mom Who Just Needs Help

KneeBouncers.com is currently offering 20% off their memberships; that’s 1 full year for $44! 

Find out more about this AWESOME site on my Dallas Moms Blog Review

(My Little Man can’t get enough of it!) 

Subscriptions to make a mom’s life easier, and when great deals come along, you can’t pass them up! Other subscription ideas would be to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, Dallas Arboretum, and the Dallas Zoo! 

What’s that one special Mom gift you’re hoping will show up under the tree this Christmas? 

Deerfield Lights In Plano

Growing up in Richardson, the Spring Park neighborhood in Garland was the place to go for lights. Each street had it’s own theme, and almost every house was over the top with decorations. I haven’t been since high school, but I hear that Spring Park is still a Christmas destination. 

Now that we have a little one of our own, we thought seeing the Christmas sights might be a fun activity to do on a chilly, overcast evening. Instead of heading to our old destination of Spring Park, we decided to head north to Plano to another, more recently popular, neighborhood called Deerfield. 

If you’re looking to go see Holiday Lights this year, make the drive to Deerfield!

The History
According to the DHA, when Deerfield was being built, it was considered to be the “Celina” of Dallas with only fields and farms surrounding the neighborhood. To encourage buyers to come purchase the new homes in their neighborhoods, the builders set up a friendly Christmas light competition. 

The 1st place winner would receive $5,000, 2nd place would receive $2,500, and 3rd place won $1,000. With only a few homeowners, winning was a very real possibility, so homeowners went all out! From people & pets dressed in costume to “snow” covered lawns using cotton. 

Since everyone began owning so many Christmas Lights, the tradition continued long after the buyers discontinued the contest.

Getting There
Located between Ohio (AKA Hillcrest) and Coit, just north of Legacy, you’ll find a neighborhood that really knows how to get into the Christmas spirit! 

You can start your sightseeing on a number of streets, but my advice would be to start on Legacy and head north on either Archgate Drive or Colonade Drive. 

Deerfield is divided up into 2 main sections with cul-de-sac’s on both sides. Make sure to use the main thoroughfares but visit the side streets and cul-de-sac’s for some up-close views of some beautiful lights. 

Once you’ve reached Quincy Lane, head over to the other street and go south (either on Archgate or Colonade) to see the opposite side of the neighborhood. 

There are 2 streets where the neighborhood has made a 1 way during the holidays. Old Pond Dr. and Hallmark Dr. are only accessible from Archgate, and are westbound only. 

There are several main entrances to the lights, so your best course of action is to use your phone and pull up the Deerfield Homeowner’s Association Holiday Map.

Don’t Miss It! 
The Highland Park Carriage Rides are amazing, and it’s something you shouldn’t miss out on, but if you’re unable to get a reservation, Deerfield also offers Carriage Rides! 

Ranging in price from $145-$225 for 50-55 minutes, you can tour the best Deerfield streets via horse and carriage. Small carriages can fit 2-6 people where wagons can fit groups as large as 20. If you can get a larger group, splitting the cost makes it extremely affordable! 

At the very tip of the Deerfield neighborhood at 4665 Quincy Drive is a home you won’t want to miss! Who better to put on a Christmas Light display than the owners of Gordon Lights

Since 2007, the Gordon Family has been synchronizing their Christmas light display to music on a personal radio station frequency you can hear from your car. In exchange for being entertained, they ask that you make a small donation to Operation Homefront via a small box located near their sidewalk. So far, they’ve raised over $17,000 to date. 

Warning: The Gordon Family’s home is located close to the entrance on Ohio and Quincy which often causes a backup of cars coming into the neighborhood. It’s also located right in front of a cul-de-sac which can make parking very limited. Be prepared to be patient if you want a great view, or get out of your car and view the lights while listening to the music out of someone else’s car. Chances are others will be doing the same! 

What’s your favorite place to go look at lights? 

Cheer Up This Holiday With Kidville

This Fall, Kidville in Dallas saved my life! 

It has truly been a God-send. Not only have I discovered that my almost 2 year old has better moves than I do (Thanks to his Rockin’ Railroad class), but on those days where my morning sickness was at its worst or times when I just didn’t have the energy to entertain him like I should, it was off to Kidville for hours of fun. 

And this holiday season isn’t any different! 

I know this is last minute, but if you don’t have plans, head over to Kidville at Preston & Royal on Thursday, December 13th from 4-6pm and find out more about this amazing facility by participating in a fun Holiday Party!

If $20 per child seems like a lot, I promise it’ll be worth it! 

Where else can you get your picture with Santa without waiting in a long line, have your kids entertained with holiday crafts, and listen to the amazing Rockin’ Railroad band while eating dinner from Central Market!? 

I’ll be there to not make you feel alone, but I doubt you’d feel that way with this amazing group of people. 

* * * * * 
But the fun for Mommy doesn’t stop there!! 

Kidville is also offering great child-care service this Wednesday-Friday to help you finish up that holiday shopping! 

Bring your 18 month – 7 year olds to play in the Big Muscle Gym or Indoor Play Village for a few hours while you head out for some list minute deals OR pamper yourself with a FREE blow out and makeup application from the new Hair Bar next door. 

Thank you Kidville! 

A Leisurely Morning at Northpark

If you’re looking for a free way to celebrate the holidays with your little ones, make the trek over to Northpark Mall this season and take in the sights! 

It was the perfect place to go on a slightly chilly morning with a little guy who can’t walk. 

Everything is so festive and just plain ol’ pretty! 

From the decorations and lights at Nordstroms. . . 

To the over the top window displays. . .  

And how can you not love a Santa made of Twizzlers and marshmallows driving reindeer made of dates. . . (at least I think they’re dates!)

It had been awhile since we visited the mall, so when I strolled the Little Man over to the ducks and turtles, he was completely memorized that there were animals indoors. He also wanted to get into the water with them, but thankfully that battle’s a little difficult physically for him right now! 

Northpark has also gone above and beyond to make it a family-friendly atmosphere with one of Texas’s best Santa’s, live music and dancing, and two different entertaining puppet shows happening every half hour. 

And when it was all said and done, we headed over to visit the Trains!

This wasn’t our first Train visit of the year, but it entertained him for a good 45 minutes before we headed upstairs for some lunch. 

I honestly thought a visit to the mall would have bored him to death, and I’d have to deal with tantrum after tantrum, but with so many new things to see, it made for a great outing. Especially since we got there at 10am on a weekday before it got crazy busy! 

If you’re planning on heading that way, 
here’s a few activities to keep in mind to help you plan your day.

Things to See & Do At Northpark During Christmas: 
  • Storytime with Santa everyday at 10:30am.
  • Have lunch at the new Breadwinners cafe across from Bookmarks Library.
  • Listen to a variety of school choirs and concerts starting at 11:00am near Dillard’s every hour. 
  • See Santa everyday from 11am-7pm; get your tickets in advance and be prepared to stand in line!! 
  • Live Puppet Shows next to Dillard’s and Nordstrom at the bottom of every hour.  
  • Storytime at Bookmarks for babies and toddlers at 10:30am & 3:30pm (Check schedule for details)

Help in the Kitchen

My long list of holiday parties starts this weekend, and for the first time, I actually feel less stressed about this season compared to others. 

One reason, I don’t have to figure out what I’m going to wear. When you’re 33 weeks pregnant, nothing really looks good, so you just accept it and put on whatever is in your closet. 

Another reason, I’ve given myself permission to not stress out in the kitchen! 

Normally, you’d find me the morning before an event flinging flour across the room, yelling at my husband, and (sometimes cursing) at how terrible my “easy to follow recipe” turned out and praying no one notices the imperfections when I arrive. 

But not this year. . . 

Similar to how my solution to a stress-free dinner are freezer meals, I’ve discovered some great standby’s for those occasions when cooking and baking will destroy your family isn’t an option. 
* * * * * 
Elke’s Market Cafe is a new favorite of mine except I have to drive a little to get there. I was first introduced to one of their Pecan Praline Pumpkin Pies at Book Club, and loved it so much that I made a trip up to Allen the day before Thanksgiving to buy a pie for our big family lunch

They’re a little on the higher end for pricing, but for a special occasion or if you want to cheat and try to pass it off as your own, it’s definitely worth it! :) Elke’s does an amazing job of having some party staples, but making it completely unique. For example, if you need a party dip, they offer flavors like Pecan Cheddar, Brisket Queso, Smokey Almond Jack, and Spicy Artichoke Dip. ($4.50-1/2 pint, $8-pint)

They also serve a large variety of sweets like their cakes, pies, cobblers, and cookies. A typical 7 inch round cake will cost $16, but how can you go wrong with Coca-Cola Cake, Texas Chocolate Pecan Cake, Creamy Coconut or Lemon Lime Pie

* * * * * 
Honeybaked Ham is one I’ve already shared with you, but it’s a definite on my list. And yes I know Thanksgiving has passed, but think more outside of the box than just a ham or turkey. If you’re expected to bring an appetizer or snack to a holiday party, try the Spinach & Artichoke Dip

Or if you need a quick dessert, I’ve had the Carrot Cake and it’s moist and delicious. A few of my DMB contributors tried the Cheesecake Sampler and vouched that it’s legit as well! All of these serve at least 6-8 people (but easily more!) You can find a full menu here
* * * * * 
Festive Kitchen is by far my local favorite! We were first introduced to Festive Kitchen 2 years ago when my son was born. A church member had brought over some of their dinner items as a “new mom” meal for my family. Although she brought a complete meal, for some reason, the mixed green salad in particular has stuck in my mind as one of the most delicious salads I’ve ever eaten. 

For whatever reason, I hadn’t been able to try any of their other foods until recently. You may recall that Festive Kitchen was amazing and provided the DMB contributors with a complete meal the week before Thanksgiving. 

Pork Tenderloin, Carrot Souffle, Pasta Salad, Au Gratin Potatoes, Garlic Rolls...my mouth is still watering. 

Since then, I’ve used them a few times for some other events where I’ve had to bring a food dish and was short on time. (For our Ornament Exchange I brought Cranberry Salsa with Blue Chips, and it was a hit!)

For our upcoming Christmas parties, I’m eager to try a few of their other menu items, and what I love about Festive Kitchen is their list of possibilities is endless! They have over 10 appetizers to choose from, and that doesn’t include their seasonal selections; Red Bell Pepper Hummus, Bacon DipBacon-Apricot Zingers, Parmesan Flans, and Bite Sized Crab Cakes

They also make desserts easy with choices like their Gourmet Cookie Dough (Voted the “Best in Big D” by D Magazine!) with flavors Chocolate Chip Pecan Coconut, Cranberry & White Chocolate, Red Velvet, Snickerdoodles, and more! Or their easy to serve bite-sized cheesecakes, Red Velvet Cream Cheese Brownies, Apple Cinnamon Dessert Bars, and Pecan Pie Dessert Muffins. 

And remember how I said you could cheat by claiming it to be your own? Well, the Festive Kitchen helps by selling pre-made pie crusts. . .in a pan. . .READY TO BAKE! 

* * * * * 
Now, don’t get me wrong. I LOVE to bake and cook, but when every small minor task is so physically demanding, at some point you just have to give in and let the professionals do it. 

It’s not worth my sanity! 

So this holiday season, go out, and enjoy those holiday parties without the stress by checking out a few of these local Dallas “ready-to-eat” options! 

Do you have any favorite places I need to try? 

****I was not paid for promoting any of the companies mentioned above…they are all just really delicious and felt I had to share my findings! 

Wrapping Up November

It’s been awhile since I’ve just talked about my family in a blog post, but since this is what I’m especially thankful for this month, I thought it might be fun to do a little update on where we are and what we’ve been doing in the month of November. 

There’s been a lot of growth (not just in my belly!) and I want to make sure to write about all the changes before they become a distant memory. 

I’ve already shared with you some of the extracurricular activities we’ve been doing such as Ice at the Gaylord Texan with Chevy and our Austin weekend away, but what I haven’t told you too much about is what we’ve been doing at home. 
Sleep Training . . . Again!
Over the last few weeks, we’ve had some major projects get underway. We’ve almost completed the Little Man’s “Big Boy Room” with the exception of the closet, but he’s officially moved out of the nursery and is now a full time resident in his toddler room. 

Last Tuesday, we went cold turkey and he hasn’t been back to his crib since except for one brief nap on Thanksgiving day. His first night wasn’t as horrible as I’d been imagining it would be. It took almost 2 hours to get him to fall asleep. No crying. No fussing. Just running around and exploring with lots of reinforcement to get back into bed. Then he slept until almost 7:30 the next morning; almost 30 minutes later than normal! 

I wish I could say the next few nights were just as amazing, but thanks to a terrible cold, we spent 2-3 nights with him waking up while we helped him back to sleep. Then he’d be awake the following morning anywhere from 5:30-6:15am. 

It hasn’t been until recently that he’s gotten some relief from the cold and is once again sleeping through the night. We’ve got bedtime down and we’re back to the old routine. Nap times are still work, but he’s at least now sleeping in his bed! 

If we could only get him to wake up after 6:30am on average, I’d be much happier. But I guess I’ll take what I’m given!
Sporting the ‘stach for Movember.
(Donate to Tim’s cause here!)
A Joint Thanksgiving
This year, we were technically with my family for Thanksgiving, but since my family and Tim’s family all live within a half mile of each other, we decided to plan a joint Thanksgiving for everyone who was available; which ended up being. . .everyone! 

We hosted all of Tim’s family (Dad, Mom, 2 Brothers, & a Sister-In-Law) plus my family (Dad, Mom, Brother, Sister-in-Law and my Grandma). 

It was a Thanksgiving feast if you ever saw one!

There were 3 types of turkeys; fried, smoked, and baked. Over 6 different sides. 3 types of desserts. Rolls, Pumpkin Muffins, you name it. . .we had it! 
And since Tim and I were the hosts, we had the privilege of assigning seats. So we came up with the perfect table combinations. . . 
The Kids’ Table
The Grandparents’ Table
(+ Grandchild/Great-Grandchild for entertainment!)
At the end of the day, we went outside to take some impromptu pictures, and were able to witness the Little Man’s first rainbowThis was sort of a neat time for us as parents since his current favorite book is a pop-up version of Noah’s Ark.  

He’s read all about rainbows for awhile, and was finally able to see his first one! 

I’ve mentioned this before, but my sister-in-law and I are exactly 4 weeks a part in our pregnancies (to the day), so we captured some shots of us for our baby books. I’m at 32 weeks, and she’s at 36 weeks. 

And if you can’t tell from the belly difference, she IS expecting twins. I am not! :) 
The Little Man’s Milestones
I also haven’t shared much about his growth lately, but over the last month, my baby boy no longer seems to be a baby. From about 17-20 months, it didn’t seem like he was having major changes in his personality or in his learning, but over the last few weeks, it seems like he’s just exploded with changes! 

Here are just a few of the differences I’ve noticed:
  • He randomly came home one day from Mother’s Day Out and started going in circles. It took me a minute to realize what was going on, but he was shouting “Posey” as he ran. Since then, “Ring Around the Rosy” has been his favorite activity. 
  • Just this week, he asked for a tissue and actually blew his nose! We’ve come a long way since using the nose bulb! 
  • Every object has become attached to a person. It can’t just be a “mixer,” but “Mommy’s”. 
  • Then, literally overnight a few weeks ago, he began putting the words together. “Mommy and Daddy’s,” “Mommy’s Car,” “Daddy’s bed,” “red truck,” “hot air balloon,” etc.
  • THEN the next week came broken sentences. Me: “What are you doing?” LM: “Standing on a box.” And it’s been chatter ever since! 
  • He’s currently in love with all of his stuffed animals. I think it’s just a comfort as he transitions rooms, but he currently sleeps with a penguin, Lucy the pug, Brobie, Elmo, Clifford, Cookie Monster (the side of a pillow!), and a lovey. He’ll go looking if one is missing! 
As I said, we’ve got several project underway. From making the nursery transition from toddler to infant again to converting our office into a functioning playroom, you’ll start to see several home improvement posts pop up during the month of December as “nesting” turns into panic. 

With less than 7 weeks to go until we become a family of 4, 
I’m trying to cherish every moment! 

How’s your family doing this November? 

Ice at the Gaylord Texan 2012

This past weekend, @ChevyTexan and DrivingtheHeartland.com treated my family to a Sunday excursion to the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine. In my opinion, it’s one of the most beautiful hotels in DFW, and we love making it a part of our holiday traditions. 

I’ve been almost every year since ICE opened (with the exception of 2011), and it never disappoints! So, when @ChevyTexan offered us a chance to not only experience Lone Star Christmas for its opening weekend, but have a brunch at the Boardwalk Cantina, how could I say no?? (And the fact that they gave me transportation for the weekend in a Chevy Malibu pretty much put icing on the cake!)
Typically this resort restaurant has a family style or a la carte menu, but for Sunday Brunch at the Riverwalk Cantina they go all out with a huge buffet; including complimentary Mimosas and Bellinis by the water. 

There’s a gourmet breakfast bar with a variety of foods including an omelet station. If you’re more for the lunch in brunch, you can head to the salsa, soup, and salad bar for starters. Then enjoy freshly made tamales, tacos, and fajitas, or more premium entrees like pork tenderloin, rack of lamb, and prime rib. . . And don’t get me started on the desserts!  


Once we were sufficiently stuffed, we decided to make the long walk over to ICE and work off some of the few hundred calories we’d just consumed. 

After years of standing in lines that last for hours, this weekend, we experienced a first . . .

We handed the attendant our tickets, walked straight through all the ropes…past the movie that’s normally the holding queue, and right to the booth where they hand us our parkas. For a family with an almost 2 year old, THIS was the way to go!

There was no attempting to entertain him while we walked 10 steps per minute. We didn’t have to fight a toddler tooth and nail to prevent him from running past all the crowd and into the exhibit. We just grabbed our parkas and walked straight on in!! 


This year’s theme is Dreamworks’ Merry Madagascar. Using almost 2 million pounds of ice, sculptures from China were flown in to create this amazing display based on the holiday TV special from 2009. 

Although the Little Man didn’t know who any of the characters were, he still had a blast since 
he’s currently into learning about animals. 

He’d run from character to character shouting “Zebra,” “Lion,” “Penguin”!

  . . . And that’s right, I said run! Again, just as easy as it was to move from the entrance into the attraction, there was even more room to move around inside. 

So much room, that when we got to the giant ice slide, we were able to ride it 3 times without having to wait in line! 

I honestly don’t think ICE has ever been this memorable! Mostly because it’s a completely different experience seeing the wonder through the eyes of a child, but also because it relieved Mommy from a lot of undue stress! 
My advice if you’re planning to head to the Gaylord Texan for ICE and you’re visiting with little ones: 
  • Buy your tickets in advance! Save yourself the hassle and time by not having to stand in the ticket line. 
  • Go on a Non-Peak day if possible. Check the calendar for the “white days” when tickets are almost $5 cheaper each and lines are likely to not be as long. This might mean you have to take a day off of work or plan in advance, but it will make your experience so much more enjoyable. 
  • If you have to go during a Peak time, go early or go late! Try to be the first in line or head during a time of day when others won’t be there. For example, during lunch or dinner time. With so many great restaurants at (and near) the Gaylord, plan to eat a brunch or early dinner and head to the line while others are eating. You might even try a Sunday night while others are winding down and getting ready to head back to work! 
  • Be prepared to leave your stroller at the door. For safety, they’re not allowed past the ticket person, so don’t count on it as a way to manage your child through the lines. 
  • Snap away!  There’s so much to see and look at while inside the attraction make sure to go camera crazy to capture that perfect photo. And don’t be surprised to see your cheeks get rosy quickly from the cold! 
  • Upcharges everywhere! With ticket prices at almost $27 per person, I always hate how much more they try and sell you once inside. Before being able to enter, they’ll take a family photo that you can buy at the end starting at $20. Then once you exit, there’s a dessert and coffee bar ($3 hot chocolate anyone?) with opportunities to take photos with a Madagascar character …for a fee. And once you’re past those temptations…a toy store! Be prepared to either make a compromise or cover your child’s eyes to avoid temptation of spending extra money! 
Now that you’re prepared for this adventure, all that’s left to do is buy your tickets! 

For a limited time, you can get 50% off your ticket by using the promo code ICECG

"Melissa & Doug" Terrific Twenty List (and Giveaway)

47 Days, 11 hours, 8 minutes, 52 seconds . . .51 seconds
(I love the Xmasclock.com!)
Christmas is almost here, and I couldn’t be more anxious! 

Christmas is by far my FAVORITE holiday. And now that we’ve started a little family of our own, it’s only taken on that much more of a meaning for me. 

I’m trying so hard not to get too overly excited and build up my expectations for what Christmas will look like this year, but it’s definitely getting harder to control. 

Going into Hobby Lobby this morning, I was just surrounded by Christmas trees, decorations, and gift ideas. 

This weekend, (thanks to Chevy Texan) I’m getting to start Christmas early by spending a day at the Gaylord Texan for some holiday fun! 

And then I discovered this. . .
The Hubby and I have already started to discuss gifts for our son (and future kids) and how we want to recognize Christmas in relation to Santa. We’ve also had the conversation about budget and how many gifts to give because it’s clear . . . I would go overboard. 

I really started getting giddy! 

I don’t think there’s a single item my son wouldn’t open up on the morning of December 25 and not get wide-eyed for. 

Although I will probably ended up purchasing 1 (or 2 or 3) of these, I am going to keep my hopes up that I might win during one during their daily Facebook giveaways.  
After all, we’ve got some time and I’m starting early!
 * * * * *
While I’m waiting to win one for myself, the nice people at Melissa & Doug are offering you a chance to win one of their educational toys from their Twenty Terrific Gift List right here on my blog! 

(a $19.99 value)

To enter: 
Simply leave me a comment below answering the following question:
“How did you decide holiday gift giving rules for your kids?” 

For a optional entries:
(Bonus: this automatically enters you in to win one of their daily prizes too!)

Tweet this giveaway leaving me a link to your tweet. 
“Win a #MelissaandDoug gift for the holidays via @TheTShirtMama on her blog today! www.thetshirtmama.com

Make sure to leave a comment for each entry telling me you did so, and you could be entered up to 4 times! 

the contest will end on Monday, November 12, 2012 at 12:00pm CST

And happy start to the holidays!! 

*Giveaway is being provided by MelissaandDoug.com. Winner will be chosen at random and announced on my blog Monday, November 12th at noon. Winner will be notified by email and on my blog and has 72 hours to claim their prize providing a correct mailing address. All shipping will be taken care of by Melissa & Doug and should take about 10-12 business days to arrive.