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Cheer Up This Holiday With Kidville

This Fall, Kidville in Dallas saved my life! 

It has truly been a God-send. Not only have I discovered that my almost 2 year old has better moves than I do (Thanks to his Rockin’ Railroad class), but on those days where my morning sickness was at its worst or times when I just didn’t have the energy to entertain him like I should, it was off to Kidville for hours of fun. 

And this holiday season isn’t any different! 

I know this is last minute, but if you don’t have plans, head over to Kidville at Preston & Royal on Thursday, December 13th from 4-6pm and find out more about this amazing facility by participating in a fun Holiday Party!

If $20 per child seems like a lot, I promise it’ll be worth it! 

Where else can you get your picture with Santa without waiting in a long line, have your kids entertained with holiday crafts, and listen to the amazing Rockin’ Railroad band while eating dinner from Central Market!? 

I’ll be there to not make you feel alone, but I doubt you’d feel that way with this amazing group of people. 

* * * * * 
But the fun for Mommy doesn’t stop there!! 

Kidville is also offering great child-care service this Wednesday-Friday to help you finish up that holiday shopping! 

Bring your 18 month – 7 year olds to play in the Big Muscle Gym or Indoor Play Village for a few hours while you head out for some list minute deals OR pamper yourself with a FREE blow out and makeup application from the new Hair Bar next door. 

Thank you Kidville! 

Ice at the Gaylord Texan 2012

This past weekend, @ChevyTexan and DrivingtheHeartland.com treated my family to a Sunday excursion to the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine. In my opinion, it’s one of the most beautiful hotels in DFW, and we love making it a part of our holiday traditions. 

I’ve been almost every year since ICE opened (with the exception of 2011), and it never disappoints! So, when @ChevyTexan offered us a chance to not only experience Lone Star Christmas for its opening weekend, but have a brunch at the Boardwalk Cantina, how could I say no?? (And the fact that they gave me transportation for the weekend in a Chevy Malibu pretty much put icing on the cake!)
Typically this resort restaurant has a family style or a la carte menu, but for Sunday Brunch at the Riverwalk Cantina they go all out with a huge buffet; including complimentary Mimosas and Bellinis by the water. 

There’s a gourmet breakfast bar with a variety of foods including an omelet station. If you’re more for the lunch in brunch, you can head to the salsa, soup, and salad bar for starters. Then enjoy freshly made tamales, tacos, and fajitas, or more premium entrees like pork tenderloin, rack of lamb, and prime rib. . . And don’t get me started on the desserts!  


Once we were sufficiently stuffed, we decided to make the long walk over to ICE and work off some of the few hundred calories we’d just consumed. 

After years of standing in lines that last for hours, this weekend, we experienced a first . . .

We handed the attendant our tickets, walked straight through all the ropes…past the movie that’s normally the holding queue, and right to the booth where they hand us our parkas. For a family with an almost 2 year old, THIS was the way to go!

There was no attempting to entertain him while we walked 10 steps per minute. We didn’t have to fight a toddler tooth and nail to prevent him from running past all the crowd and into the exhibit. We just grabbed our parkas and walked straight on in!! 


This year’s theme is Dreamworks’ Merry Madagascar. Using almost 2 million pounds of ice, sculptures from China were flown in to create this amazing display based on the holiday TV special from 2009. 

Although the Little Man didn’t know who any of the characters were, he still had a blast since 
he’s currently into learning about animals. 

He’d run from character to character shouting “Zebra,” “Lion,” “Penguin”!

  . . . And that’s right, I said run! Again, just as easy as it was to move from the entrance into the attraction, there was even more room to move around inside. 

So much room, that when we got to the giant ice slide, we were able to ride it 3 times without having to wait in line! 

I honestly don’t think ICE has ever been this memorable! Mostly because it’s a completely different experience seeing the wonder through the eyes of a child, but also because it relieved Mommy from a lot of undue stress! 
My advice if you’re planning to head to the Gaylord Texan for ICE and you’re visiting with little ones: 
  • Buy your tickets in advance! Save yourself the hassle and time by not having to stand in the ticket line. 
  • Go on a Non-Peak day if possible. Check the calendar for the “white days” when tickets are almost $5 cheaper each and lines are likely to not be as long. This might mean you have to take a day off of work or plan in advance, but it will make your experience so much more enjoyable. 
  • If you have to go during a Peak time, go early or go late! Try to be the first in line or head during a time of day when others won’t be there. For example, during lunch or dinner time. With so many great restaurants at (and near) the Gaylord, plan to eat a brunch or early dinner and head to the line while others are eating. You might even try a Sunday night while others are winding down and getting ready to head back to work! 
  • Be prepared to leave your stroller at the door. For safety, they’re not allowed past the ticket person, so don’t count on it as a way to manage your child through the lines. 
  • Snap away!  There’s so much to see and look at while inside the attraction make sure to go camera crazy to capture that perfect photo. And don’t be surprised to see your cheeks get rosy quickly from the cold! 
  • Upcharges everywhere! With ticket prices at almost $27 per person, I always hate how much more they try and sell you once inside. Before being able to enter, they’ll take a family photo that you can buy at the end starting at $20. Then once you exit, there’s a dessert and coffee bar ($3 hot chocolate anyone?) with opportunities to take photos with a Madagascar character …for a fee. And once you’re past those temptations…a toy store! Be prepared to either make a compromise or cover your child’s eyes to avoid temptation of spending extra money! 
Now that you’re prepared for this adventure, all that’s left to do is buy your tickets! 

For a limited time, you can get 50% off your ticket by using the promo code ICECG

A Rainy Chihuly Night

I think most Dallasites know about the Dale Chihuly exhibit going on at the Dallas Arboretum right now; unless, of course, you’ve been hiding under a rock! It’s been advertised everywhere from the news to billboards to blogs galore. Not to mention, the whole city was in panic last winter when a hailstorm came through East Dallas and almost destroyed all of the art. 

Since it’s opening last fall, I’ve only been able to see the exhibit once from a distance. If you’ll remember, I tried to take the Little Man in September, and he could have cared less. Instead of strolling through the Arboretum looking at the beautiful sculptures, I was chasing him away from the breakable glass! 

I’ve also been dying to see the glass scuptures at night, but since it hasn’t gotten dark until close to the Little Man’s bedtime, I had given up on the idea completely.

And when my husband suggested we go see the Dallas Wind Symphony a month ago, it didn’t occur to me that we’d be at the Arboretum after 7pm and that we’d be there during a Chihuly Night. 

Last night probably wasn’t the best evening to see it with the 20 degree drop in temperature and rain that seemed to move in only over the Arboretum, but it made for quiet a fun family adventure, and still made me happy to capture some of these photos! 

And just like a normal day, when I thought I was having an intellectual adult time, my son decides to make a running leap for a pond, and I’m quickly brought back to reality. . . 

The Little Man had a great time running around in the rain and seeing his new best friend, Uncle Brian. I think this is one of my favorite pictures since it captures what the night was like. Cold, wet, and fun! 

I would LOVE to say that I’ll be able to go and check out more of Chihuly Nights, but as most moms know, anything after 7pm is nearly impossible to go to. But I’m completely satisfied with the night I had, and hope you’ll get to enjoy it soon too! 

If you haven’t been yet, you haven’t missed your opportunity! Chihuly Nights has been extended through December 31, 2012, and tickets are selling out fast, so make sure to purchase them soon! 

Date Night with #ChevyAfterDark

Blogging for me is more than just a past time, but it’s become a way of life. What started as a journal for my son has become a connection for me to the outside world. 

On a typical day, I have zero interaction with adults with the exception of my hubby when he gets home from work. The depth of my conversations usually involves no more than two words like “Daddy Home” or “Granddad Home.” If I’m lucky I get lots of smiles and giggles, which makes it  well worth it, but I don’t think any SAHM would honestly say she doesn’t miss the adult time. 

And adult time is hard to come by! 

We’d always made it a goal when the Little Man was born to have regular date nights. We’re extremely fortunate to have 2 sets of grandparents in town and don’t take it for granted that they love to spend time with him! But even with this being the case, date nights are hard to come by and often difficult to plan. By the time the weekend arrives, we’re both exhausted and sitting in a crowded theater or subconsciously scaring food down over dinner just doesn’t sound as appealing. Sadly, date nights have become work. 

But thanks to Blogging, it’s gotten easier over time. I’ve noticed the more involved I get in the online world, the more opportunities have opened up! Usually, they’re events just for me (like Hallmark or BlogHer.), but sometimes it makes it worthwhile for us as a couple. For example, last night we were given the opportunity to participate in a special event at the State Fair sponsored by Chevrolet

When I spoke with the PR rep, my first question was “Can I bring my son?” And when she responded, “No” although I was a little disappointed, my brain quickly switched gears and decided to turn it into a date night. 

Free food. Free drinks. Free Fair tickets. New Cars. 

What more could my husband ask for? 
I mean, how awesome of a wife am I?? 

And what I love about this date night was that it wasn’t the usual dinner and a movie. We were provided with 2 free tickets to get into the State Fair of Texas plus free parking. When we arrived, we were given private seating and access to the Chevrolet Test Track. Tim was one of the first in line to jump into the 2013 Camero. And I was intrigued by the Volt. (Which I’m pretty sure if I ever owned, I’d always leave running since it doesn’t make a sound and there’s no key!)

Afterwards we were invited back to enjoy State Fair food that had been paired with sauces and wines. (Sadly I couldn’t not partake!) We tried the “Best Taste” winner, the Fried Buffalo Chicken Flapjacks with syrup. Yes, it’s meant to be served with syrup! Imagine Chicken & Waffles with a little spice! 

Then there was the Fried Guacamole, Funnel Cake Sticks, and Fried Picnic on a Stick. This one was a little much for me. Spicy fried chicken, tater tots, and slices of dill pickle alternated on a stick, then dipped in batter, rolled in bread crumbs, and fried. That one just about did me in! 

After the grease began to ooze from our pores, and we’d chatted with some new and fun people, we decided to call it a night. I’m sad we hadn’t planned the evening a little better, and decided to let the Little Man spend the night with the grandparents because we did have the option of exploring the Fair afterwards. (I’m really wanting to catch the Japanese Lantern Festival!) But it had been a long night the night before with Mom’s Night Out and sleep was definitely on my radar. 

Would we ever have tried these items had we not been invited to Chevy After Dark? Probably not! Would we have done anything else on a Thursday night beside plop down in front of the TV. Probably not. Which is why I’m so grateful I got into blogging! 

Has your job or hobby ever put you into situations you were thankful for?

Plano Balloon Festival 2012

 Having kids makes you do the strangest things! If you’d asked me 10 years ago if I’d ever spend my Saturday morning at a pumpkin patch 45 minutes outside of town or end my day watching hot air balloons take off, I would have said you were crazy. But when you become a parent, this intrinsic desire to see the “wonder” in your child’s eyes takes over, and you’d do just about anything to capture a smile. 

. . .including spending your precious Saturday at a pumpkin patch and hot air balloon festival. 

I will admit that once we’d decided to go to the Plano Balloon Festival this weekend, I started to get pretty excited about it. I’d read all about the event on Dallas Moms Blog, and loved the idea of doing something completely different! 

If you haven’t been before, here’s a brief run down of the event. 

Who knows? You might find yourself in my shoes next year choosing the Plano Balloon Festival over Addison’s Oktoberfest too!

The event runs Friday-Sunday. There are two daybreak launches on Saturday and Sunday mornings starting at 6:30am, and there are two evening launches on Friday and Saturday night starting at 6pm. There’s a final launch on Sunday evening at 6pm, but one of the highlights of the event is the “Balloon Glow” and this doesn’t occur Sunday night. 

Although I’ve heard the morning launches are a lot less crowded, we chose the evening event so that we could watch the fireworks after the last “Glow” on Saturday night. 

The festival lasts all day with inflatable rides for kids as young as 2, lots of festival food, vendors, and exhibitions. We arrived Saturday at 5pm right before the Parachute Exhibition. 

When we arrived, the crowd wasn’t terrible, and we decided to park at the Collin College Spring Creek Campus ($10/car) since we had a lot to lug into the event. You are allowed to bring your own food and beverages (Warning: this is a no beer / wine / alcohol event!), so we decided to pack our own sandwiches and buy dessert from some of the vendors while we waited for each activity. 

There are lots of places for families to sit. The closer you get to the balloons, the more you’ll sit on an incline. We decided to sit right near the rope that separates the crowd from the balloon field and we had to sit at a 45 degree angle the whole time. There’s a large hill with flat space (and shade), about 500-700 feet away from the field with a pretty decent view too. 

The balloons began to start to inflate around 5:15pm and kept our 18 month old entertained for a good 45 minutes until they began taking off at 6pm. 

Once the first set of balloons took off, a second round of balloons came in at 6:45pm. These were the character balloons and took a lot longer to inflate. 

Don’t get too excited when you see these! They won’t be launching, but they make the “Balloon Glow” that much more exciting! 

At exactly 7:50pm, there wasn’t a single breeze in the air, so they decided to let the audience come out onto the balloon field during the “Glow.” (I don’t think this is a rare occurance; however, depending upon the weather each year, balloons may not launch or allow you onto the field if the weather isn’t stable.)

At exactly 8pm, the announcer began a countdown from 10, and on 1 all the balloons fired up their flames and lit up their balloons all at one time! 

If you want a way to memorize your child (or yourself), this is it!

If you miss the first “Glow,” don’t worry! For 20 minutes, the announcer will begin the countdown again at various times letting you know that the balloons are about to “Glow” again. Sometimes they’re a constant glow and other times he calls for a “Twinkle” where the balloons will all twinkle like stars. 

And if you’re like us, you’ll appreciate the multiple “Glows” because it took almost all the whole time for us to get a decent family picture!

I’m not sure if this is an event we’ll attend every year since our family will be changing often in the next few years; however, it’s definitely something I can see doing again in the future! If you’re looking for a fun, family-friendly event for your toddler, I would highly recommend giving the Plano Balloon festival a try! 

Hallmark Tour Comes to Dallas

So it was no surprise when Hallmark invited me to participate in their Hallmark Tour for bloggers that I jumped on the opportunity! It was taking place in one of Dallas’s most historic hotels, The Magnolia, breakfast would be provided, and rumor has it we’d be receiving some awesome goodies. . . how could this possibly be a bad combination? 

When we arrived, we were provided a breakfast buffet, and I was actually relieved to discover that I wouldn’t have to be pushing and shoving through a crowd to get to my bacon! Hallmark kept the event small at about 20-30 women, which made it really enjoyable to get to meet and network with some of the other women. 

While we were eating, we were given a variety of birthday cards to fill out if we wanted. I have a lot of birthdays coming up in October, so I definitely took advantage. Although if they’d waited just a few more weeks to have the event, I would have taken them up on their offer to mail my cards for me too. Unfortunately, I didn’t want my friends receiving their birthday cards 3 weeks early! 

They also gave us a free sample of Hallmark’s new Text Bands. Similar to a pager, you type in a message you want to share, and when you’re ready you can go around and Bump your band with others and exchange messages! I slightly wish my child was older because this would be so fun for a birthday party. (Parents: There’s even a dirty word filter!) 
I always forget that Hallmark isn’t just greeting cards. After breakfast we were encouraged to walk around and browse some of their new products. One of my favorite items was the Celebration Banner for special occasions. They provide up to 5 of each letter on a variety of backgrounds for you to create your own party banner. The colors make it easy to use for Halloween, birthdays, anniversaries, and more. 
And since the theme was Birthdays, they surprised us all with a birthday cupcake. I took this as a personal surprise and decided to begin celebrating by birthday 29 days early! After all…you only turn 30 once! 

But the really neat product that’s hard to see in this picture, are the personalized party plates Hallmark has come out with. You can choose your occasion (holidays, birthdays, wedding, “just because”, etc.) and add a custom photo to the plate. I was slightly impressed because the quality of the photo was actually really good and the plates weren’t made cheaply! If I’d found one of my son, I would have had no problem wiping it off and taking it home to reuse.

 And don’t be surprised if you see this show up at his 2nd birthday! 
At this point, I know what you’re probably thinking, Hallmark’s goal was to just sell me something, but that actually wasn’t the case! Throughout the event they provided lots of interesting information on how to take great photos at birthday parties or at special events. They talked about ways you can make someone feel special even when it’s not that “Special Occasion.”

I also learned a lot about the Hallmark Greeting Card company that I never would have known. In my mind, they were a corporate entity based out of New York that dominated the paper industry. Instead, I learned that they’re a smaller company based out of Kansas City, and almost all the employees are passionate about what they do! There are several card divisions in the company, and most are only made up of a small group of about 10. Most of the employees wear their “heart on their sleeve” which is why they’re able to come up with their ideas, and just love what they do. 

In the end, I walked away with a lot of really interesting information to take away about Hallmark, but of course, I couldn’t help but be excited about the goodies! Remember, I love stationery
Last night, we tried out the Storybook Buddy at bedtime. I honestly think Tim was more excited about the book than the Little Man was. Christopher was our book companion, and each time Tim came to a highlighted sentence in the story Christopher Can’t Sleep, the stuffed bear would add to it by continuing to read or make fun sound effects. He even has multiple phrases at the end to say “Goodnight” so reading this story never gets boring! (This would make a really fun Christmas gift!!)

Anyway, my goal of this post isn’t to force you to buy any of Hallmark’s products, and I definitely was NOT paid for writing this, I just love it when I come across new products and wanted to share my finds with you!

Hallmark also agreed and decided to allow you in on the fun!

If you’re a fan of my blog, or just happen to be reading this post, you can go online to Hallmark and receive 30% off of all their personalized items from birthday plates, invitations, holiday cards, and thank you notes! 

Simply use the code BLOG30

Do you have any favorite Hallmark products I need to know about?

Heroes and Celebrities

I already showed you what our actual July 4th holiday looked like, but what I didn’t tell you is we were bad Americans. We didn’t see fireworks on July 4th! :-O

Through unfortunate circumstances, Tim was spending the days leading up to the 4th taking scuba diving certification classes, and we weren’t going to be able to attend any of the fireworks festivities. 

Secretly, I was okay with that! 

The Little Man’s bedtime is usually 8pm, and with the summer sun, fireworks weren’t going to start until at least 10pm. I might be a little pessimistic, but dragging my son out past his bedtime in the 100 degree heat, fighting crowds and parking to watch 15 minutes of fireworks was not my idea of a good time. It wasn’t worth it to me. 

Instead we compromised and went to a baseball game the weekend before the 4th.

I’m normally not thrilled to watch baseball because it’s not my favorite sport, but this game was a little different. The host of the game was our favorite Dallas Maverick Dirk Nowitzki. 

Each year, the Heroes Foundation hosts a celebrity baseball game at the Frisco Rough Riders ballpark in Frisco to benefit the Heroes Foundation. We’ve been to a few of the games in the past, but with Dirk hosting this year, I didn’t want to miss it! 

The lineup included celebrities like Charles Barkley, Mavs players Delonte West, Jason Kidd, Brian Cardinal, former Cowboys Daryl Johnston, Terrell Owens, and actors Donald Faison (Scrubs), Geoff Stults (Wedding Crashers), and Josh Henderson (TNT’s Dallas). And the list of celebrities went on! 

I was thrilled when I realized I’d chosen perfect seats behind home plate and almost completely in the shade. This made watching the game so much more bearable, and helping the Little Man fall asleep easier. 

After the game, the ballpark did a small fireworks show. I know it wasn’t as amazing as KaboomTown in Addison, but it didn’t take much to impress a child under the age of 2. He woke up just in time for the fireworks! 

Even after the game, I was so excited to not have to fight crowds or squeeze our way onto a shuttle bus back to our car. A quick walk across the street to our car, and we headed out! 

It was a fun night with family, and was as stress-free as I could have imagined. I never would have thought a baseball game would be how I’d spend Independence Day, but I can easily see continuing this tradition again in the future; especially as my son gets older.

Next year as the fourth approaches, I’d encourage you to consider taking your kids to the Heroes Celebrity Baseball game! The even provides a great opportunity to let your kids see their favorite sports players working together, signing autographs, and being amazing role models. There’s delicious ballpark food, great seating, and overall a great atmosphere to spend with family. 

And let’s face it, when Mama’s happy, everyone’s happy! 

Monkey See, Monkey Do at the Dallas Zoo

About a month ago, I wrote a post for Dallas Moms Blog trying to promote an “elite” event at the Dallas Zoo called Monkey See, Monkey Do.

It was really hard for me to write this without trying to sound like I was selling the event because I wasn’t. I definitely had my doubts. The event was $60 per person with the exception of children ages 2 and under who were free. $60 a person! Although the event sounded like fun, I wasn’t sold. 

Well, Saturday night was the event…and I’d now like to eat my words. 

We arrived right at the start of the event at 6pm. We were surprised to find out when we pulled into the parking lot that every guest was given complimentary valet. They helped me unload our stroller and large diaper bag, and we headed to check in. 

Although 1,000 people were invited, I would guess only a third arrived before 6:30pm. And since the zoo was closed to the public, it felt like we had the whole park to ourselves! 

Now if you haven’t been to the Dallas Zoo in awhile, you should know that the park is divided into 2 
separate sections. On one side is the Giants of the Savanna exhibit with an amazing 11 acre giraffe, ostrich, elephant, and zebra enclosure. (There’s also a gorilla habitat, but for this event they had it blocked off.) To get to the second part of the zoo, you have to head back to the main gate where you can venture to Zoo North.  

We decided to do the Giraffe feeding first since most of the other events were in Zoo North on the other side of the park. Once again, when we arrived there were only 2 other families there feeding the giraffes, and we had no problem stepping up to the rail. On a typical day, the zoo will charge $5 for a head of lettuce, but included in the cost of the event was free lettuce, and they continued to offer us more once we’d given all of ours away! 

One of my favorite parts of the night was the vendors. Upon entering the northern part of the zoo, we were immediately greeted 3 tables offering (not selling!) wine, beer, wine’ritas, sodas, chips, popcorn, and water. I so wish I’d know EVERYTHING was going to be free or I wouldn’t have lugged my 2 liter bottles of Ozarka to the event.

Then as we turned the corner, we saw restaurant row. Abacus, eatZi’s, El Fenix, Flying Fish, The Purple Cow, Uncle Julio’s, Smashburger, Urban Crust, Monkey Bar, Dulce by La Duni, and more were throwing food at you as you walked by. Unable to refuse, we grabbed a few items and sat down to eat. 

Chips, queso, and guac from El Fenix
Egg Rolls from Asian Mint
Truffle Macaroni & Cheese with Bacon from Abacus
BBQ Pork Sliders from Monkey Grill. 
Unbelievable Chocolate Peanut Butter cake from Dallas Affairs Cake Company. 
Italian Grilled Cheese & Tomato Basil Soup from eatZi’s.

The list could go on, and I wish my stomach could have too. 

Since the Little Man wasn’t going to make it much past 8, we decided to keep our zoo visit short and just head to the Children’s Zoo. And I’m so glad we did! He had a blast since they’d opened up all of their petting areas for free of charge. We got to play with goats and sheep, touch a possum, and fed some birds. I’m sure if he were a little older he would have loved the pony rides they were offering too! 

Although we were able to go for free through Dallas Moms Blog, after thinking about our night Tim and I decided it was definitely something we’d pay to do in the future. Of course, two or three kids over the age of 2 might change that decision drastically, but as a small family, it would be worth it! Especially since $50 of the $60 ticket is tax deductible. 

In the end, we had a great time as a family at an event we wouldn’t have thought about going to before. 

I also learned for every 1 good shot you get of your little one with a perfect smile, you’ll get twice as many with faces that look like these. :) 

Have you been to Kid To Do at the Dallas Zoo? 
What were your impressions? 

Looking for a Dallas VBS?

My friend and I were talking the other day about summer plans, and I mentioned that I’d be helping out at my church’s Vacation Bible School. When she mentioned her church didn’t have a VBS, I was slightly shocked. 

Growing up, I can remember spending several summers attending Vacation Bible School at my cousin’s church Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in Dallas. We’d spend half a day learning about a bible story, having a snack time, playing in their gym, and participating in arts & crafts. Until I moved out of parent’s home, I still had a matchstick cross hanging on my wall that I made one summer. 

My husband has even more amazing memories of Vacation Bible School. While he was growing up at Richardson East Church of Christ, there were several years where the entire church would pull together to recreate a Biblical town. For a few days, they’d wander around hearing Bible stories from dressed up church members, were able to pet live animals that you’d find in some of the stories, and also had amazing arts & crafts. 

When I think of how my children are going to spend their summers, I can’t imagine Vacation Bible School not being a part of it!  So to help out my friends that attend churches that don’t participate in a VBS, I’ve come up with a list of places you can take your children this summer!

 Just click on the image and you’ll be taken directly to that Church’s VBS page.  

And remember, you don’t have to be a member to attend a VBS! The whole point is to draw in visitors and meet new people!

*Online Registration ended, but you can still go on June 4th and sign up!

Park Cities Baptist Church’s VBS is for children ages Kindergarten through 6th Grade. 
Begins Monday, June 4 to Friday, June 8th from 9am-12pm.
Cost: FREE!

Begins Sunday, June 10 to Wednesday, June 13 from 6pm-8pm.
Preschool to 4th Graders are welcome! It’s FREE!
Available at all 3 campuses (Plano, Dallas, & Prosper), children ages 3 to 6th grade are welcome! And it’s FREE for all!
Begins Monday, June 25th to Thursday, June 28th for ages 4 to 6th grade!
Meets from 9am-12:30pm with a special 5:30pm wrap-up party on June 28th.
Cost: Free! T-Shirts: $10

Children ages 4 to 6th grade are welcome, and will meet from 9am-12pm 
on Monday, July 9th to Friday, July 13th.
Registration is $10 per child ($20 max per family).
All children ages 4 to 6th grade are invited for FREE!
VBS will take place Monday, July 16 to Friday, July 20 from 9am-12:30pm
KidsVision for Life will also be offering free eye exams and glasses at this event!
 Open to ages 4-12, and will meet daily from 9am-12pm.
It’s FREE!

Does your church have a Vacation Bible School you want to share? 

Helping Victims Through Yoga

I’m typically not one to promote events unless I’ll be in attendance, but I didn’t want to miss sharing this opportunity. 

If you’re free this Sunday, make plans to head over to White Rock Lake for a family-friendly event helping to benefit the Dallas Area Chapter of the American Red Cross. 

Tom’s of Maine is sponsoring a free yoga class taught by Tsada Yoga Studio instructors from 6-7pm. The class will be held lakeside at Winfrey Point and refreshments (and FREE samples) will be provided!

For each person in attendance, Tom’s will make a donation to benefit the victims of the tornadoes that hit Arlington, Dallas, and Forney. 

I know many people who were affected by these storms, 
and any type of aid helps! 
If you’re unable to make the yoga class, Tom’s of Maine is also offering a limited-time discount in May at its new online store.  With a purchase of Tom’s of Maine Naturally Dry Unscented or Fresh Powder, a discount of 15% will be taken off your total online order.

Enter promo code YOGA15 to “Order Summary” promotional code box. 
The code is valid only from May 3-May 10, 2012. 

It’s such a fun and easy way to make a difference, 
and I hope you’ll be able to make it!