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Getting Back to Greeting Cards

As Thanksgiving ended on Thursday, we decided to begin the Christmas decor roll-out as a way of entertaining the Little Man. Unfortunately, he wasn’t as amused by the Christmas tree as we thought he’d be, so what I thought would be an evening of fun, turned into an evening of avoiding all of our Christmas ornaments being broken. 

After he went to bed, I started looking through the boxes of decorations trying to decide where to start, and quickly became distracted when I got to the box with all of the past cards we’d received. 

Each year, I can’t help but go through the cards we’ve gotten over the years. Although some are actual greeting cards with hand-signed notes, I’d say 85% are photo cards. 

I LOVE photo cards because they make a great keepsake to look back on, but at the same time, Christmas cards no longer have as much of a sentimental meaning as they used to; they’re personal…but also not. 

I can remember being Jr. High looking forward to helping my parents send out Christmas cards. We’d go through our Rolodex (who remembers these!?) and flipping through deciding who we were going to send a card to.

I’d help sign and address the cards make sure to leave a little personal note inside of each card. 

I miss the days of selecting a card with just the right meaning to go towards that special person. Now it seems like all I do is select the best photo from the past year and stick them in an envelope. 

Last year, when I got involved with 52 Weeks of Mail, my passion was once again sparked for greeting cards! 

Although you’ll still find a photo card from me in your mailbox, don’t be surprised if you also receive something more personal like these new Hallmark holiday cards. . . 
You’ve sold me on any card that adds glitter! 
Can you believe how hi-tech even cards have become?!
I love these pop-up cards right now because that’s why my son is obsessed with; anything with pop-ups!

I also encourage you to Shop Small, and consider some amazing greeting cards from some of the local Dallas businesses or on Etsy. 

Some of my favorite local stationers are Southern Fried Paper who specializes in creative, unique letterpressed cards like these. . .

Or bell’Invito, a letterpress and engraving company who specializes in personalized cards and a new line of DIY stationery. . . 

So this year as you’re preparing to send your family’s photo cards, think about making it a little more person with some holiday greeting cards too. You’d be surprised at how a more personal card can help you reconnect in ways a generic photo card never could!

 * * * * * 

To help you get inspired this holiday season, I’m giving away a sample pack of Hallmark holiday greeting cards; several of which you see above!

Simply leave me a message below that you’d like a chance at winning the giveaway, and you’re entered! 

For an additional entry, tweet or share this giveaway on Facebook, and leave me a separate message letting me know you did so!

I’ll choose one lucky person at random on Tuesday, November 27!

Merry Christmas and Season’s Greetings!!

Are you a Target Superfan . . .

Stephanie C.?
Target Gift Card Necklace / $10

I hope so because you won my latest (and last) giveaway!

I’m so sorry your gift card won’t come in a necklace like the one above,
but I think you’ll still find it just as useful!

If you didn’t win, I still have a gift to share with you!

Did you know Target as a Clearance Schedule?
When items are marked clearance, the store will markdown items from 15%, 30%, 50%, 75% and if there’s anything left 90%, and usually on these days:

MONDAY: Kids Clothing, Stationary Items, Electronics, Baby
TUESDAY: Domestics, Food, Women’s Clothing, Pets
WEDNESDAY: Men’s Clothing, Toys, Lawn and Garden

THURSDAY: Housewares, Shoes, Lingerie, Sporting Goods, Music, Movies, Books, Decor, Luggage

FRIDAY: Auto, Cosmetics, Hardware, Jewelry

 However, Christmas markdowns are a little different. 

This holiday season, you might notice Target will follow a markdown schedule that looks like this:

50% off – always the day after and will last about 5 days

75% off – on or around January 1st
90% off – usually on or around January 5th

Happy Shopping!

Happy Wrapping!

Congratulations Steph W!

You’re the winner of our Dodeline Design Gift Tags!
I hope you find some creative ideas on how to use them with your wrapping this season.
If you need some inspiration, check out Martha Stewart.com!

She has some unique ways of to wrap your gifts using potato chip bags, fabric, and leaves. 
Plus, how to create a gift wrapping theme like the candy one below. 
And for more inspiration, check out Dodeline’s blog!
She finds ways of turning boring boxes and twine into a beautiful gift!

And if you weren’t a winner this week,
I’m not quite done yet!

There’s one more week until Christmas, 
and for my next giveaway come back early next week!

Starting Monday, I’ll reveal my final “Christmas favorites” giveaway.
And it’s right on “target” for what you’ll need!

Wrapping It Up No. 4

Did you know Christmas is a week from Sunday!? 

That means there’s only 1 shopping weekend left to pick up those gifts for loved ones. 
(unless your the Christmas Eve kind of shopper!)

Hopefully by now you’ve gotten most of your list crossed off, 
and if you’re even more organized, might have a few wrapped and under the tree. 

I know my friend Sally is ready to go with her gifts!
After a fun girls night out on Monday, 
she came home to find her husband had done all of the wrapping!

When she walked into her kitchen, this is what she found:

I don’t know how Sally feels – 
ecstatic to not have to wrap or frustrated to have to unwrap and then wrap again! 

I know for some, wrapping can be the worst part of the process. 
The tape, the scissors, picking out paper, the folding, the creases. . . 

I have a confession.

I LOVE it! 

I have dozens of rolls of Christmas paper in all different styles and colors. 

And of course you have to accessorize! 
I have drawers filled with bows, ribbons, and gift tags to match. 

But if you’re looking for a Christmas gift bag, you’ll have to try some place else. 
For me, it doesn’t get any better than a perfectly wrapped present! 

That’s why this week I want to share a little of my gift-wrapping love with you! 

For my fourth drawing, I’m giving away these beautifully letterpressed gift tags from Do De Line

They’re the perfect way to have a little fun while your gift sits under the tree waiting to be opened! 

Write a note and use them for that special someone,
 or save the ink and reuse them for years to come!

Either way, these gift tags will add that extra special touch to your wrapping job . . .
even if your wrapping paper is Justin Bieber.  

This Rafflecopter giveaway will end Saturday at 12:01am!
And don’t forget, if you’ve already done some of the entry options, you’re ahead of the game! 
Just click “I Did This.”

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Perfect Weather for . . .

Sheepish Knitting & Crochet
A Starbucks Winner!

Congratulations Mary Helen!

You’ve won the $10 Starbucks gift card.

If you’re not Mary Helen, don’t worry!

There’s another “delicious” giveaway next Wednesday.

See you then!

52 Weeks of Mail: Blue Eye Brown Eye

We’re in Week 7 of 52 Weeks of Mail. I’ve been completely amazed by all the cool stationery and paper products I’ve come across since starting this project. Just when I feel like I’ve seen it all, I find myself inspired again. 

A few weeks ago, I went to the Etsy Dallas Jingle Bash 
and discovered the one of the most unique stationers. 

Meet Lauren!
She’s the talent behind 
(A DFW-based printing studio)

What first caught my attention was her business card. 
Letterpressed in 2 Ply Elm, it was hard not to be fascinated. 

Then I started to notice all of the different styles of cards she had. 
From custom invitations and stationery to design and calligraphy, 
each of her pieces had something unique about it. 

Blue Hand Embroidered Card / $5
Check out this cool note card. 
It’s not printed, but hand embroidered on recycled paper! 

Vintage Wood Type Monogram / 10 for $18
This vintage inspired note card set is one of my favorites. 
It’s printed softly to create an aged look and feel. 
This set would be perfect for a birthday gift or stocking stuffer!

Sweet Christmas Gocco Printed Card / 5 for $20
If you’re wanting your holiday cards to really make a statement, then these will do it!
Using Gocco printing, these holiday cards are about as different as they come. 
Gocco is a form of screen printing using light and ink, and it’s actually a “dying” art form that’s currently being revived among artists in the printing industry.

You can check out more work by Blue Eye Brown Eye on her Etsy Shop or webpage

52 Weeks of Mail: In Person

On November 26, American Express has partnered with businesses to form the “Shop Small” Campaign in an effort to help boost local economies; which I’m in full support of. Some of my favorite stores are small business such as Nest Dallas and Beaucoup. Although they’re not always the least expensive, I love knowing that I’ll usually find unique and original items for holiday gifts. 

But that’s next Saturday. 

This Saturday, I decided to shop small . . . really small, 
and support people instead of businesses at the Etsy Dallas Jingle Bash!
 Located at the Palladium Ballroom on Lamar Street, 
the Jingle Bash allows Etsy locals to set up shop 
for you to browse through their homemade goods in person.

There was music playing, drinks flowing, and crafts to be made. 
Best of all, the admission was free! 
For me, this setup is perfect because there wasn’t any pressure to buy. 
Each booth had their merchandise on display and available to purchase;
however, you could also take a business card and mull it over. 
If you liked what you saw, pop online to their Etsy store and buy when you’re ready!

Take a peek at some of my favorite Etsy stores and products that I discovered. . .
photos via Southern Fried Paper / Blue Eye Brown Eye / Sarah Briggs / Sheepish / 38Stitches

Although this was a 1 day only event, don’t fret! 

The next Etsy Dallas market will be in the Spring 
on Saturday April 30th from 11am-5pm.

If you’re not from Dallas, check out Etsy to find a hand-made event near you!

52 Weeks of Mail: May Day Studio

This month, my husband is participating in Movember with his company 
to raise awareness of prostate cancer and promoting men’s health.

To those who donate, 
(shameless plug!)
I’ve been reminding him to write “thank you” notes! 

I think so many people forget the importance of picking up a pen to say thank you. 
Taking the time to personally thank someone shows that you think what they did (or gave) was important! Plus, it always makes you feel special. 

So, I went digging through my stack of note cards to find one for my husband, 
and I found the coolest one!
Okay, I actually found 2, but I’ll save that one for next week. 

I think the card says it all. It’s pretty awesome. 

This card was part of a promotional note card collection printed by the Ladies of Letterpress
When I flipped it over to see who the designer was, I discovered

Started by Kelly McMahon, May Day is a letterpress and bindery company based out of Vermont. Sold in stores across the US, the studio has a large presence in New England and can be found in stores like Printemps in Connecticut, Cursive of New York, and Pen & Paper in Pennsylvania. 

Unfamiliar with their work, 
I was excited to discover they had an Etsy page so I could browse more!

Look at some of the”awesome” note cards I found. . .
Grey Skies Card / $5
Hey You . . .The Last Word / $4.50
Let It Snow / 8 for $15

I love modern cards that are straight and to the point!
They make excellent expressions for men, women, adults, or children!

This card; however, will be going to someone in particular who donated to the cause.
Make sure you check your mailbox to see if it’s you!

And in the meantime, you can find more of May Day’s product on their Etsy page,
and for a behind the scenes look, check our their blog!

*I was not paid or compensated for this product review. I’m simply a mom who did her research and wanted to share this product with you!

52 Weeks of Mail: Dodeline

Between October 1 and November 29, there’s a mad rush of family birthdays. 

October 1: My Mom
October 18: MINE
October 26: the Brother-In-Law
November 1: My Dad
November 2: My Father-in-Law
November 29: My Brother

This past week I found myself sorting through a lot of birthday cards at the local drugstore, and 
I so wished I could just have a stack of note cards ready to go that I could write my own personal birthday notes in. 

Well, why not?

I went straight to Etsy, and after some serious searching, I came across

Run by Sarah Early Reed, Dodeline is a small graphic design studio 
based out of Charleston, South Carolina. 

She known for the beautiful custom wedding invitations and stationery that she creates (and a pretty amazing blog), but she also has a retail line of greeting cards that are sold in stores across the United States!

Through her Etsy store, I found a set of Birthday cards that would perfect for the men in my life 
Bumblebee Birthday Card / $3.35

And the women too!

Modern Arabesque Birthday Card / $3.35

So, naturally, I began to browse her Etsy store, and came across some pieces that I had to 
add to my Etsy favorites. . .and my Christmas wish list! 
Hot Air Balloons Boxed Set / $23.50
Blue & Yellow Banner Boxed Set / $23.50

If you like colorful and modern greeting cards (who wouldn’t?!),
make sure to check out the latest designs by Dodeline on their website!

*I was not paid or compensated for this product review. I’m simply a mom who did her research and wanted to share this product with you!

52 Weeks of Mail: LKN Studio

Halloween is fast approaching! 

Looking for a unique way to wish someone a Happy Halloween? 

Look no further than LKN Studio on Etsy.

I was looking for some unique, but affordable, greeting cards and came across these adorable cards by Lori Nowlin from Yukon, Oklahoma. 

For an amazing price of $4, you get 3 handmade folded note cards (3.5″ x 5″) with envelopes.

Halloween Note Card Assortment #7
Halloween Note Card Assortment #3

Of course, after seeing the Halloween cards, I had to take look at some of her other designs. 

Shades of Purple Note Cards / $5 for 5
I mean, really? 

Aren’t they so cute? 

Make sure to check out her shop on Etsy!

*I was not paid or compensated for this product review. I’m simply a mom who did her research and wanted to share this product with you!