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The Christmas Tree is Up

Christmas has arrived at our house! The tree has been decorated. The stockings have been hung. The “balsam and fir” candles have been lit. (I need that fresh tree smell somehow!) And as I type The Holiday is playing in the background.

It’s absolutely my favorite time of year! 

This year, I’m extremely excited as the Little Man is finally at an age where he’s piecing all of Christmas together. He’s learning that we’re celebrating baby Jesus’ birthday. We’ve pulled out our miniature tree for our Meaningful Christmas ornaments. Last year all he wanted to do was pull the ornaments off the tree and try to peel off the pictures. While I’m pretty sure at some point he’ll try to do the same, and least he’s looking forward to each ornament rather than simply staring at me blankly when I pull out the box. You never know. Maybe this year we’ll make it past day 5 before I give up!

Both he and Baby Z have also taken a keen interest in our family Christmas tree.





We don’t have a pretty designer tree. It’s not something you’d see out of the pages of Martha Stewart. What we have is a tree that’s slowly turning into a scrapbook. It doesn’t have much rhyme or reason for the way ornaments are hung or selected. You’ll often find bare spots and ornaments on the floor. 

Our Christmas tree become a favorite toy of the season!

While I want to protect our tree and ornaments, I kind of like that our boys have made this a tradition.


Each year since we’ve been married (and a few from even before), we’ve each selected an ornament that represents our memories from that year. We have ornaments from our travels across the states and overseas and discovered favorites from Garden Ridge. We’ve tearfully selected ornaments that reminded us of “family members” who’ve passed and ornaments that remind us of answered prayers. You’ll even find some interesting ones  that will definitely start a conversation.

But we’ve now transitioned into a different phase of our tree where we’re no longer selecting our favorite ornaments as a couple, but passing this torch onto our children. We now have “First Christmas” ornaments and ornaments made with small hands.  We’ve also loaded up our little family into the car  and taken our Little Man to our favorite local store (Target!) and allowed him choose his favorite ornament to hang on the tree.


While these ornaments might seem strange to anyone walking past our tree at Christmas, to us they all have a special meaning and memory attached.

I look forward to our future Christmas’s with our boys when we’ll be able to drag down the box, start pulling out ornaments, sharing all the stories behind them– and not just the ornaments’ stories, but stories of how the same ornaments were their favorite toys at Christmas.

Do you have ornaments on your tree with special meanings?

How have you chosen to decorate your tree?