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Happy Birthday Baby Z!



My sweet Baby Z turned 1 last month! It’s been a little crazy since then and when he turned 13 months yesterday, I realized it was probably time to document the experience before I’m writing about his first and his second birthday!

It wasn’t until I started planning his birthday in November that I realized how difficult it would be planning a party so soon after Christmas. It was so hard to find a theme that wasn’t Christmas-y or Red & White. Assuming I could trust the weather would be fairly chilly, I went with a Cocoa & Cookies theme.

But of course! The day of Baby Z’s birthday party it was a high of 63 that day. So…while it was a little warm for cocoa, everyone was a good sport and helped remove the cocoa and sweets from my home.





I didn’t completely learn my lesson from The Little Man’s first birthday, and thought I’d make Baby Z’s cake. It slightly resembled a brain, but definitely turned out better this time!


And just like his brother, he didn’t want to touch the cake and get messy! Rather than torturre the poor child by waiting until he dove into the icing (which would have been an hour at the rate he was staring at it), I grabbed a spoon and let him dive in that way.




Overall, it was an awesome day celebrating Baby Z’s first birthday with family. It’s been such a rollercoaster of a year and to think the first year was over was almost a huge weight lifted, but at the same time, that first year only happens once!

Happy Birthday Baby Z!

* * * * *

For the record, Baby Z’s 12th month stats are:

Weight : 22.1 pounds (62th percentile)

Height : 30.5″ (71st percentile)

Head : 19.3″ (99th percentile)


Baby Z: Half a Year Old

Do you know that feeling when you hit the snooze alarm and then wake up awhile later jumping out of bed because you slept later than you’d expected?

Well, I hate to say it, but this is exactly what happened to poor Baby Z! 14 days ago with his check up, I woke up and realized he’d turned 6 months old, and I’m now scrambling to get caught up!

Thankfully, he was already growing and developing without needing me, so as I’m now trying to make sure he meets his developmental milestones, he’s showing off at all the things he can already do!

Baby Z is now sitting on his own and reaching for objects within his grasp.  Unfortunately his head is fairly large and heavy and if he leans too far over to one side, he topples over. He’s also starting to learn how to scoot!


I’m sure I’ve said this before, but my favorite trait of his is his blue-grey eyes and his infectious gummy smile. Plus, the dimples are too cute!


One of the areas that completely escaped me was solids. Being the terrible mom I am, I’m sure I was supposed to have started him on them about a month ago. I didn’t completely forget…but I don’t think twice really counts as officially starting solids!

It wasn’t until his well check that I was not only reminded to start, but advised to start whipping through them so we can be up to 2 feedings a day at 7-8 months.

As of now, we’ve discovered carrots, green beans, squash (not a favorite), and pears. Coming soon, mixed foods and meats!  Clearly he was ready because he was literally grabbing the spoon and feeding himself! What did I say?? Terrible mom!





Baby Z 6 Month Stats:

Weight: 18 pounds, 3 ounces — 62nd percentile

Height: 27 1/2″ — 72nd percentile

Head: 17.9″ — 95th percentile


Baby Z: 3 & 4 Months Old

I’ve been doing such a terrible job lately of recording milestones! I swore to myself that I would not be one of those mom’s who did everything for their first child, and then, their second had nothing. No surprise, but I’m eating my words once again. Isn’t that so typical of parenthood though? 

I was doing so well about taking photos of Baby Z each month for his birthday, until month 3. Although I captured a photo for his 3 month birthday, I never posted it. Why? Kept running out of time until it just became outdated news, and then, there was the fact that the pictures didn’t turn out as I’d hoped.

My loving toddler decided he needed to be in the photo too, and the crushing love was a little too much for the baby.


But, I think this month’s photo definitely made up for the last one, AND I’m actually posting about it within a week of his birthday. I think that’s an accomplishment!


4 Month Stats:

almost 16 lbs. (62th %)

25.25 inches (59th %)

17.2″ head (96th %)

New Talents:

clasps hands together frequently, lots and lots of drool (which I assume means there will be teeth soon!), sleeping is irregular (typically down by 9pm & up twice a night), loves to laugh and smile when we make funny faces, makes a cute velocirapter noise when he laughs, loves bath time; especially with Brother, nursing like crazy right now (which I’m hoping is due to a growth spurt or teething) 

Of course, all of this remind me that I’ve also become the parent I said I’d never be. It’s hard to not constantly compare #1 to #2. From their sleeping habits to their doctor’s appointments, they’re so completely different in every way.

I have a lot of people telling me the opposite. We’ve had several comments that Baby Z looks a lot like the Little Man, but I have to disagree. Baby Z is a spiting image of my side of the family, and M takes after Tim’s side of the family. They definitely both have my eyes, but I don’t see Hurst when I look at him. (Sorry Hursts!)


Here’s my Little Man at 4 months.

What do you think; similar or different? 

Celebrating 1 Month!

Can you believe it’s been a month already since this little guy was born?

My brain is split between feeling like it was only yesterday, 
but also feeling like it’s been at least a month. 
Life still hasn’t gotten back to normal yet. 

I’m still trying to figure out how to juggle a toddler and a newborn. 
I’ve made dinner once and have spent (maybe) 10 hours cleaning total in the last month. 

But, I feel a change in the wind! 

Baby Stats: 
Weight: 10.6 pounds
Length: 21 inches

  • Starting to control his neck and head by turning and looking around. 
  • Focusing on objects at a close difference. 
  • Smiles frequently in his sleep. 
  • Feeding every 2 hours, and 3-4 hours at night. We’re working on having his feedings go longer since clearly he’s not starving. 
  • The thrush is still around, but we’re working on it! 

Welcoming Baby Z: Coming Home!

Before arriving home, Tim and I only thought we were prepared for what life would be like with a newborn. But we were so wrong! 
It’s been much, much better! 
My Recovery
With the Little Man, I had to recover from a 4th degree tear. I spent the first few nights at home sleeping in a recliner in the living room because I wasn’t able to lift my body into our bed or get out of it to be able to nurse or change his diaper. Tim suffered beside me by sleeping on the couch and helping me at all hours with what he could so I didn’t have to move. 

I’m pretty sure I took pain medication for about 2 weeks, and it was at least 4 weeks before I was feeling back to normal. 

With this birth, I was feeling like myself the day we arrived home! Although I was slightly sore, I was down to only 2 hydrocodone a day, and was doing laundry that night. I’ve been sleeping in my own bed the whole time, and have actually managed to sleep at night. 

Baby Z is now 8 days old, and while we’ve been home we’ve gone out to eat, purchased a car, and made a trip to the mall. I’m even off my pain medication with the exception of a pill that helps with the cramping. I’m still “suffering” from a small side effect no one warned me about after a C-Section; swelling. For 5 days my feet have looked like an elephant’s, which has been great entertainment for my husband. But even now, they’re starting to go back to normal.

Unlike with the first, we actually might remember a lot of this experience and it won’t be all a blur of bad memories! 

What We’re Doing Different
Adjusting to being a family of 4 hasn’t been easy. Tim and I have basically split up parenting duties. He’s taking care of the Little Man while I take care of the baby. Of course, I’m feeling some slight guilt with this arrangement because I miss hanging out with my little guy. (But now I know how my husband feels working 5 days a week and missing out on all of the things he’s doing.) We try and switch it up when we can, but Baby Z is basically eating every 2-3 hours which means he’s sort of attached to me. 

Which brings me to our other change. . . we’re trying the co-sleeping arrangement for a week or so until he gets adjusted; something we never did with our first. This child must be addicted to my smell because he knows the minute he’s away from me! He’s also had some terrible tummy issues and gas (our fault) which has made swaddling really uncomfortable for him. 

So, since his birth, he’s spent most lights laying next to me or on me while we’ve gotten some much needed sleep. Right now because of the co-sleeping he’s only waking up every 3 1/2 – 4 hours for a feeding, and then sleeps the rest of the time. 

Being a Big Brother
The Little Man has adjusted REALLY well to being a big brother. He comes running into our room each morning to give his brother a kiss and hug. He just wants to touch and look at him whenever he can. 

I was prepared for him to be resentful and stand-offish, but he’s been anything but. We were even surprised when we brought him to the baby’s first doctor’s appointment, and he got very protective when the doctor was doing his exam. He does not want anyone hurting him! 
And that’s it! 

We’re now a family of 4, and adjusting to our new life! 
Stay tuned to this blog for more adventures to come! 

Welcoming Baby Z: His Birth Story

This past week, I took a much needed blogging break to welcome our sweet baby boy into the world.

So much has happened this week it’s hard to know where to begin, but I’ll start with simply sharing his birth story with you.

A little background for those of you who are new followers, the delivery of my first son was not a pleasant experience for me. You can read the full story here, but to sum it up in a few words: late arrival induction, 13 hours of labor, giant head & 9 lb baby = 4th degree tear and lots of physical/emotional pain.

Leading up to his delivery, I was extremely nervous about my C-section surgery. I was slightly hoping I’d just go into labor and not have to worry about it anymore, but, of course, that didn’t happen.

Early Monday morning came, and it was time!

We arrived at the hospital around 5:30am, and were shown into the pre-op room where the questions and fluids began. After giving my complete medical history to the nurse, assistant anesthesiologist, anesthesiologist, and blood tech,  by 6:45am, all that was left to do was wait . . . and let the anxiety build.

By 7:15am, they were ready to move me into the OR.

Everything at this point happened very quickly. Epidural went in, Tim was brought into the room, and the cutting began.

There was a lot to the surgery that I didn’t expect. I was told you’d feel a lot of pushing and tugging but what I didn’t realize was that I’d physically feel everything. Although there was no pain or temperature sensations, I felt touch and movement along my skin; down to the scalpel moving across my belly. I also wasn’t expecting it when I began to smell the burning.

After what felt like an eternity (but was more like 10-15 minutes) of movement on the table, tugging, and pushing, at 7:46am, our son was born!

He weighed 7 pounds, 13 ounces and was 18.7 inches long; although the doctors and nurses thought he looked larger than that!

Overall, this birth experience was a 100 times better than my first. I could easily see doing it all over again. Even now that I’m 6 days post surgery, I’m moving around and doing things I could never imagine doing after the birth of my first!

I remember the moment I saw him for the first time, I was a little speechless. Based on our last sono the Thursday before, I was convinced he was going to come out looking almost identical to my first son. Jet black hair, chubby checks, and large blue eyes. Although he had those same traits, I don’t think they could have looked any more different. 

I don’t know how it’s possible to love someone at first sight before you’ve had any experiences with them, but both times I saw my sons after they were born, it happened. Sorry to my husband, but these little guys didn’t have to woo me before they captured my heart. 

35 Weeks: The Bump’s Coming To An End

At 30 weeks, we shared that we were finally comfortable with how this pregnancy would end, and I don’t think I revealed to you our choice. After serious prayers and discussions with our doctor, we decided to go with a c-section delivery to prevent any long term health complications.

This past week, we were able to see the baby again for the first time since 20 weeks. We wanted one last peek to see his size before the waiting began, and more than ever, I’m sure we made the right decision. He’s currently at or around 6 pounds, and with 4 weeks to go until our scheduled date, his weight could range anywhere from 7 1/2 to 9 pounds. 
If this baby comes early, we won’t have to worry about his size, but I think we made the right choice as far as choosing to deliver early. I feel confident that if we’d waited until his due date on January 19 (or later), we’d be facing the same complications as before. A BIG Baby!

What the baby’s doing at 35 weeks
  • He’s now about 6 lbs according to our sonogram taken on Thursday, and growing at the average rate of about 1/2 a pound a week. 
  • The kicks and punches continue late into the night, although he’s quickly running out of room.
  • He’s also now head down, and my doctor believes he’s dropped! 
In our sonogram, although it wasn’t a fancy 3-D one, we were able to catch a glimpse of his facial features, and in my opinion, he looks like the Little Man! His eyes were so similar and his mouth had some of the same features. He was even hiding from the camera like the Little Man did at 20 weeks with his close up. 

First it was the umbilical cord in front of his face. Then he moved his hand to cover half of his feet. Finally, he brought his foot up to rest on his face. 

The sono made it very real. 

How I’m feeling at 35 weeks:
  • Very Tired! With the pains and struggles of having a toddler with a broken leg, and the recent physical struggles, it’s getting more and more difficult to begin.   
  • The ligament pain has gone away, but I’ve had brief periods of restless leg syndrome. 
  • The leg cramping STILL hasn’t returned; thank goodness!  
  • The back pain started this weekend. The wrong chair or position is extremely uncomfortable, and can cause my back to start hurting within seconds. 
  • Every physical task is difficult. Walking around doing some Christmas shopping this morning practically destroyed my feet, and within 30 minutes, I was having to sit down and rest. 
  • Bending over is almost impossible. 
  • I’m constantly starving! I’m eating almost 2 breakfasts, a lunch, then a snack, and breakfast. And most of the time, there’s dessert. 
  • My maternity clothes no longer fitting correctly because my belly has gotten so large. :)
My bags are packed, and we’re prepared for this baby to come whenever he’s ready! I’m so excited and ready to meet this little munchkin and celebrate 2013 with our newest family member! 
Come on January 14!! 

9 Months Ago Today . . .

Happy 9 Months 
to My Little Man!!
(You can see his 1 month picture here!)

I was finally able to take our monthly birthday picture on time! 
The last few months I was always a few days late, 
and when I would finally take the pictures, they didn’t turn out very well. 

But yesterday, he was so excited to sit in the chair! 
He not only figured out that he can rock it by himself, 
but that he can stand up in in and look down at the dogs. 

Very exciting stuff for a 9 month old!

How he’s growing:
  • He currently have 8 teeth (4 on top, 4 on bottom), and I’m pretty sure he’s working on some more right now!
  • He’s now sleeping from 8pm-6:00am(ish), and will sometimes go back down until 8am. He takes 2 naps during the day; the first one is usually an hour, the second is usually 2-2 1/2 hours.
  • He’s eating stage 2 baby foods 2-3 times a day- loves all veggies and white meats, but is still hesitant about the fruits. He can also chow down on Gerber Baby snacks (veggie sticks, freeze-dried yogurt, and wheels) Puffs, and Mum Mum’s. 
  • He’s down to 5-6 feedings a day; although, only 2-3 of those are through nursing. I wanted to go a year, but when he started (and continued!) to bite me, I decided it was time to start weaning him onto a bottle. He doesn’t seem to mind at all! 
  • He just learned his first sign! Now he goes around signing “milk” for everything.He figured out crawling in the middle of 8 months and now wants to go everywhere.
  • He can pull up on just about anything with a ledge or handle, and has a few bumps to show for it. Baby proofing is just a game for him!
  • He still loves to watch Baby Einstein, but we’ve added Baby Signing Time to his rotation.
  • Bath time is his favorite time of day! He could sit in his inflatable duck and play for hours! 
  • He’s very vocal now about everything. He’ll fall asleep talking to himself, and wake up in the mornings talking. He will get mad if he doesn’t have what he wants and tells me all about it. We’ve had to start using the word “no;” which I hate. :( 
  • He loves to be sung to and read to. His favorite book is Goodnight Moon.

8 Months Ago. . .

My Little Man is 8 months old today!

It seems like an eternity ago that we were taking birthing classes 
and getting ready for him to be in our lives. 

It doesn’t seem like he could possibly be 8 months old yet, 
but at the same time it’s like he has always been a part of our family. 

8 months ago today, his Aunt Sarah and Uncle Eric gave him a Birth Day gift.
Please excuse the tired look and bloating. Let’s keep it real People. I’d just had a baby! :)
I was excited to find that he’s big enough to finally wear it, 
and the weather is perfect for it too!

I think the backside is my favorite part!
Fun Facts at 8 months:
  • He can pull up on almost anything. 
  • He’s inchworming his way around a room. I would consider it crawling even though he’s a little uncoordinated with his legs. 
  • He’s a huge fan of veggies whether in the form of baby food or puffs. We’ve tried all sorts of fruits, and he just doesn’t eat them as well.
  • He prefers to drink out of a straw rather than a bottle or sippy cup.
  • He loves to walk around a room using your fingers as support.
  • He’s now a great sleeper, and such a happy boy because of it.
  • He has 4 teeth, and likes to use them!
Current Stats:
  • Height: 29 inches
  • Weight: 20 pounds, 4 ounces
  • Eyes: Looks like they’re going to be Hazel (Tim wins again!)

Another Month Older!

Mark is 4 months today!

I was going through pictures this morning to start creating his first year photo album. I can’t believe how big he’s getting (literally)! It seems like his birth was so long ago, but yet, 4 months isn’t that long! 

At 4 months, he’s supporting himself on his legs while holding onto our fingers. He can now hold his head up at a 90 degree angle while on his tummy, but he hates it! He loves to watch Cooper and Bailey whenever they come near him. Laughing at his daddy is one of his favorite past-times. Unfortunately for me, he’s also started the teething process and he had a not-so-fun growth spurt over the last 4-5 days. 

We’re currently working on rolling over, sitting by himself, and getting him to sleep on his own,

We’ll get his official stats at his 4 month check-up on Monday, but according to my scale he’s 17.4 pounds, and almost 25 inches long.