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35 Weeks: The Bump’s Coming To An End

At 30 weeks, we shared that we were finally comfortable with how this pregnancy would end, and I don’t think I revealed to you our choice. After serious prayers and discussions with our doctor, we decided to go with a c-section delivery to prevent any long term health complications.

This past week, we were able to see the baby again for the first time since 20 weeks. We wanted one last peek to see his size before the waiting began, and more than ever, I’m sure we made the right decision. He’s currently at or around 6 pounds, and with 4 weeks to go until our scheduled date, his weight could range anywhere from 7 1/2 to 9 pounds. 
If this baby comes early, we won’t have to worry about his size, but I think we made the right choice as far as choosing to deliver early. I feel confident that if we’d waited until his due date on January 19 (or later), we’d be facing the same complications as before. A BIG Baby!

What the baby’s doing at 35 weeks
  • He’s now about 6 lbs according to our sonogram taken on Thursday, and growing at the average rate of about 1/2 a pound a week. 
  • The kicks and punches continue late into the night, although he’s quickly running out of room.
  • He’s also now head down, and my doctor believes he’s dropped! 
In our sonogram, although it wasn’t a fancy 3-D one, we were able to catch a glimpse of his facial features, and in my opinion, he looks like the Little Man! His eyes were so similar and his mouth had some of the same features. He was even hiding from the camera like the Little Man did at 20 weeks with his close up. 

First it was the umbilical cord in front of his face. Then he moved his hand to cover half of his feet. Finally, he brought his foot up to rest on his face. 

The sono made it very real. 

How I’m feeling at 35 weeks:
  • Very Tired! With the pains and struggles of having a toddler with a broken leg, and the recent physical struggles, it’s getting more and more difficult to begin.   
  • The ligament pain has gone away, but I’ve had brief periods of restless leg syndrome. 
  • The leg cramping STILL hasn’t returned; thank goodness!  
  • The back pain started this weekend. The wrong chair or position is extremely uncomfortable, and can cause my back to start hurting within seconds. 
  • Every physical task is difficult. Walking around doing some Christmas shopping this morning practically destroyed my feet, and within 30 minutes, I was having to sit down and rest. 
  • Bending over is almost impossible. 
  • I’m constantly starving! I’m eating almost 2 breakfasts, a lunch, then a snack, and breakfast. And most of the time, there’s dessert. 
  • My maternity clothes no longer fitting correctly because my belly has gotten so large. :)
My bags are packed, and we’re prepared for this baby to come whenever he’s ready! I’m so excited and ready to meet this little munchkin and celebrate 2013 with our newest family member! 
Come on January 14!! 

30 Weeks: The Bump

Yesterday was officially 30 weeks into the pregnancy, and now instead of feeling like I’m 30 weeks in…I feel like there’s only 10 weeks to go. It’s officially now a countdown! 
What the baby’s doing at 30 weeks
  • He’s now about 3 lbs, and averaging about 16″ (according toBabyCenter.com).
  • The kicks and punches are much stronger than before. Last night, I was actually awoken to what felt like a dance off in my stomach. Hands and feet going in all directions. 
How I’m feeling at 30 weeks:
  • Tired! I’m having trouble falling asleep at night. I wake up at least 2-3 times a night to go to the bathroom and then struggle falling back asleep. And of course, I’m back up between 6-7am with my other little one.  
  • Ligament pain has begun, but it’s not near as frequent or as painful as the first pregnancy. 
  • I feel really blessed that my leg cramping STILL hasn’t returned
  • Getting grumpier. I can tell my moods are swinging, and I feel really bad for my husband. Lately I just feel like I can’t do anything (play with my son, clean the house, make dinner) and it’s taking a toll on me. I want to be able to do all the projects and plans I have in my head, but it takes me so much longer to do anything than before; and twice as much energy. 
I’m also feeling more at ease. We spoke with our doctor last check up, and we’ve made some important decisions about the delivery of Baby #2. For the first time in 20 months, I feel comfortable and calm about how this pregnancy will end! 

26 Weeks: The Bump

This week officially marks the beginning of the end. I know that technically a lot of websites don’t count the beginning of the third trimester until week 27, but since I know I won’t reach week 41, this is it for me! 

I have a little more than 13 more weeks to go, and I’m getting really excited! 

This pregnancy already feels so different in a lot of ways. With my first, I felt as if the first 25 weeks went by really fast, and then, it took forever to reach our due date once Christmas past. 

Now, I feel like the first 20 weeks went by so slowly, and the due date is approaching quickly! I still sometimes have to remind myself it’s October and not September. Before I know it we’ll be celebrating Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. And once we hit New Years, it’s only a matter of days before Littler Man arrives! I keep laughing with Tim’s work schedule for December and January. Out of the 10 weeks in these months, he’ll only be at work for 6! Too bad the baby couldn’t have timed it a little better to come around Christmas or New Years, then he wouldn’t have to worry about going back to work for a week or so before taking Paternity Leave. 

What the baby’s doing at 26 weeks

  • He’s now about 1 2/3 lbs, and averaging about 14″ (according to BabyCenter.com).
  • Kicking and Summersauts are happening frequently; mostly as I lay down at night but through out the day too. At our last check up, he even kicked the heartbeat monitor as she went to put it on my belly. 

How I’m feeling at 26 weeks:

  • Tired! I’m having trouble falling asleep at night. I wake up at least 2-3 times a night to go to the bathroom and then struggle falling back asleep. And of course, I’m back up between 6-7am with my other little one.  
  • Indigestion is a common problem. I’m often very uncomfortable after I eat; no matter what I eat.  
  • Ligament pain has begun, but it’s not near as frequent or as painful as the first pregnancy. 
  • I feel really blessed that my leg cramping hasn’t returned (yet). 
  • Overwhelmed. Knowing now how difficult it is to manage a household with a newborn, I’m desperately trying to get onto some kind of schedule or organization routine that I can establish before the baby. Unlike with the first, life can’t stop this time! We also have to figure out timing on how to transition the Little Man into his Big Boy Room before the baby comes. 
There’s just too much to do! 

20 Weeks: The Bump


Not only am I getting bigger, but look at our flower garden! 

This is probably the best we’ve ever done at not killing our plants. 

I’m so proud! 

I’m now definitely feeling pregnant!

I hadn’t really paid attention to how large I was getting until I took the Little Man for a walk yesterday. We just walked around the block while I pulled him in his wagon, and my back was killing me. You would have thought I had strapped a 20 pound brick to my belly, but according to my scale, I’ve only gained 8! 

At 20 weeks today, I’ve officially reached the halfway point. The baby should be about the length of a banana and about 10 1/2 ounces. Most people say that the second pregnancy seems to go by much faster than the first, but it seems to be going slower for me. I feel like I’ve been pregnant for forever, and based on my belly size I would have thought I was at least 25 weeks. (Here’s a picture of me at 26-27 weeks.) I mean, we still haven’t found out the gender of our baby yet!

But it’s coming! This Thursday, we have our sono appointment where we get to see the little munchkin again. We’ve been praying for all good news and nothing but a positive and healthy report. And of course, finding out what we’re having. If you believe the Chinese Gender Calendar, we’re having a girl. If you believe the old wives’ tale of heartbeat rate, originally we were having a girl, but now we’re having a boy. 

Tim thinks Girl. 
I think Boy. 

What do you think?
Let’s see who’s right! 

15 Weeks: The Bump

I had every intention of taking a bump pic every 4 weeks, but since we were out of town last weekend, we’re going to make it every 5. 

Yesterday I turned 15 weeks, and well…I don’t feel much different as far as size. Tim says I look bigger. What do you think? 

Currently, I’m experiencing: 

  • mild and infrequent nausea
  • an increase in energy
  • slight to moderate food aversions (I can eat chicken again, but chicken smothered in sauce sounds way better than just a grilled chicken breast!)
  • lower abs are starting to feel tight from beginning to be stretched
  • headaches are frequent and annoying
According to BabyCenter, my little apple is about 2 1/2 oz. and 4 inches long. His or her lungs are beginning to develop and breath amniotic fluid in and out. He or she should also be able to move all of his/her joints or limbs!

Unfortunately, due to my doctor and I traveling, we’ve had to push back my next appointment until August 13. Which means we probably won’t be able to find out the baby’s gender until the middle of September. I think a lot of people are slightly disappointed, but since the whole point of the ultrasound is to make sure the baby’s healthy. . .not just the sex. . . I completely understand! I want to know the kidneys, heart, brain, and limbs are developing the way they should be more than whether or not we’re having a boy or girl. 

Tim tells me to think more positively. If you go into it assuming everything is fine, then you get more excited about the gender and don’t think about the negative. I’m too paranoid of a pregnant person for that. With each ultrasound I hold my breath until the tech says everything looks good. Just me?? 😉 

10 Weeks: The Bump

Last Saturday my little kumquat turned 10 weeks and as I mentioned a few days ago, I’m already starting to show. Before I started to really lose my shape we decided to capture a bump shot. 

Currently I’m experiencing:

  • tired and exhausted 24/7
  • never ending hunger, but almost always nauseous
  • trips to the bathroom are getting more and more frequent; including the 5am wake-up calls
  • food aversions to almost everything

Gaining It All Back

I couldn’t believe it when I had to dig through the bottom of a closet and pull out the box labeled Maternity. Already at (almost) 10 weeks my jeans and shorts aren’t fitting the way they used to. It’s becoming more and more difficult to fasten that button. It seems like in a one week period I went from using a rubber band to adding the belly band to just accepting that I need to go up a size. 

With my first pregnancy, I dreaded maternity clothes. Being pregnant in Texas during the changing seasons can be difficult. I knew when the bump started to show I was going to have to purchase, not 1, but 2 new wardrobes; short sleeves and jeans for the fall and pants and sweaters for the winter. Being the cheap person that I was, in the beginning I made the decision to buy normal Old Navy jeans, but one size larger. These jeans got me through a little longer before having to buy actual maternity pants, and I was able to wear them again as I worked on losing the baby weight after the Little Man was born. 

At 16 weeks, my OB/GYN finally told me I needed to give in and buy some maternity clothes, so I caved. I really hated the thought of spending money on clothes that I might not wear again, so I bought as little as necessary. When it came to purchasing sweaters, I tried to buy styles that I could wear after the pregnancy too. 

I feel so thankful that I’m just a few months ahead of my first pregnancy so that the season I originally purchased will come in handy. This time around I’m not as hesitant to wear maternity clothes because it doesn’t involve a lot of new purchases. I also know that many of the maternity jeans are way more comfortable that being squeezed into normal jeans and a belly band. 

But I don’t think I’m quite there yet… to actually pull out the “real” maternity clothes. 

One reason is that I find I’m struggling with the change of mentality when it comes to my weight. For the last 15 months I’ve been focused on losing the baby weight and becoming more physically fit. Baby Boot Camp helped me drop a size from my pre-pregnancy weight and I notice the “size up” jeans I bought during my first pregnancy don’t fit the way they did before. My legs are thinner and the fit is baggier; although they’re clearly fit nicely around my tiny bump. It’s just a small reminder of how hard I worked to get back into shape and eat healthier; only to now feel like I have to remove all of those thoughts from my mind. 

I can no longer be concerned about losing or maintaining my weight. I can’t be picky with what I eat (or am not capable of eating right now). Once my nausea begins to subside I’m going to get back into my workout routine, but my only motivation is to stay healthy for the delivery and hopefully get back into shape much quicker post-pregnancy. 

It’s just hard to flip that switch. 

We’ve Reached Full Term!

I finally reached “full term” on Friday, February 21. I wish I could be happy about this, but it appears there’s no end in sight for this pregnancy. Obviously I’m being ridiculous! Of course there’s an end, but it will probably be later rather than sooner.

After 2 weeks of weekly check-ups at my Ob/Gyn, I’ve finally made a little progress. She said, I’ve officially reached a 1; however, I’m not as effaced as she thought originally. So, we went forward only to go back a little. He’s also not shown any signs of dropping; still at a -2 positioning. Based on my own history of being late at birth, and the “progress” being made, she really feels like he’s settling in for the long ride. Fortunately, she did give me a little bit of hope. She’s only going to allow me to go 7 days past the due date, so at the very latest we should have this baby by March 18. I’m partially convinced this is because I thought it be cute to buy a St. Patrick’s Day onesie. . . I jinks’d it! 

It looks like I’ll have some more time to spend at home before he’s born than I originally thought.  

The good news is we have plenty of time to finish some of our classes. We’re taking Babycare/CPR this week, and a breasfeeding class next week. We’ll also have time to interview some pediatricians. We’re interviewing one next week I feel pretty good about, and the practice is close to home. We also finally received our last pieces of the baby furniture today, so I’ll have plenty of time to load up the drawers before he arrives. I was a little nervous we’d have nothing to put in them, but a family friend came to the rescue with 4 containers full of baby boy hand-me-downs! Woohoo for free clothes!

Here I am a little over 37 weeks! 

Who Is This Person?

This weekend has been an eye-opening experience for me. I think I have either been ignoring the obvious or some major pregnancy issues have (literally) popped up within this last week. It very well could be that I’ve just been too busy to notice the changes going on, but some are pretty hard to not notice. For example, my belly is now fully preventing me from doing any normal, personal activities such as tying my own shoes, putting my pants on without taking a breather, and actually sitting up straight on the bed or in a chair.

To add to this, I looked down this evening and noticed my ankles were gone; in their place are cankles. My feet and legs are starting to swell to the point that I don’t recognize my own lower half. My usual cotton socks are even leaving marks on my legs.

I’ve also had some time to prepare, but my biggest fear is now happening. . .my belly button is almost flush with my stomach. I need to realize that it’s only a matter of days before my perfect belly button is now an outie.

And of course, there’s all of the internal body changes that are causing embarrassment for me in public that I need not discuss. :)

I’m still grateful for the few things that don’t seem to be an issue. The only swelling seems to be in my legs. My rings still fit on my hands, and many people have told me you can’t see the pregnancy on my face. I’m also happy to still not have any signs of the linea nigra – the dark line that runs vertical up many women’s bellies.

Overall, I’m still enjoying the experience of being pregnant, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I am starting to miss my old self. I really hope it comes back soon!

Getting Bigger!

As the seasons change, so does my belly. It’s hard to believe how big I’m getting. . .and how big I feel! Only 2 more days until I start my 3rd trimester, and only 12 weeks to go until Baby. :)