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If the Maternity Pants Fit

If you could catch a glimpse through the walls of our home, you’d find a lot of things, but perfection isn’t one of them. 

Love this, but who has the time!
In my wildest dreams, I’d love to be that mom who is the sought-after pinnable image on Pinterest, but I’m sure you can tell from the title of my blog that I’m not one of those moms. I don’t hop out the door every day in my designer shoes, skinny jeans, and Kate Spade handbag. Most days, out of necessity, it’s t-shirts or simple knits and jeans; lately, still maternity jeans.

And this has been the source of a lot of frustration for me! 

When I roll out of bed most mornings, it’s been a long drawn out process that usually ends with a pile on the floor and possible cursing at or kicking off of clothes. It’s hard enough to get my two boys changed, dressed, fed, and happy (so that I can put on something besides PJ’s) that when it’s time to open my closet and find something to wear, I’m beat down. 

Let’s start at the bottom!

Currently 2 pairs of my pre-pregancy pants fit me. No slacks, khakis, capris, or even skirts. I have 1 pair of black yoga pants (the antithesis of the mom uniform) and 1 pair of dark denim jeans. And when I say they fit me, what I really mean is they can stretch over my enormous hips and sit on my waist; just loose enough to be comfortable, but just tight enough to accentuate my deflated pregnancy pooch that’s taking it’s time after its second round of stretching. 

So what does that leave me with? 

Maternity Pants. 

That’s right, two months after baby, I’m still wearing maternity pants. And not the kind that could pass as regular pants minus the belt loops and zipper. I’m talking full belly coverage maternity pants.

So to hid the fact that I’ve just put on maternity jeans (and the lovely stretch material that goes with them), it’s all about strategy up top.

High-Water Tops

When choosing a top, it needs to be long to cover the stretchy material when I’m standing, sitting, bending over or running after my kid. But the problem is, maternity material starts under the belly to allow for growth, which would be like planning your wardrobe around low-waisted jeans. What mom still wears low-waisted jeans?? 

sunday out
Can someone just put these clothes in my closet?

Almost all of my shirts are about 2 inches too short. I’m frequently feeling a draft around my midsection if not kept properly pulled up (which I have to discretely do every 30 seconds), and I often flash to the whole world that I’m still in maternity pants.

What’s a girl to do?

I don’t want to buy new clothes for this odd transition period, but when every morning ends in tears over a mountain of hangers, I feel like something’s got to give.

This isn’t the way to start my already chaotic day!

From Baby to Big Boy

The time has come . . .

I’m 31 weeks and reality is setting in that there’s about 8 weeks left in this pregnancy. And oddly, I spend more time worrying about the child I currently have than the one that’s on the way!

With 2 months until baby #2 arrives, we’ve decided we’d better get moving on transitioning the Little Man from the nursery into his “Big Boy Room.”

He just turned 20 months last week, and although I don’t think I’m ready for him to be in his own bed, I think it’s probably smart to go ahead and rip that band-aid off.

For months now, we’ve been working on his room, and watched as it transformed from a guest room to an empty play room to the room it is now. 


There are fun sports sheets on the bed. We’ve moved the TV out (and most of the toys) so he won’t get distracted. There’s nothing left to happen except put move him in.

But how?!

I keep procrastinating because I keep thinking we’ll do it later, but I know if I wait too long he’s going to get kicked out so the baby can move in. I’ve been told this is the last thing I want him to feel or realize… (because it’s true!).

I’ve also heard that once the baby arrives, he’ll regress in his behavior and sleep habits, so I feel that moving him now and getting him adjusted will only help if there is regression. 

But at the same time. . .

He LOVES his crib!

As you can see, his new bed is kind of like a crib. 

He’s got walls on 3 sides and a railing on the 4th. We’ve put pillows and blankets in. But, he already knows how to climb in, out, and over the railing. What stops him from just getting out of bed whenever he wants?

Do I let him just get out of bed? Do I just put him in there one night and leave him? Do I start with nap time?

I’d love any advice you have because I clearly have no idea what I’m doing and we’re starting TONIGHT!!  

From 1 to 2: Your Stroller Advice

The time has come to make another baby purchase, and I’m at a loss! 

It seems like only yesterday we were making the “big” decision of what stroller to buy for our first child, and now almost 2 years later, I’m feeling the same anxiety I did with the first. 

Which brand should I buy? What size of stroller should I buy? What style of stroller should I buy? Do I really need to spend more money on a stroller when I already have 3?!

I’m not a hoarder by any means, and I hate wasting money, but over the last 2 years a lot has been invested in strollers! 

The first stroller went with his car seat and was used solely until I joined Baby Boot Camp. Once I began Boot Camp, the cruising stroller wouldn’t work for running on pavement and with quick turns, so we bought a jogging stroller on Craig’s List. 

Then sometime before the Little Man’s first birthday, his newborn stroller became too uncomfortable to him, and we started using the jogging stroller more than his cruising stroller. 

Then we planned vacations. . . There was no way I was going to try and take either stroller across the country, so we made a small investment in an umbrella stroller for travel. Now that I’m no longer participating in Baby Boot Camp, the umbrella stroller has been our main stroller; although it’s about to fall a part since it was cheap. 

So, now Baby #2 is almost here, I’m starting to panic about how we’re going to function with two under the age of 2!

I don’t know at what age it’s okay to allow your child to walk by themselves, so I’m not sure how long I’ll even need a double stroller, and if it’s even worth the money to invest in one. I definitely don’t feel comfortable letting my toddler walk on his own in public places. I’ve had nightmares about having to drop the baby carrier while I chase after my son through the Galleria Mall. 

So, do I purchase something like this? 

I also don’t think I want to sell my cruising stroller because once the Little Man can walk by himself, I’m pretty sure I’ll still want a single stroller for the baby. . . 

But do I really need something this massive. . .and this expensive AGAIN?!


Lessons from the Sick

Once again, I took an unexpected blogging hiatus while our family dealt with a first. I don’t know what I was expecting when my son started Mother’s Day Out just two weeks ago, but I know I didn’t anticipate the illnesses coming as quickly and violently as they did!

Last Wednesday, I took the Little Man outside after his nap to play and enjoy the beautiful weather that had moved in the night before. It wasn’t but two feet outside of the door that I heard him make a really familiar, but unfamiliar, noise. 


As I turned to look, I realized what I thought had just happened actually did. My son threw up. I just stood there in shock because the last time that’d happened almost 9 months ago we called it “spit up.”  I have always considered myself very fortunate that I have never had to experience my child vomit, and as I looked at him to try and figure out what to do, it seemed almost surreal. 

He just looked at me like, “Huh.” I figured he must have just worked up his stomach by running outside, and it was nothing more than a fluke. So, I took him inside, changed him out of his clothes, and sat him down on the couch while I turned on his show. I walked into the kitchen to grab my phone and call Tim to tell him what just happened, and no sooner than I dialed his number, my living room turned into a scene from The Exorcist. He was vomiting uncontrollably and began crying between heaves. 

I began to panic! 

Unable to get a hold of my mom, I quickly dialed my mother-in-law (before dialing 911) and told her what was going on. She gave me a few things to look for like really high fever, head injuries, and blood. Since there was none of that, I was convinced it must be food poisoning. 

As a matter of fact, once I started brainstorming with my husband, I realized the milk I’d given him before his nap wasn’t actually from the night before…it was from the previous night! 

Of course it was food poisoning! He’d been given bad milk! 

Fast forward to Thursday.
After surviving 6 hours of being thrown up on, Thursday started off pretty well. The Little Man had slept through the night, and was eating crackers without getting sick. He took a really good nap (almost 3 hours) and I thought the worst was over. 

Sometime around midnight, The Little Man woke up and began crying. 

By 1 am, he was awake and refusing to go back to sleep. 

I was doing everything in my power to get him to sleep, and when nothing else was working I started to cry myself. I was running on empty and was functioning on only an hour of sleep. When I tried to turn and rely on Tim, I watched him jump off the bed and make a beeline for the bathroom. 


Maybe this wasn’t food poisoning? 

Fast Forward to Friday.

The Little Man finally fell asleep around 5am after a drive in the car. Tim and I called in reinforcements that afternoon while we got caught up on some rest. The Little Man seemed to be on the mend after a bad night. Tim hadn’t gotten sick since the night before. 

All was finally well. 

And then sometime around midnight, 
my stomach started cramping. 

I slept that night, but not well. . .and by morning, I just kept telling Tim how much my stomach hurt. I specifically remember laying on the bed, and saying “It feels like someone has stabbed my stomach with a knife. . . “

Uh Oh. 

It wasn’t food poisoning! 

It wasn’t until that day we realized a really bad stomach virus was going around Mom’s Day Out and the church nursery. We’d been double exposed, and within 4 days we’d all come down with it. 

It’s been a very interesting last week, but looking back, it was a good experience to have had. I knew at some point, I was going to encounter stomach viruses with babies, and I think it was under the best conditions as it could have been. 

In the future, I’ll have to remember to. . .
  • Always grab a trash can. I learned the hard way that when your child gets sick once, odds are it’s going to happen again. And if you’re really unfortunate, again and again and again. Two loads of towels later, I wish I’d just grabbed a trash can instead of trying to use towels to clean up.  
  • The floor is your friend.  Not the bed or the shower because the last thing you want to do at the end of a long day of nursing your child back to health is grab a spot cleaner to try and remove the stains and smells. I wish I’d known this before I’d set him on the couch to watch tv. 
  • Sleep when your baby sleeps. This is a lesson I thought I’d learned in the newborn stage, but once again I doubted how sick my child could get. I had no idea when I went to bed at 11pm, he’d be up at midnight and would be unable to sleep due to stomach pain until 5am. I wish I’d grabbed that nap when he did. 
  • Watch what YOU eat. Once we realized it wasn’t food poisoning, I should have anticipated how quickly the virus would spread. I only wish I’d chosen soup for a few days over lasagna, frito pie, and tacos. 
  • Enjoy the cuddle time. There will probably be lots of tense and frustrating moments as you watch your child go through the agony of being sick and not being able to tell you where it hurts, but during the down time, there will be a lot of sweet moments that aren’t normally there during healthy days. 

A Little Summer Reading

Every once in awhile I’ll get into a reading kick where I read more than just my one book a month for book club, and for the last two months, I’ve definitely been enjoying some much needed reading! I honestly can’t remember the last time I sat down and read book after book. Okay, with the exception of my guilty pleasure reads; The Hunger Games back in March and The Twilight Series in 2010. 

I wish I could say I owe the increase in reading to our two vacations, but the only time I found myself reading was on the airplane to and from New York. The only reason I’ve gotten as much reading done as I have is that I’ve been forcing myself to make the time. Even if that means neglecting my blog slightly during the Little Man’s nap times or right before bed. :)

It also doesn’t hurt that it’s been nearly impossible to put the books down that my Book Club or I’ve chosen! 

If you’re looking for some good book choices, here’s what you’ll find recently read in my Kindle. 


Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen – I know. I’m a little behind on this one, but after seeing the first 20 minutes on the plane to Maui, I instantly stopped watching and picked up the book. As expected, the book is so much better than the movie! This is the story of a 20-something man named Jacob in the 1920’s who find himself wandering alone after the death of his parents.He drops out of Cornell during his last final exam before graduating as a veterinarian, and finds himself hitching a ride on a train for a traveling circus. He develops an odd trio relationship with the animal director and his wife, as you discover something just isn’t right between the couple. 

This is a really light and easy read; however, it was difficult to read some parts that involved animal cruelty and some graphic sexual scenes. Fortunately both are few and far between!

Dreams of Joy by Lisa See – This is the sequel to the novel Shanghai Girls. I won’t share too much information so that I won’t ruin two books for you, but these are some of the better books I’ve read all year. Shanghai Girls is the story of two sisters, Pearl and May, as that they attempt to escape China in the 1930’s as it’s about to be taken over by the Japanese. You follow their story as they smuggle themselves out of China and over to the United States via an immigration island where they’re forced to deal with difficult situations. The novel continues as they learn to make the best of their new lives in America. 

Dreams of Joy follows up from where the story leaves off in Shanghai Girls. Pearl is forced to return to the Republic of China in the 1950’s while it’s in the height of Chairman Mao’s Great Leap Forward campaign. 

Both books are filled with amazing and very sad history as they’re based on actual events that took place. I loved both books since I know nothing about China’s history as a closed country. It was so interesting to read, I almost found the historical situations more interesting than the fiction! 

What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty – This was another quick read. Partially because it was extremely relateable to me as a mom and wife, but the plot moved really smoothly as several characters told the story. The last thing Alice remembers is being 28 years old, married to the love of her life, and 14 weeks pregnant with her first child. When one morning she finds herself on the floor of a spin class and is pushing 40 with the scars of a C-section on her body. Within an hour she finds out, she has 3 children and is in the process of divorcing her husband. What Alice Forgot takes the reader through the missing 10 years of Alice’s life. 

Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter by Tom Franklin – Confession! I just finished this book even though it was our Book Club choice for May. I really wanted to read it, and then never did, but I’m so glad I finally got around to it. I’m always nervous about picking up murder-mystery books because you never know what type of book you’re going to get; however, this one was right up my alley! I could read it before bed without getting scared. 

This is the story of Silas and Larry; two boys from the backwoods of Mississippi who share a deep secret about a night that took place in High School. For Larry, it meant living in isolation until his 40’s and for Silas, moving away and disowning his friend. It takes a near-death tragedy to bring these two people back together as they begin to unravel all the events that took place almost 25 year prior. 

11/22/63: A Novel by Stephen King – I’m not going to lie. This book is a commitment. With a total of 880 pages and weighing in at just over 2 pounds, if you’re a slow reader like me, you will spend a few weeks (or longer) working on this book. But, I found myself unable to put it down! Even though I knew I’d have to be up at 6am, I found myself awake at 1am still reading. 

Forget the Stephen King horror writer you know, and meet Stephen King historical fiction/sci-fi writer. Jake Epping, a high school English teacher, goes on a bizarre journey when he discovers a time portal in his local diner’s stockroom. He is enlisted by the diner’s owner to take over his passion – to prevent the Kennedy assassination in Dallas. The biggest problem Jake encounters is that the time portal takes him back to 1957, and he has to begin a life in the past while he waits for this world-altering event to take place. And if he’s able to go through with stopping the assassination, what type of consequences await for him in the past, in the future, and to the world? 

I also loved this book because, although it’s not 100% accurate with the events that took place surrounding Lee Harvey Oswald prior to the Kennedy Assassination, it’s fairly accurate in the places he lived, worked, and visited in Dallas and Fort Worth. I always enjoy reading historical information about my home city and discovering the way things used to be. 

So, that’s my summer reading list. And I’m excited because I’m actually a month ahead on my Book Club reading which means I have a whole month to continue reading books of my choice. 

What do you suggest I read next? 

My Experience as a BlogHer Newbie

I’m not new to the blogging scene. As a matter of fact, I’ve been blogging since 2006, and that was way before it was “cool.” But for me, blogging has always been a way of journaling the story of my life and expressing my thoughts and emotions through writing; especially since we all know my verbal skills are lacking!

It’s only been recently that I thought I’d try and make something more of blogging. . . Enter Dallas Moms Blog. It’s become more than a hobby for me; I can definitely see myself writing for this site for a long time to come, which is why I’d decided to attend this year’s BlogHer conference in New York. 

I first discovered BlogHer when they began to recognize several of my blog posts on my personal site by featuring them on BlogHer Moms. (First in January, then again in April.) I’d been slightly participating in BlogHer up until that point, but really began to feel validated as a writer by being featured. This encouraged me to starting looking at my blog not just as a journal, but as a platform. 

The more I got involved in BlogHer, the more I realized I wanted to learn as much as possible about the world of blogging to attract more readers to my The T-Shirt Mama site and be able to write more interesting posts for Dallas Moms Blog. 

So, this past weekend, I found myself at my first BlogHer conference! 

For those of you who might not know what a BlogHer conference is or haven’t attended one before, this post is for you! I honestly searched the internet looking for all the helpful advice I could find before attending, and I still felt under prepared. Hopefully, this inside look will give you a better idea of what it’s like to attend a BlogHer conference, and give you some idea of whether or not you’d like to attend next year in Chicago!

Being my first conference, I chose not to attend the Pathfinder Day. (To be honest, I’m still not quite sure what it is, but now that I have my BlogHer feet wet, I might attend next year to discover more.)  Instead, I met up with Steph from City Moms Blog for lunch, and picked her brain on what to expect. And I’m so thankful I did because it really helped me understand what the sponsors were expecting from the bloggers. 

Thursday night I attended the Evening at the Expo. Imagine any Expo you’ve ever attended, and that’s Evening at the Expo. Sponsors and exhibitors are lined up in a large conference room (At BlogHer, it’s 4 large conference rooms), and they’re there to pitch to you. They want you to hear about their new products and offers hoping that you’ll help them promote. In exchange, you’re building relationships with them in hopes to build your “brand.” 
I spent almost an hour walking around and only made it through one floor of the Expo. And that was rushing! 

It was also at this Expo that I was able to grab my first BlogHer swag bag, and boy did it get filled! 

For Newbies: Thursday night is your opportunity to scope everything out. Bring lots of business cards and expect your swag bag to be extremely heavy by the time you leave. Don’t feel the need to grab freebies that you won’t end up using, and pay careful attention to all the fliers. Many have offers on them which require you to just send a simple email, and you’ll have easy connections with the company. 

Friday & Saturday
Anyone is welcome, but BlogHer hosted a Newbie breakfast that I attended. The food was good, but the room was packed with people! I arrived about 10 minutes early to stand in line, and I wasn’t even near the beginning. 

I was thankful to have someone to sit by, but I quickly found that most people come on their own. I wasn’t alone in feeling alone! 

For Newbies: Don’t worry if you arrive slightly late to any of the meals. They don’t cut off the food until the end! But don’t be surprised if seats are hard to come by. For several meals, I walked out and found many conference-goers sitting on the floor and in the lobby. And don’t be afraid to sit by new people! That’s what you’re there for!  

The rest of the day was spent in sessions. I attended several that would help me with both my personal blog and Dallas Moms Blog; including a brief review of HTML and how to effectively use Facebook & Twitter. 

Many of the more technical sessions were crammed with people, and if I didn’t arrive early, I found myself sitting on the floor. Even still, I found the speakers to be loud enough that it didn’t cause me to lose out on the session. 

In between sessions, and when I could find the time, I continued to rush through the Expo to try and build brand connections. I also made my way upstairs to the suites where several companies had set up shop. 

These were my favorite way of meeting people because it was typically a lot less crowded, and there was more time to visit and discuss any questions you had about products. 

Visiting with a dermatologist one-on-one about rosacea and other skin care questions. 

 Each suite did an amazing job decorating to fit their theme and brand! Hershey/Walmart turned their entire room into a camping ground complete with campfire and s’mores. Which (by the way) I’ve been craving ever since! 

Lunch time on Friday and Saturday was a unique experience! The Hilton did an amazing job ushering almost 5,000 bloggers through almost 8 buffet lines.

 It all seemed very unorganized and chaotic, but surprisingly we made it through really quickly, and even found a seat in time to hear. . .  Martha Stewart!

Martha was the keynote speaker on Friday, and did an amazing job of making the audience feel empowered by their use of the internet. She discussed her personal experience with using blogs, e-magazines, Facebook, and Twitter. She even revealed that Twitter is probably her favorite platform. 

Saturday was more of the same. Sessions and a keynote speech from Katie Couric. 

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend the Voices of the Year ceremony after the session had ended. My pregnant body had given up on me by this point, and I had to force myself to head back to the hotel. 

For Newbies: Each day of the conference, I highly recommend not overwhelming yourself with feeling like you have to do everything! The most valuable part of the conference is the sessions. Plan those out first, then fill your time with the sponsors, Expo, and other off-campus activities. The more involved you get, the more overwhelmed you get! 

At one point on Saturday, I just accepted the fact that I wasn’t going to get every free object to be had. I wasn’t going to be able to attended every session. I also didn’t need to feel bad if I had to stop and rest instead of heading to a party. 

The Parties

Being that it was my first year, I felt honored to be invited by Hasbro to attend their sneak-peak party on Friday night. (Apparently it’s one of the parties to go to, and now I know why!) Since it was the only one I was invited to, I wanted to make sure I attended. 

The first 300 people to arrive were given a swag bag, and I’m happy I arrived 30 minutes early because the line was already about 70 people deep.  

Although standing in 90 degree NYC heat for thirty minutes wasn’t ideal, it was in line, that I met some great bloggers like Rachel Marie Martin of Finding Joy and Jenn Perry of Daze of Adventure who offered to let me hang with them since I was clearly alone. :) 

Being pregnant, I knew I couldn’t keep with them, so I ended up grabbing my glass of water, and finding a table where I had a great view of the party. 

I walked away with over $100 worth of Hasbro products (to put in the top of the closet until my son is old enough!) and some great memories! 

For Newbies: When attending parties, they expect you to participate and be a part of the fun. If you’re expecting to go and just show up for the free goodies, you’ve got another thing coming…they make you work for them! Pictures like these may even surface the next day. :) 

Overall, I had a great experience at BlogHer, and I don’t even feel like I fully participated. As you may already know, I cheated slightly by bringing my husband along just in case it wasn’t what I expected. But it was way more!

A big THANK YOU to Stephanie who helped me so much this trip. Without her, I never would have known about the BlogHer Conference Planning Guide and all the other little tips she gave me a long the way. I also appreciate her letting me tag along as she presented City Moms Blog to potential sponsors. I learned so much, and I can’t WAIT to attend BlogHer ’13! 

For Newbies: 
My last few pieces of advice:

  • Apparently the internet never works correctly at BlogHer. If you bring your laptop to the sessions, and can’t log in within the first hour, don’t bother bringing your computer to a session again. It’s not worth the weight on your shoulder, and most of the sessions were posted online afterwards anyway. I just took notes! 
  • No joke. Pack a suitcase inside a suitecase. You’ll need it for all the extra items you bring home or you have the option of shipping. 
  • Speak up! When you sit down at a session, turn to the person to your left and then your right and introduce yourself. It’s the best way to meet new people, and discover weird coincidences! 
    • For example, at the Newbie breakfast a random stranger sat down next to me. She just happened to be rooming with Jenny (a fellow DMB writer!). 
    • Also, standing in line at the Hasbro party, I never would have known I was standing in front of the original author of “Dear Mom Letter”s who we just quoted on DMB. 
    • Or walking up to the Soda Stream station, I’d meet fellow Dallas blogger, A Frugal Friend.
Will I see you at BlogHer ’13?

How to: Sight See In New York Without Really Trying

This past weekend was my 5th time to visit the Big Apple, and I’ve gotten to the point where I feel like I’ve seen most of the tourist attractions. Within my first two visits, I’d dragged my family through subways, long walks across the numbered blocks, and up and down the island of Manhattan trying to cross off all the points-of-interest on my list; from the Statue of Liberty in the Harbor to the famous “Restaurant” as seen on Seinfeld. 

Statue of Liberty
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Rockafeller Center
Ellis Island
Central Park
Times Square
Museum of Natural History
Canal Street
5th Avenue
Brooklyn Bridge

I can officially say that if I died tomorrow, I feel confident that I’ve seen New York. 

By your third or fourth trip, the novelty of seeing the more touristy sights sort of wears away. I no longer come to the city with a long list of things I must do. (My list mostly now consists of restaurants to try.) But I have to say, the city still amazes me and I can’t help but still get a little “star struck” with each visit. 

This trip, we never went further north than 63rd Street or further south than 23rd, and in that time I couldn’t believe all that I ran into. With every turn of the corner, a visual surprise was waiting!
Ed Sullivan Theater
59th & Broadway
Rockefeller Center & Ice Rink (In the Summer)
51st & 5th
NBC Studios / 30 Rock
49th & 6th
The Original Soupman
55th & 8th
Oops! You caught me taking a little break in Central Park from all the walking! 
Bad Boy Entertainment
55th & Broadway
Radio City Music Hall
50th & 6th
Times Square
47th & Broadway
Who knows? 
You might even run into your favorite characters!
(Or your child’s favorite characters and you feel the need to pay $1 
to send them a picture of Mommy with them!)

If you’re planning a visit to New York and you’re worried you won’t find the time to fit everything in, remember this piece of advice: Plan your trip around the larger points of interest and don’t worry about all the little places in between. Believe it or not, they’ll find you before you feel the need to go searching for them! 

What are your favorite things to see in New York City? 

This Post is for the Girls (In More Ways Than One)

I have a confession. 

But before I go on, if you’re a boy, get the hint that this post isn’t for you. Now would be the time to move on to another blog, and come back again tomorrow. It’s girl talk time. :) 

Are you ready for this one? For the last 13 months, I’ve been wearing the same 5 nursing bras. 


Up until today, I hadn’t convinced myself it was time to move on. But it is officially time. 

I completely forgot how nice it is to wear something feminine, comfortable, and without some kind of leak protection. Now before you begin judging, you have to know a few of the reasons why this has been a source of procrastination for me. 

First, I’m cheap. Bras are expensive; especially when you have an odd body frame. I’ve spent YEARS looking for bras that don’t fall off my shoulders, are an accurate cup size, and don’t make me feel like a granny. Let’s face it. My “girls” are big even though I’m short, so even when I do finally find the perfect bra, they don’t usually have it in my size. Prior to pregnancy, I had a drawer full of my favorite bras in all colors. Once I had the Little Man, I moved all my beautiful wired bras off to the side, and made room for the larger cupped, neutral-toned maternity/nursing bras. 

Which brings me to my second reason. I found awesome nursing bras! 


I took full advantage of the Mother’s Gift store in Presbyterian Hospital of Plano after having the Little Man. The women who worked in this store were so wonderful to me. They provided me with a private fitting to help me find the right size, and they helped me select some great Bravado bras that fit my shape perfectly. I’ll admit. I spent more on nursing bras here than I ever would have considered before, but I just knew it would be worth it. As many women do, I slept with my bra on to help with the discomfort and leakage that came with nursing. If this undergarment was going to become a part of me 24/7, I wanted to make sure they were good ones! Plus, I hope to use them in the future and didn’t want to have to waste more money buying them again in a few years. 

My biggest reason for I waited so long was I didn’t want to be wasteful and disappointed. That drawer full of beautiful bras that I thought would be waiting for me when I was done breastfeeding. . .They no longer fit! I kept thinking if I just waited long enough, I wouldn’t need to buy anymore. I’ve been done with nursing for almost 5 months now, and the “girls” have no signs of going back to their original size. So the hundreds of dollars I spent on bras over the last few years are still in that drawer; just sitting there. Maybe never to be worn again. I just couldn’t bare the thought of going out and spending more on bras for my current size only to have something else happen physically and that ended up being a waste too. 

So today, I finally decided I was done! I’m done feeling like a sloppy mom in my nursing bras. There’s no reason to still have snaps on my straps. My maternity clothes have been packed away for months now. It’s time my bras join them.  I’m ready to bring the wire back and stop dragging the floor. . . if you know what I mean. 😉 And with that, I’m officially now out of the infant/post pregnancy stage! Amen! 

How did you handle this body change after having a baby?

A Serious Case of "Working Mom" Envy

Browsing through my blog roll tonight, I found a really interesting post by mooshkatoo. When I first read the title A Serious Case of SAHM Envy, I felt as if she were writing to me directly. SAHM. That’s me. That’s my title. When asked for an occupation on forms, this is what I put, and over the past year, it has come to define who I am. 

I’m a stay at home mom. 

That’s it. That’s all. My life and my job is a mom. 

I knew immediately what she was going to be writing about before I started reading. To a working mom (and many husbands), the life of a stay at home mom seems ideal. She dreams of being able to stay at home with her daughter; to spend more time with her and do all those awesome things that stay at home moms do. Picnics in the park. Making forts from bedspreads. Learning through play. . . If I could describe this image of a mom, I’d call it the Pinterest mom. The woman who knows how to cook on a budget, clean to the perfection of a maid, educate as if she were a teacher, and sleep as little as a giraffe. (1.9 hours a day in case you weren’t aware of that fact!) After all, that’s why we pin all those images is to use them, right?

mooshkatoo’s a mom who has come to the realization that in order to help support her family, she has to work, and she’s envious of “me”. I get to spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with my son. . . Yet, little does she know, I’m envious of her. 

I’ve mentioned this before, but leaving my job was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make. I was standing on the ledge of personal success ready to jump into increased responsibilities, earning the trust of my superiors, and a nice, little raise, and I walked away from it all. In my heart I knew that I wanted to be there for my son; to hear his first words, take his first steps, and learn how to give a hug. I watch as my husband works and travels and has to miss out on these new growths and I feel so terrible for him. I was almost filled with tears the day the Little Man decided to take his first steps, and through fortunate situations, my husband had decided to take the day off; otherwise, that would have been one more thing he’d have missed. 

Each day, I can’t imagine what life would have been like if I’d continued to work and had to witness these milestones second-hand, but I can’t help be a little envious of the working mom. I thrive on responsibility and structure. I crave independence and a life of my own. I miss those intellectual adult relationships. 

Just as she sits at her desk thinking about what her daughter is doing at preschool, I sit on the floor of a playroom wondering what I’d be doing if I were at work. Probably jetsetting off to New York for a convention, hosting incredible A-list parties, and designing beautiful invitations for celebrities like Robin Williams and Dan Akyroyd.

Maybe I’m a bad stay at home mom for having these feelings? Perhaps I’m just not living up to my fort-making potential? 

Or maybe the life of a SAHM is the same for everyone? The most rewarding experience of your life, but at the same time not always 100% fulfilling. For every moment I think about being at work, I shake my head and realize it was a choice I made and know it was the right decision. There was no possible way for me to do my job well from 10am-6pm without sacrificing my role as mom and wife. And there was no way for me to do my job as a mom without sacrificing my responsibilities as a manager. So as I wash my son’s bottles for the third time today, I might daydream of what it could be like and I’ll continue to be slightly envious of working moms, but know God put me where I need to be. Just like he put you where you need to be. 

How do you feel being a stay at home mom? Is it ever a struggle for you? 
How do you fight the monotony of the day to day routine?

Boycotting Mardi Gras

Last year, I had the opportunity to spend a weekend in New Orleans with some girlfriends. We soaked in the culture, history, Hurricanes, beignets . . . and more beignets. 

But I have to admit, after visiting Bourbon Street itself, I still find Mardi Gras to be a mystery. I have never understood why so many people who aren’t Catholic celebrate the occasion. So, when I realized today was Fat Tuesday, I had no choice but to Google it. 

Fat Tuesday (or “Mardi Gras” in French) is the day before Ash Wednesday which marks the first day of 46(ish) days of fasting before Easter; based on Jesus’ 40 day fast in the Canonical Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) where he was tempted by Satan before beginning his ministry.

Typically celebrated by Catholics, Lutherans, Methodists, Presbyterians, Baptists, and the Angelican church, many people also use Mardi Gras and Lent as an opportunity to fast or sacrifice something as a way of remembering Jesus’ sacrifice. Then of course, others use it as an excuse to party. But Fat Tuesday is the last day to really fatten up and eat what you want before giving up . . . whatever you want to give up. 

After reading up on Mardi Gras, I now sort of understand why people participate, but unfortunately, I will not be. Sorry Fat Tuesday, but this mama will not be gorging on food or sweets. That time has passed for me. 

On Sunday, I made the choice to commit 100% to my Mother Love Fitness Challenge. Between now and April 28th, I’m working with Baby Boot Camp to improve my health, fitness, and nutrition. I’m working out with my Boot Camp group and at home, but I’m also attempting to eat healthier. My goal is to be a more fit and active mother and lose 10 pounds before I’m 30! I had a little bit of a set back last week with traveling and a sick household, but now that I’ve been to the store, restocked my fridge and pantry with healthier foods, I have NO excuse! 

And now that you know about my commitment, I need your support! Eating healthy is difficult for me because I’m always snacking and choosing the easy way out, so I’m looking for some people to help motivate me. I’m going to be brave and allow you access to my MoLo page and MyFitnessPal page. You can see as I log in daily to report my calorie intake, workouts, and scale updates. I’m hoping to by opening up this information to you, I won’t be so tempted to reach for that Butterfinger or bowl of ice cream! 

Laissez les bons temps rouler!
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