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Happy Birthday Baby Z!



My sweet Baby Z turned 1 last month! It’s been a little crazy since then and when he turned 13 months yesterday, I realized it was probably time to document the experience before I’m writing about his first and his second birthday!

It wasn’t until I started planning his birthday in November that I realized how difficult it would be planning a party so soon after Christmas. It was so hard to find a theme that wasn’t Christmas-y or Red & White. Assuming I could trust the weather would be fairly chilly, I went with a Cocoa & Cookies theme.

But of course! The day of Baby Z’s birthday party it was a high of 63 that day. So…while it was a little warm for cocoa, everyone was a good sport and helped remove the cocoa and sweets from my home.





I didn’t completely learn my lesson from The Little Man’s first birthday, and thought I’d make Baby Z’s cake. It slightly resembled a brain, but definitely turned out better this time!


And just like his brother, he didn’t want to touch the cake and get messy! Rather than torturre the poor child by waiting until he dove into the icing (which would have been an hour at the rate he was staring at it), I grabbed a spoon and let him dive in that way.




Overall, it was an awesome day celebrating Baby Z’s first birthday with family. It’s been such a rollercoaster of a year and to think the first year was over was almost a huge weight lifted, but at the same time, that first year only happens once!

Happy Birthday Baby Z!

* * * * *

For the record, Baby Z’s 12th month stats are:

Weight : 22.1 pounds (62th percentile)

Height : 30.5″ (71st percentile)

Head : 19.3″ (99th percentile)


Another Hidden Neighborhood Treasure: Mimosa Park

After my field trip (and heart attack) to Davis Park last week, I decided to keep it more low key this week. 

My original plan for Monday afternoon was to head to Chick-Fil-A, have some lunch, and enjoy their safe and contained playground. But of course, when I arrived I quickly discovered that the drive through was wrapped around the building and the tables inside were packed. 

The hormones must have sucked all the rational thinking out of my brain because I’m not sure what I was thinking heading to Chick-Fil-A on a Monday at noon. 

So, Plan B. 

I hopped into the drive thru, grabbed some lunch and headed to my favorite local park; Mimosa.

Mimosa Park is tucked back into the Reservation neighborhood in Richardson near Coit & Arapaho. (There’s a very accurate and great review of Mimosa on Playground Perspectives.) 

These little hidden parks are one of the best things about living in the North Dallas/Richardson neighborhoods. Playgrounds are easy to come by which means moms have more choices on where to take your kids which makes playgrounds less crowded.

When we arrived at lunch time, we were, once again, the only ones there which was a huge plus. I evaluated my surroundings before getting out of the car. . . 

Can he run away? 
Yes, but at least I can see him taking off. 

Can he play while I hold the baby? 
Yes! The toddler play structure is his perfect size and no where for him to fall off of. 

Okay, NOW we can get out of the car. 

I’m slowly discovering that parks are one of my favorite activities with two kids. There’s no toys to be distracted by like in Target or Hobby Lobby. There’s no elevators or escalators for him to take off towards. 

And the best part about parks, we get out of the house and into the sunshine without spending a dime. 

A Morning at Davis Park

Monday was a beautiful day and, in my poor attempt, to try and get life back to normal, I decided it was the perfect time for a field trip!  

One problem. . .it was President’s Day which means everyone and their children were either off of work or out of school. When I started thinking about where to go, I knew they’d all be packed. Perot Museum, Sealife Aquarium, even local parks as I drove by looked crowded. 

I’m not sure why but this post from Dallas Moms Blog popped in my head, and I thought I’d give it a try! 

Davis Park is tucked back into the Highland Park neighborhood off of Drexel Ave; near Prather and Lakeside Parks. When we went on Monday afternoon, there was only 1 other family there and it didn’t take long before we had the whole park to ourselves. 
One of the great things about this park, is that it’s down below street level which makes it less loud and the perfect backdrop for beautiful scenery and photographs.  

There’s also some great walking trails, bridges, and a creek through this park that are great for nature walks with your kiddos. For me, we stuck to the playground since I had a newborn in a stroller. 

I’ve searched for and wide for a toddler park like this one, and I’m so happy I found it!

Most of the playgrounds around our neighborhood are designed for children ages 5 and older. But Davis Park has a specific playground for toddlers ages 2-5. I had no fear of him playing on this structure. Even the slide was the perfect size for him!  

The extra components on the structure ACTUALLY worked unlike most playgrounds where they’re either stuck or broken. There was a musical chart with bells, mirrors, and spinning cubes with animals. 

The negative aspects to this park is that it’s not wheelchair or stroller friendly. The closest parking is on the street above the park where you have to go down a large staircase (easily 20-25 stairs to the bottom) or an entrance ramp that’s at least a 50 degree incline. I chose the ramp, and my stroller was practically racing down the hill. I did all I could to not have it tip over.

I will also say that your field of vision is limited. I will spare you the details, but there was a scary 45 seconds where where the Little Man got out of my sight while I was attending to Baby Z. 

This park is also home to Highland Park’s swimming pool, so I can’t guarantee it’s not busier during the summer.  

I’m so excited that I found this park and can’t wait to go back! 
Do you know of any hidden parks you want to share?

Baby Z’s Photo Debut

Today marks 4 weeks since Baby Z’s birth, and this past weekend we were able to get a hold of his newborn photos! 

I love newborn shots because they really do capture a moment in time. These photos were taken when he was exactly 10 days old, and although that was just a few weeks ago, he already looks like a different kid! (It’s amazing what a difference a pound or two makes.) 

Two years ago, we used Plano-based photographer Rachel Cooke when the Little Man was born. (You can see his newborn session here.) 

I was a little nervous about these photos because I felt like I had a lot working against me. I had intended on getting new outfits for us prior to baby being born, and that never happened. Instead I ended up digging through my non-maternity clothes, and was lucky enough to pull 3 matching outfits together. 

Then, the only room with enough lighting to shoot in our house is the nursery; which is perfect. . . for shooting in there the first time. I was a little worried both our son’s newborn photos were going to look identical. 

And of course, the morning of, everyone was having meltdowns. . . 

But Rachel is a true professional!

My outfit choices ended up looking great with the backgrounds she chose in our home for the family shots. 

Although there are similarities in both boys photos, she did an awesome job of using completely different poses, props, and backgrounds for Baby Z’s close-ups.

And as for the meltdowns, she has the perfect touch! The Little Man turned into a model in front of the camera, and Baby Z slept the whole two hours during the session!



I’m pretty happy with how they all turned out. 
What do you think?

The Time Has Come! Are We Ready?

Monday is the big day!! 

Delivery Day!! 

For 9 months now, I imagined this weekend as pure chaos. 

Running around trying to make my toddler happy while throwing bags together. 
Cleaning until my hands fell off. 
Finishing all the last minute decor in the baby’s room.

Instead I’m sitting on the couch eating a bowl of ice cream watching The Joe Schmo Show. 

For once, I actually feel in control of a crazy situation. 

The Little Man dancing at breakfast this morning. 
I’m trying so hard to do a better job of releasing control and not stressing over situations I don’t have any control over. So as Baby Date was approaching, I realized I had no control over the outcome of the delivery or recovery time, so there’s not really any point in worrying or stressing about all the things I think “might” happen. 

Instead, I put my focus on what I could change and do to help make our hospital stay on everyone. 

My bag and the diaper bag has been packed for awhile. All of the batteries that need to be charged are on the charging station. The house was thoroughly cleaned a few weeks ago, and each day I’ve been working on just maintaining. 

We’ve overly communicated with the grandparents who will be taking care of the Little Man and what that might look like. 

So, now that we’re less than 48 hours away from our scheduled delivery, there’s nothing in my control to worry about! 

I’ve finished up all the little decor projects I wanted to do to make Baby #2’s nursery special. I even had time to make him a hospital door hanger

I’ve prepared some fun things to do for my soon-to-be big brother of a son, like an emergency bag of new toys for when he’s visiting us at the hospital and a fun big brother gift when he meets his little brother for the first time. 

Now don’t get me wrong! I’m still very nervous for my surgery. With the exception of wisdom teeth, I’ve never had any procedures done before. All I keep thinking is that a C-Section will be different, but it can’t be any worse than my delivery with the Little Man. It can only be equally as uncomfortable or better, and if I can survive that once, I can survive it again! 

Sono taken at 38 weeks, 5 days.
And as a friend recently told me, I just need to keep my “Eye on the Prize!” 

Any fear or nervousness I have about the surgery is nothing compared to overwhelming excitement I have to meet this little guy. . . 

So, instead of running around with my head cut off, I’m going to use the next day and half to spend time with my current family of 3 and enjoy the quiet before the storm. 

Although it might be awhile before I hop in the blog again, feel free to follow along with our progress and new baby adventures on my Twitter feed or on my Facebook page

I’m sure I’ll be too excited to not share photos! 

Frontiers of Flight at Love Field

Right now the Little Man is slightly obsessed with airplanes and helicopters. As a matter of fact, “copters” was one of his only real words that he would say around 12-15 months of age. He recognized their sound. He played with them constantly. You may even have caught my Facebook comment once about an endless repeat of a certain “All About Helicopters” video that I wish I could burn! 

(Don’t follow me on Facebook? Well, here’s your chance!)

He enjoys helicopters so much that this year when it came time to pick a Christmas ornament to represent his year, I found a “Copter” at Target and quickly snatched it up. And to prove my point, his NaNa also did the same thing with a Hallmark ornament for her tree! 

Well, we’ve recently discovered that there are other objects that fly, so instead of just being obsessed with helicopters, we’ve expanded into airplanes. 

Thankfully we live near Addison Airport and can make a quick field trip over to see the airplanes every once in awhile, but on rainy days like we’ve had this week, it makes it almost impossible. 

That’s why I’m so happy I happened to have caught Dallas Moms Blog’s repost of a review on the Frontiers of Flight Museum at Love Field. 

In the middle of our rainest week, the Little Man and I ventured out and headed down to Lemmon Ave to discover this museum and see if it would be worth returning to once Baby #2 is born. . . 

Inside an old giant airplane hanger is the Frontiers of Flight Museum – in affiliation with the Smithsonian Institute (which gets my nerdy side all turned on. :) )

Depending upon the age children you have, there’s 2 parts you’ll want to make sure and pay attention to. 

When you walk in, you can go right to the “playground” side or left to the “Museum” side. 

On the playground sideyou’ll find a spacious area for younger children. Although they have a giant observation tower that really only older kids should venture up, most of the equipment is designed for kids ages 5 and under. 


There’s a $0.50 airplane you can take rides in, along with an enclosed theater showing airplane cartoons. As you can see above, there’s also a Fisher Price Treehouse to climb around on and a large model airplane to climb up inside, pretend to fly, and slide down the rear. 

There’s also a few other objects to explore like an airplane hanger table, but nothing really note-worthy. 

What I love is that the whole play area is completely surrounded by a iron gate with the exception of a 3 ft. entrance towards the back near some stairs; however, because it’s off to the side, at no point did my escape artist ever try to leave. 

We also were kept entertained by this area for over an hour, and that wasn’t even stopping to watch the cartoons!

On the same side, you’ll find the Southwest Airlines exhibit. It’s slightly interesting for adults to see, but very entertaining for kids since they have 2 model airplanes set up for exploring. 

The first is just a cockpit and partial cabin model (shown below). 

The second is a full airplane that extends from the inside to the outside of the hanger (as shown in the back left of the above image).

In the full airplane, you can explore a gutted actual plane and walk around looking at memorabilia. For my toddler, it was more fun to look out the windows to the helicopter and airplanes just outside. 

If you walk over to the more historical side of the Museum (to your left when you walk in), you’ll find the “museum” part. 

This was completely fascinating to my (almost) 2 year old!  

Although you’re not allowed to sit inside of any of the airplanes or helicopters on the ground, to be able to walk up and touch the aircraft was exciting! 

Up until this point, the closest he’s gotten to an airplane or helicopter is watching them through a fence in Addison or as we’re walking down the plank at an airport. But at the Museum, they were right in front of you and within reaches of little fingers. 

We had to hug the helicopter before we left!

If you’re interested in making a trip to the Frontiers of Flight Museum, here’s a couple of pointers: 
  • Admission is $8 for adults, $5 for ages 3-17, and Under 3 is FREE! Parking is also FREE. 
  • Hours: Monday-Saturday’s from 10am-5pm & Sunday’s from 1-5pm
  • Snacks and beverages can be purchased from the Museum’s store or vending machines, but there’s not an actual cafe or restaurant inside of the museum to purchase food even though they have something called the Coca-Cola Cafe. (That’s just a space with tables.)
  • Since the museum is small, make sure to point out all the little details to your kids to help make full use of your time. For example, right as you walk in, there’s an airplane model building workshop. When we went, there was a person inside working on building model airplanes and had several on display while he was working. 
  • Most of the displays in the museum are protected from little fingers; however, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your child and not let them run around without supervision. There’s a couple of friendly older vets and volunteers who are happy to remind you of that! 
  • Make sure to grab a map on your way in! There’s a fun airplane fold-able on the backside when you’re done using it! 
*I wasn’t paid or sponsored for this post! Just an unique find in Dallas that I thought you might enjoy as well! 

Lessons From A Toddler With A Cast

We did it! 
We survived! 

This morning, the cast came off and is now a distant memory with only a slight limp (and a smelly cast in a bag) to remember it by. 

When the Little Man broke his leg 4 weeks ago, I honestly thought my world was coming to an end. 

I can clearly remember sitting in the ER with my husband laughing almost uncontrollably as my eyes filled with tears. I knew I needed a lesson in “letting go, and letting God,” but had never expected for it to happen at 34 weeks pregnant. 

Trying to regain control of my world and my sanity when the unthinkable (almost unbelievable) happens, through no fault of his own, my son breaks his leg, and we end up with a cast for 4 weeks. 

Well, we’ve reached the end, and I can only say I came out the other side alive and a happier person for it. 

If you ever find yourself going through the same experience, I have a few pointers and tips on how to help you make it through. Little facts I learned along the way that you might never have thought of until you’re in the situation, but pointers I wish I knew. 

When it goes on. . .
If you find yourself with a child getting a cast, the typical application visit will look something like this:
1) An orthopedist will examine the ER x-rays and perform a brief physical to confirm the break, severity, and discuss a plan of action. (This will last 10-15 minutes)
2) The cast goes on by a cast technician and assistant. They’ll usually have a parent hold onto the child at the table or in your lap while they do the wrap. Most children’s hospitals will allow you to select a cast color or pattern. 

If you’re a fun parent and know a cast is inevitable, think ahead about your color and order a cast tattoo! It’s a fun way to make it more exciting for your child and can probably even arrive around the time your cast goes on!

The whole process should only take about 15 minutes. They’re fast and comforting if they specialize in pediatrics!

3) You’ll go in for another x-ray to confirm the cast was set in place correctly. 
4) If the doctor approves the x-ray, you go on your way! They almost never have to reset the cast due to the x-ray results. 

Check for the rough spots! 
If you find your child in a cast, make sure the moment they put it on they apply moleskin padding or gauze to any rough parts that come in contact with the skin; especially if it’s a part that will have a lot of friction. For example, the upper part of the cast that comes in contact with the thigh or bottom, or the part that comes in contact with the elbow or under arm.

Within 4 days, we were back at the hospital because this worried mom already saw signs of skin irritation and redness. If I’d known to ask for the gauze first, we would have avoided an unnecessary traumatizing trip back for this simple fix! 

Wetness Happens 
Although they tell you to avoid getting the cast wet like it’s the plague, it’s going to happen! We limited the number of sponge baths we gave him down to 1 a week, used a plastic bag as protection, and he’d still wind up with cast dampness. There’s no way to avoid it. 

You can try a blow drier on the cool setting (if your child will allow you to get it near them!). But we found that air drying was the best method. We simply left his pants off and let him run around in a diaper until we felt most of the moisture had gone away. Whatever you do, DON’T use baby or talcum powder in or near the cast! It doesn’t soak up the moisture; it’ll only cause irritation and make it more itchy. 

Smells Happen
Another unpleasant result from the leg cast was the smelliness due to sweat and urination. We never thought a cast “symptom” would be bed-wetting, but it was! 

Because the cast went up to his upper thigh, we often found with his nighttime movement, the cast would pull his diaper away from his skin and cause leaking. Almost every other night he’d wake up in a puddle or we’d discover he’d leaked through his pants the next morning. 

We slowly learned to check his bed before we went to bed and change his diaper if it was slightly full or even just lay a towel down if we noticed dampness. This would help with his nighttime wakings, but often there wasn’t anything we could do. 

If his cast was wet the next morning, again, we simply let it air dry, but no matter how hard we tried, the cast was going to end up smelling like urine (and the doctor confirmed it was common.). 

A lovely bonus to add to all the other “fun” aspects of having a cast! 

A New Weapon  
If you end up with a leg cast, don’t be surprised if your toddler begins to realize it can be a fun toy to swing or hit with.

Banging sounds coming from his bed railing or wall was a frequent noise at bedtime, and small dents and paint scraps began to appear where he’d swing his leg before falling asleep. 

Never underestimate the power of a toddler in a cast! They quickly realize they feel no pain and find it to be a new and exciting toy! 

Over the last 4 weeks, my husband and I have had several almost broken noses, bruising, and I personally had a busted, bloody lip for 3 days as our son learned that swinging his 6 pound cast around was a new feeling! Eventually we learned to start covering our faces and using our strength to keep his leg down if we had to lay near him while he innocently experimented with the feeling. 

When it comes off. . .
This appointment is very similar to the first appointment only everything happens backwards. 
1)  The cast technician removes the cast using a cast saw. Don’t panic at the thought of a power tool near your child’s skin like I did! 

They place ear muffs on the child to help protect from the noise; although it’s not very loud if you’re not wearing them. 

The cast saw has a plastic safety that prevents the tech from cutting too deep, and they only cut the hard part of the cast which stops about 1/4″ away from the top and bottom. 

Then they use gauze scissors to cut the remaining pieces off, and then, in two sections it simply pops off! 

This is where I thought my son would flip out, but he was so fascinated by what they were doing, he barely moved once the sound of the saw started. Afterwards I realized he didn’t even have the ear muffs over his ears! (But I hear this isn’t typical! Don’t be surprised if you’re having to hold your child down as they’re freaking out. Sorry if this is you!) 

Again, this took maybe 5-8 minutes. 

2) The tech will look for any irregularities on the skin. 

In our case, she found a redness and borderline blistering on his heel, so she asked us to not let him walk until he’d been seen by the doctor.

3) You’ll have 1 more x-ray to determine if the break has healed. 

4) The doctor will examine the x-rays, followed by a 
visual exam to see any irregularities or skin issues. 

We were warned to avoid the urge to scrub his legs with a loofa or brush to get off the dead skin. The skin is extra sensitive and will only cause more irritation that way. Any type of lotion or moisturizer would be fine to use and helpful as itching is expected. 

The doctor will also try to get the child moving the limb to help them begin the process of reusing the muscles, and discuss what’s expected going forward. 

As long as everything healed properly, and there are no follow-up concerns. . .you’re done! 

With our morning appointment, we were in and out within 45 minutes! 

After Effects of a Leg Cast

We were told it would take about 5 weeks for him to back to 100% normalcy. There’d be a 2 week period where he might walk as if he were still in a cast and adjusting to using his muscles again. 

Knee-buckling, frequent falls, not bending his knee, throwing his leg around are all normal. 

After a few weeks, he’d probably still slightly walk with a limp as he’s trying to rebuild his hip muscles. 

But overall, toddlers are pretty resilient! He was almost walking on his own as we left the hospital, and only held our hand to help keep his balance.

And by the time we reached our car, it was like the whole thing never happened . . .

38 Weeks, But 9 Days To Go!

It’s coming to an end! 

We have our C-Section scheduled for a week from Monday on January 14th which means there’s only 9 days left (unless this baby decides to come sooner!)

I’ve been seeing my doctor each week for the last 2 weeks, and both times no progress has been made, so the odds of him coming sooner is probably very low. 

His head is in the down position, and although he’s technically dropped lower, his head is still sitting pretty high. No dilation, no softening. . .he’s happy and content just like his brother was. 

There have been no signs of labor at home either. Over the last few nights I’ve experienced what WebMD calls an irritable uterus that wakes me up out of my sleep; however, water and a little walking helps the pain go away. Some back pain has also started, but based on his position and size it’s expected! 

I’m honestly starting to wonder if my body knows how to be really awesome at getting pregnant, but has no idea what to do with the baby when he’s done cooking! 

We’ll go in on Thursday for one last exam and a final sonogram. I’m measuring a little small for his last recorded size, so just to make sure there’s not a low fluid level, we’ll take a peek 1 more time at this little guy before his birth! 

I have a feeling this is going to be the SLOWEST week I’ve ever had. I’ve been making booking myself up to try and help the time fly. 

Sunday I’m attending a meeting with the Children’s Ministry Leadership Team to help kick off the 2013 year, then we’ll be headed to our Lifegroup that evening. 

Monday marks D-Day for the Little Man’s cast, and I’ll probably take him out to celebrate afterwards (and avoid separation anxiety as we’re a little nervous he’s grown to love it!)

Tuesday I made one last hair appointment since it’ll be some time before I can easily get out for a cut & color again. 

Thursday is our final doctor appointment and my January Book Club meeting. 

Friday I’m starting back at MOPS for the Spring, and it will likely be my last meeting for a month or so. 

We’re in the process of trying to decide how we’ll spend our last weekend as a family of 3. Since we go in bright and early Monday morning for the delivery, I’ve decided the Little Man will be spending the night with my parents on Sunday evening. 

I’m not sure how I’m feeling about this. . . 

Although I know it makes the most sense, part of me doesn’t want to let him go since it’ll be the last time he’ll be my “only little boy.” I also won’t be able to be with him for long periods of time until we’ve come home, and it makes it that much harder to not already start missing him! 

I have a feeling next weekend is going to be a very emotional weekend for me! 

Any advice for me my last week as a mom of 1? 

2012: A Year to Be Thankful! (Pt.1)

2011 was a rough year. 

Leaving a job. A husband who traveled weekly. The birth of a baby and emotional tides that come with that new experience. Looking back and reading my blog post on December 31, 2011, I can hear in my writing that I was struggling to be positive. 

2012 has been a welcome change!

Looking back on this year, I know there were some really low points, but overall, I feeling really good about how 2012 is ending. 

Again, life hasn’t been amazing all the time. There have definitely been times of sadness, frustration, and anger, but what would life be without those moments too?  

I spent some time tonight reminiscing and looking over old photographs. I couldn’t believe how much has changed in just 12 short months!

The facts of our family situation has changed big time. . . .
My husband stopped traveling back in April, and although has been driving back and forth between Las Colinas, will start 2013 back in his normal office in Uptown. It seems like we’re finally settling in to a “normal” work routine. We’re also expecting a new addition soon which hasn’t drastically changed our current situation, but it’s made for an interesting year as I’ve slowly gotten bigger. And even with a broken leg, my Little Man has been really fun the last few weeks (which is a rarity between all the 2 year old teething and sleep training)! 

Then there’s the photos. . .
In my “old” life, photos of Tim and I didn’t change much from January to December. My hair may have gotten shorter or longer, but overall not much would change. Having children completely changes that perspective. I probably said at least 10 times, “Look how little he was!” or “That was just  ______ months ago!” 

Here’s a glance at some of my favorite moments over the last 12 months: 

The Little Man was just starting to stand on his own! 

This was a big month! 
The Little Man took his first steps. 
We took our first solo flight to North Carolina to welcome home my brother from Afghanistan.
I started writing for Dallas Moms Blog

We celebrated the Little Man’s 1st Birthday
and I learned a lesson from Pinterest

In April, we lost both my grandmother and Tim’s grandmother.

We learned we were expecting #2

We celebrated the summer with lots of outdoor adventures

And the year continues here.
(Although I’m sure you could easily find out how the year ends if you wanted to!)

On Into Christmas Afternoon

Having both families within 15 minutes of each other is such a blessing, and I don’t ever take it for granted, but it makes for interesting holidays at times! 

I’m always so grateful that diving our holidays don’t involve airplane rides or car trips, 
and we don’t even have to pack a bag unless we just want to. 

On Christmas Day, we have the easy job of dividing up our day into two parts. 

Christmas morning was spent with my family, 
and Christmas afternoon was spent with Tim’s. 

Christmas #2
We joined the whole crew including the “new additions” for an amazing Christmas lunch before diving into the stockings and gifts. 
Papaw & NaNa with the Little Man.

Awesome Uncle Brian!

This was a new face from the Little Man I’d never seen before!
He was soo thrilled to be holding his cousin Davis.

And when he was able to hold both Davis & Adelyn, he was in Heaven!  
(I can’t wait to see what he does when the baby is actually his own brother!)

While we were enjoying our meal, we had a very welcomed and pleasant Christmas surprise. . . 
This was right as the snow was starting to fall, and I was so afraid we’d miss pictures of it, I grabbed the camera and headed outside. I wish I’d captured some photos once the snow had really covered the ground, but in Texas, you take what you can get! 

Our Christmas Family Photo!
Presents. . .Round 2!

Brian’s role as Santa has slowly been replaced (which I think he’s thrilled about).
The Little Man knew who each stocking belonged to! 
The day was long, but this was by far one of the best Christmas’s I’ve had in a LONG time! 
Although I loved it last year, turning Christmas around and having it be about the kids made it that much more enjoyable. 

I can’t wait to see how the next few Christmas’s unfold 
as we add more and more children to the mix!

How has Christmas changed for you as kids have come along?