Happy Birthday Little Man!

Somewhere in the middle of trying to survive life, our Little Man turned 3 on March 14, 2014.


It’s hard to believe that only 4 years ago, this amazing person was only a thought in our minds. But here he is and getting bigger and smarter every day.

This year for his birthday, he decided he wanted to celebrate with Monster Trucks. So Monster Trucks it was!

We decided to keep it simple and hope for good weather. We set up a Monster Truck inflatable in the back yard and invited over his school friends and family for a hamburgers, hot dogs, and cake!



Sadly he got a little too excited in the bounce house and hurt his ankle soon after his party started. He spent most of the rest of his party sitting and recovering. Baby Z helped keep the party going and entertaining the Little Man’s friends.



Overall we had a great day, and at the end of it, Mommy and Daddy were thankful for long naps!

What I Want to Remember At His Age:

  • He’s always amazing me with his knowledge. He absorbs everything and remembers everything. It often takes me a moment during our conversations to remember where his random thoughts are coming from, but they’re always accurate! He definitely has a much better memory than me!
  • He’s incredibly kind and loving (when his terrible 2/3’s don’t take over). He is so proud of himself when he shares with his brother. On our run the other day, I caught him patting his brothers leg and holding his hand. Moments later he was gently tickling him because he liked to hear him laugh.
  • He loves to be affectionate! My favorite quote recently was when we came into the living room at 7am. He was laying on the couch, and when I walked in asked him what he was doing. He replied, “I was waiting for someone to come cuddle with me.” Of course, how could I say no to that!
  • He’s all boy! This kid loves his cars, trucks, trains, airplanes, helicopters, dinosaurs, Thomas, and all things green.


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