Change of Plans

You may have noticed I’ve been a little quiet on this blog lately, and I have a reason for it. Frankly, life is getting in the way.

Last December, I had reached a point where I was breaking down.

Dallas Moms Blog was becoming a part-time to full time job. I had slowly became more and more involved with our Children’s Ministry at church. All the while, I was also doing my best to be a full-time mom between the hours of 7am and 8pm.

Then in what little time I had left between these tasks I was trying to plan meals on a weekly basis to help with our budget, blog on The T-Shirt Mama for my boys and to turn it into the site I’d hoped. Oh…and be a wife and friend to my husband who wasn’t getting home until 6:30pm or later.

Now throw in major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas and planning two birthday party for my important little people…I not only didn’t have enough hours in the day, but I was losing sleep and starting to lose my mind.

If you don’t know me very well, then you might not realize that I’m very Type A. I’m the person who will give 110% into everything that I do. I put thought and intention into every task and role I’m given, and if I can’t achieve my goals, I feel like I’ve failed.

That’s where I was at the end of 2013. I was failing at my role as a volunteer, a business owner, a wife, a mother, and a friend. My family was being put to the side so that I could just stay afloat in all the tasks I’d taken on. 

For two weeks between December and January, I put Dallas Moms Blog on auto pilot and gave all the contributors a two week break. I spent time with family and husband, and gave myself a mental break.

I took some serious time thinking about what I wanted in 2014– what was important and what I wanted my goals to be. At the end of it all, here’s what I felt was my priority:

1) My kids – they were going to have as much as my attention during the day as possible. I was going to put down my phone, try to be present both physically and mentally with them.

2) My husband – I needed to put my computer down and just ‘be’ with him once the kids go to bed. He didn’t need to see me attached to my keyboard each night.

3) My Ministry and walk with God– God and church had become a chore. That’s scary… so that definitely had to change!

What was no longer on my list was the time and energy to develop two blogs. As much as I want The T-Shirt Mama to be successful, I took a path with Dallas Moms Blog and can no longer maintain both. Spending only 50% of time on each blog is no longer productive.  Since I feel that Dallas Moms Blog achieves all the goals I wanted for my personal blog with the benefits and perks–without having to be in the spotlight, I’ve officially decided it’s time to give up one. . . I chose the other.

Thank you to all of you who have supported me on this journey. I still hope to continue The T-Shirt Mama –documenting my boys life for them as a journal, but the posts will be infrequent and on a more personal nature. I invite you to continue to read when I do post. I’ll make sure to let you know on Facebook.

But in the meantime, I’d love for you to help support me on my other endeavor by Liking Dallas Moms Blog on Facebook and Instagram. This is what I see as my calling and ministry right now. I hope that through the amazing writers on our team (and my type A personality) we can be a support and resource for moms all across the Dallas metroplex.

So. . .

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