A Month In 5 Minutes

Well hello again!

Did you miss me Blog? I promise I’ve been thinking about you often, but life just kept getting in the way. Then it had been just so long that there was almost an awkwardness when I came to  my keyboard and I didn’t know where to begin, so it was easier to just avoid you all together.

But it’s time to break the silence!

Rather than feel overwhelmed with trying to write a post for everything major that happened in December, I thought I’d start small (by copying whata fellow blogger did) and share just a few clips from the last month. I promise to try and not take more than 5 minutes of your time!


Here we go…

Since I last posted, the weathermen (for once) finally got it right, and we had Icemaggedon hit Dallas over the weekend of December 6–and just in time for us to take Christmas card photos!



This was the worst ice I’ve ever seen in Dallas! The sidewalks, roads, and even objects were layered in thick, thick later of slick ice. We had a great time playing with cookie sheets as make-shift sleds until someone got hurt! (Sorry Baby Z! Mommy lost her balance when trying to catch your brother!) 


When we put the sleds away, we decided to take our chances in an even bigger sled–our van– and head to NorthPark for some time out of the house. We couldn’t let a little ice stop an annual tradition; especially since this would be Baby Z’s first trip to the Trains at Northpark!



After the ice cleared away, we had one more threat of severe weather, but it never came. We enjoyed the rest of December wrapped up in holiday parties, play dates, and events.


Then the Christmas festivities began!

It’s almost impossible to believe that this was Baby Z’s first Christmas. He was born so closely after Christmas that it’s strange to think we’ve spent the whole year with him and we hadn’t celebrated a Christmas together as a family of 4.


This Christmas felt like the official first of many. Although it was a joy to spend the last few with the Little Man, now that he’s beginning to believe in the spririt of Christmas, it made it all that much more exciting and real!

Gingerbread Trains were built. The Polar Express was watched well over a hundred times. We left cookies and milk out the night before, and discovered snow the next morning on our fireplace from Santa’s boots. Christmas morning was magical and I’m already excited to see what next Christmas will bring with a almost 2 and 4 year old!

My Christmas gift to Tim was a night at the Gaylord Texan. I had it all planned out! We spent the afternoon with the boys and his parents at ICE walking through 9 degree temperatures. After a little sightseeing and photos, we went our separate ways. The boys with their NaNa and Grandpa and Tim and I to the Gaylord’s steakhouse.

Unfortunately, half way through dinner I became extremely sick. My $45 steak into a doggie bag and up to the room where I spent the rest of the night in the fetal position on the bed. But at least we captured a few pics before the evening went south!



Christmas lasted through January 1st as we waited to celebrate with the Hurst’s until we were all together again.


And finally…this happened…DSC_0099

We officially have a walker!

Welcome 2014!

I am excited you’re here!


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