18 Months (a few days early!)

Well, it’s been awhile since we had any professional photographs taken of my Little Man, and although 6 months doesn’t seem like a long time, he’s practically a different kid from his 1 year photos!

I had to resist the urge and re-tighten my wallet to avoid paying more money to have his 18 months pictures done, but I desperately wanted to capture the moment. So, I grabbed my camera today and headed to the Arboretum

It was as perfect as you could get. The weather was great! The sun was shining! There wasn’t a crowd, so I could photograph wherever I wanted! But what I didn’t account for was, well. . .my son’s age. I honestly don’t know how photographers do it. 
He refused to sit still, and would move the moment I tried to get in front of him. 

This was about as close as he wanted to be to me;
which as you can tell, isn’t great for photos. 
And just when I think I have him cornered, there’s always something else to see or look at.
Like the statue of a little girl holding flowers. . .
clearly she has a baby in her tummy. 

Or you could imitate the statues too because that makes a great face for a photo. . .
After over an hour of trying to avoid the glass Chihuly exhibits and get just one good shot, I ended up with a few that I am some what happy with. 
(Even if the lighting wasn’t the best.)
So, if you’re a photographer, I’d love to know. . .
How do you entertain an 18 month old during your photo shoots?!

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