What’s Project Mom?

I’ve been anticipating this weekend since January, and unless you were hiding under a rock in the Twitter world, you probably saw me tweeting away about it on Dallas Moms Blog and The T-Shirt Mama.

Project Moms is an organization began by Cassy Lawson; a Plano mom with 3 children. When she was became a mom she quickly discovered there weren’t a lot of helpful classes or conferences to help educate and reaffirm her new role as mom. With a background in missionary, God put it on her heart to create a conference that would do exactly this. And that’s when Project Mom was born!

Since it’s creation in 2010, Project Mom has expanded from a small Plano & Richardson conference, to a three-city tour.

This weekend, Project Mom was in Dallas, and as a contributor for Dallas Moms Blog, I was able to attend both Friday and Saturday nights as a member of the press. For those of you who haven’t attended a Project Mom conference or maybe haven’t even heard of it, here’s some brief coverage of the weekend! 

Friday night started with a book signing at a Real Bookstore in Fairview where the Facebook phenomenons, the Crockin’ Girls, were demonstrating a few of their easy recipes. 

You wouldn’t believe who was called up to help demonstrate! 

There was wine, margaritas, appetizers, mingling, and of course . . .good Crockin’ food! We were able to mingle with a lot of the speakers that were presenting on Saturday. We got some great insight from Project Mom founder Cassy and some great couponing tips from Melissa Jennings of StockpilingMoms.com

Many of my friends chose to make a girls weekend out of the conference, and spent the night at the hotel where the conference was taking place. I wish I’d thought about talking my husband into this because a sleepover with my Kindle sounds heavenly!

Instead I was up bright and early Saturday morning. Kissed my Little Man and hubby goodbye and was out the door for an 8:00am registration. 

From 8-9am, there were booths set up all over the hotel lobby for you to do some shopping and enter giveaways. Just for registering, we received an awesome Vera Bradley tote with LOTS of coupons, samples, and freebies. (like a ticket to Hawaiian Falls!) Participants like Allen Outlet Mall, North Texas Kids, Scentsy, and Scripture Art were set up and giving away goodies from restaurant gift cards to swag bags to $500 gift cards to the Container Store. They weren’t kidding around with the giveaways people!  I was able to resist the shopping until the very end when I gave in and got a signed Crockin’ Girls cookbook and Project Mom t-shirt!

The day was divided into breakaways sessions and shopping breaks. When I registered I was ask to pick 3 sessions out of 10 to choose from. There were sessions on how to talk to your preadolescent about controversial issues, parenting preschools, meal planning, how to cash in with coupons, party planning, and more! I chose 3 breakaways that I thought would help me most in the upcoming year; Picture-Perfect Photography, Making Most of Mom, and Organize It! 

Each session was incredibly interesting, and I walked away with a lot of new information from each; however, I think some of my favorite moments came from the keynote speakers. 

Katie Hamilton (wife of Josh Hamilton) being interviewed by Cassy Lawson.

Kat Lee from the blog InspiredtoAction.com had an incredible story and unforgettable point of view as a mom. I’ll never forget as she described her goals for “a purposeful mother.” 

It’s the purposeful mother who knows her value, knows her plan, and presses on! 

We only “try” when we’re afraid of failure. We either do or don’t. 

It’s not about the mom you were today, but the mom you’re fighting to be. 
Each morning when your alarm goes off, that’s your fighting bell. 

Forward motion, no matter how small, leads to success. 

If you haven’t begun reading her blog, I HIGHLY recommend you do. It’s encouraging, uplifting, and motivational! 

I was renewed at Project Mom this weekend, and as we get ready to head out of town for a funeral, I couldn’t imagine another way to have spent my weekend. If you’d never heard of Project Mom until now, make sure to follow their website and keep up to date on Twitter for the next conference in 2013! I promise it’s one you won’t want to miss! 

3 Responses to What’s Project Mom?

  1. Steph says:

    I spent most of Friday night talking to Kat Lee she is fabulous and I’d love for her to come talk to our MOPS group!!! So much fun at Project Mom. It lit a fire under my rear in a lot of ways!

  2. TexasBobbi says:

    It was so nice to meet you and have lunch with you.

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