Featured Blogger

I couldn’t be more excited! This morning BlogHer Moms is featuring my blog post Part of a Community on their front page.BlogHer Moms has featured me once before as a Spotlight Blogger, and I was thrilled that they wanted to feature me again! 
The post they’re choosing to feature is one of my favorites from my blog. If there were one post I’d ask them to select, it would have been this one. MoPS has become so important to me over the past year; for the friendships I’ve made and the growth I’ve made as a woman, wife, and a mom. I genuinely hope that if readers are only able to take one thing away from my post, it’s that they entertain and explore the idea of MoPS in their lives! 

If you haven’t discovered BlogHer yet and you enjoy reading the reflections of others, take a look around the site. There’s topics for everyone, and I bet it will help you fill all of your “free” time. 

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