You’re Bored Already?

Around the time my little guy turned 9 months old, I remember being so excited that he was getting to the stage where he could start to play independently for 20-30 minutes at a time. He would sit on the kitchen floor or in his room and move about without straying too far. On a good day, he’d even sit for an entire Baby Einstein or Baby Signing Time video. I was able to get the dishes done, pick up his room, and even start on dinner without feeling like I was having to constantly stimulate him.

Now, he’s walking and things aren’t so easy anymore. We’ve managed to contain him to the front room that we’ve somewhat converted into a toy area, but even then he’s not entertained for very long. Toys are apparently boring after 5 minutes! 

Now I’m not a completely ignorant when it comes to independently play. I have a few tricks in my back pocket. 

For example, Tupperware Explosion
We have the unfortunate situation where most of our cabinets are below the counter tops, so for safety, he’s not allowed in most of them; with the exception of 1.  

This turns into . . .


I told you . . .I’m crafty. 
You never would have guessed that I was a teacher, would you? 

Another idea I’m contemplating is a Busy Box; a box he can go into with different objects (Popsicle sticks, straws, plastic spoons, etc.) and activities (ie: rice noise maker, family picture matchup). I’m just going to have to be okay with finding objects randomly thrown about the house. 

It hasn’t taken me long to realize, I need something more for him to do. After looking on the internet for some inspiration ideas, I’ve discovered many of the “ideas” aren’t age appropriate. A paintbrush in my 1 year old’s hand? Glue sticks & scissors? That’s a recipe for disaster! 

I’d almost given up when Dallas Moms Blog decided to do an Activity Link-Up. Parents submit their ideas on ways to keep their little ones active and engaged by linking up blogs. It’s Perfect! I could really use some great ideas on ways to entertain my toddler and keep his attention, so please. .. please link up your ideas here. I’m desperate! 

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