Early Birthday Surprise

The weather in Dallas has been absolutely amazing the last few days. We’ve tried to soak in as much sunshine as possible since you never know when the weather will take a turn. After all, it was this time last year we were watching the snow melt after a major snow storm. 

For the Little Man’s first birthday, we weren’t planning on getting him much (if anything). With 2 sets of grandparents in town and being an age where we knew he wouldn’t care, spending a lot on gifts for him just doesn’t make sense. We are planning on spending a little for his party by having family and friends over for lunch, and then having another play date party on his actual birthday during the week. 

But a few weeks ago, we were hanging out in the backyard, and I realized it’s pretty boring out there. There are only 2 trees, and both are newly planted so there’s hardly any shade or pretty foliage to look at. So, Tim and I did a little research on some backyard play “things” that we might consider getting him for his birthday. I wanted something that he could use now, but also grow into. 

Today we decided to check out Toys ‘R Us and found a fun toddler play set on sale, so we thought we’d surprise him with an early Birthday present. 

And a lesson every parent has to learn. . .we should have just bought him a box. 
He had a lot of fun playing with this for almost an hour inside the house. 

I can’t wait for this weather to continue so we can spend more time outside!

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