Smells From My Kitchen

As I’ve gotten older and my monthly budget has become tighter than my belt, I’ve come to realize that high prices don’t always mean greater satisfaction. Long gone are the days of shopping at Victoria’s Secret for pajamas and underwear. Instead of paying $26 for 5, I’m now paying $15 for 5 at my local Target. My Ann Taylor credit card is collecting dust, and sales and coupons now determine where I’ll shop for Christmas gifts. 

I finished my Christmas shopping early this year, and with my free time I found myself being called to do more. Tim and I have done such a great job of coming in under budget on our Christmas spending, so I didn’t want to ruin it by going out and spending more on gifts for everyone that came to mind. 

In the past, I would have been so embarrassed at the thought of making a homemade gift for someone. I’m not creative, and my baking skills were somewhat lacking. Although, my cookies often tasted good, I was no Martha Stewart. I always shivered at the thought of someone receiving my baked goods that had been a little too brown or not perfectly round.

After our Dopps Camp Thanksgiving, I found myself with some extra baking ingredients. (That’s an understatement!)

Originally I’d kept the receipts to return as much as possible, when I realized I could do a lot with what I had; the cookie possibilities were endless!

My first thought was baking for myself, but I knew it was ridiculous to think about baking this much for my little family of 3. 

And that’s when it dawned on me. . .gifts! I could use almost everything I had as gifts for someone. 

For my 2 year old Bible Hour volunteers and neighbors. . .
Inspired by
And my friends at MoPS. . .
(Modified) Pretzel Kisses by House on Hilltop
 Then there’s Baby Boot Camp mommies. . . 
Treat Toppers by Rachel Cooke & Maple Cinnamon Mix
In the past, I would have felt so embarrassed gifting homemade goodies, but I‘ve come to realize that homemade gifts can be just as special as store bought ones. Taking the time our of my mommy schedule to bake for someone is my way of showing my appreciation for that person. Although my gift might not be “high end,” it’s the thought and love that went into the gift that matters. 

And with all the cute and crafty ideas on the internet lately, I no longer have the I’m not Martha Stewart excuse!  

What are some of your favorite homemade gift ideas?

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